Ram TRX Performance Upgrades (Top 10 Powerful Upgrades)

Ram has created a vehicle that defies the laws of physics, and it’s called the TRX, but could it be improved any further?

The Ram 1500 TRX is designed from the ground up to rival the other trucks on the market significantly right out of the factory, and it has been rigorously tested to ensure that it can withstand the harshest circumstances while maintaining its extraordinary durability.

Here, we will discuss the Ram TRX performance upgrades in 2023. So, without any further ado, let’s start. 

What Is The Best Ram TRX Performance Upgrades 2023? 

The supercharged SRT Hemi engine and twin exhaust system are currently standard features on the Ram TRX.

Some of the most outstanding performance modifications for the TRX can be a high-flow supercharger, a cold-air intake, and a customized exhaust system.

These enhancements, taken together, have the potential to boost both performance and overall efficiency significantly.

Individual enhancements, like Fender flares, all the way up to complete transforms are all accessible, making it possible to find changes to fit every price range.

Read on to learn about the top upgrades you can make to your Ram TRX, whether you want to use it off-road or just want to make it look better. 

01. Whipple Supercharger Upgrades

When it comes to power-to-weight ratio, the Ram TRX ranks among the few trucks that come supercharged from the factory.

Even though the TRX usually has a supercharger installed, several optional upgrades give enhanced efficiency and performance.

The most effective supercharger systems may cost anywhere from $7,000 to $8,000. For instance, a Whipple supercharger of the 5th generation for a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 SRT engine costs over $9000.

02. Performance Chip Upgrades

The Ram TRX comes with standard launch control and driving modes, but an optional performance chip might bring further advantages not included in the original package.

Several businesses now provide OBDII chips tailored to your Dodge, allowing you to extract every last drop of horsepower from your engine. Though they need caution when used, these devices may swiftly improve performance and gas mileage.

03. Suspension and Tire Upgrades

Standard on the TRX’s 4×4 base is 18″ aluminum wheels and all-terrain tires from Goodyear Wrangler Territory measuring 35″ in diameter.

You’ll find a vast selection of alternative tires, such as the A/T Toyo Open Country or Nitto Terra Grapplers at $ 1500, that might be considered for those searching for higher performance levels.

04. Exterior Upgrades

The possibilities open to owners for enhancing the visual appeal of Ram TRX are many. You may modify the following- 

  •  Ram TRX window tint at $250
  • paint matched mirror caps at $80
  • switch out the Ram TRX Skid Plate at $300
  •  install grill-mounted LED lights at $100
  •  Spray in Bed Liner at $400
  • Install Bed Mounted Tire Carrier at $500
  • Bedside Decals at $100

Also, consider purchasing light bars as well as a tonneau cover in order to cover the vehicle’s truck bed completely. The addition of fender flares and bull bars may give your TRX a more menacing appearance while also serving the practical purpose of giving it protection.

05. Leveling Kits Upgrade

The factory-fresh Ram TRX trucks are equipped with a plethora of features, such as rear and front Bilstein shocks of 13 and 14 inches of travel, respectively.

Customers who are interested in upgrading this system will be pleased to learn that the Ram platform is compatible with a wide selection of leveling kits and suspension systems at $600. 

The Ram TRX’s latest suspension, much like its exterior styling and monster powerplant, contains several unique aspects that need a different leveling solution compared to what a standard Ram 1500 would generally get.

For this, you can install a ReadyLift leveling kit for the front side leveling lift to enhance driving and the stance quality of your Ram TRX properly.  

06. Mods Package

The TRX is compatible with a wide range of Mopar upgrades, including all-weather supporting floor mats, high-intensity LED lights, and additional accessories.

These components and accessories may further improve the truck’s performance so that it can face the most challenging situations.

Customers of the Ram 1500 TRX have access to an extensive selection of over 100 Mopar-performing accessory items that have been factory-engineered and quality-tested.

One of the ultimate Ram TRX American mods packages is the Hennessey Mammoth 6×6. More significant, longer, and taller, with more power, volume, and more! Hennessey® has placed a massive flatbed in the back of the TRX chassis, along with an extra axle and a large amount of additional length. 

07. Upgrade for Overlanding Journey

If you are thinking about utilizing the Ram TRX as a vehicle for trekking travel, there is a good chance that it will prove to be an excellent choice.

In such a scenario, having choices like display campers, roof canopy, and tires designed for all kinds of weather may benefit greatly.

The bed of the TRX, which measures 5 feet 7 inches and is longer than the bed of the Ram 1500, provides enough space for storing camping equipment like cooking appliances, coolers, and other stuff.

08. Oil Catch-Can Installing

By installing a catch-can, you may stop oil and other impurities from leading to buildup within your engine. For performance stuff, it’s nothing major, but you can install an oil catch can in the ventilation hose of the crank-case to hold the contaminants and oil before reaching the exhaust manifold.

You would be surprised how oil flows back. This is actually collectible and really inexpensive. At approximately $150, you can set this kind of assurance that your engine is running efficiently. 

09. Installing Performance Muffler

If you want a more threatening tone to be produced by your exhaust, install a performance muffler to the exhaust system for around $200. The one that is low and rumbling and really hipster.

The volume and tone will change with different exhaust systems. The rumbling sound is achieved by using pipes that are bigger in diameter than those found on the typical stock model.

10. Ram TRX Tuning

You may now get your 2022 Ram TRX tuned! Even if you settle for less by not purchasing the most efficient truck available, you can still get more; greater power and much greater torque.

Precisely what is required for such large trucks! You will also notice an improvement in the throttle response, as well as the performance of the shifting. Nowadays, tuning the Hellcat-powered Ram TRX is an excellent idea for several kinds of reasons. 

My Ending Note

The Ram TRX exceeds expectations in terms of its adaptability and performance thanks to its user-friendly construction and the limitless personalization options it provides.

However, it goes without saying that all Ram TRX can be improved by installing new parts and accessories. Companies such as Hennessey offer complete service packages that correspondingly outfit the Ram TRX with 912-hp and 1,012-hp. This complete overhaul service includes the upgradation of multiple components such as spark plugs, high-flow superchargers, fuel injectors, and additional upgrades. 

For instance, the Mammoth 1000 overhaul package provides a 2.5-inch lift and aesthetic modifications that completely transforms your Ram TRX into a visually stunning, amazingly powerful, and undoubtedly unique one.