Dodge Journey Bluetooth Not Working (Get The Quickest Solution!)

The Bluetooth of your Dodge Journey makes traveling less boring by enabling you to stream to your playlists, podcasts, and audiobooks while on a road trip. Most Dodge models allow you to connect Bluetooth to your phone through the Uconnect system.

Are you in the mid of a trip, and your Bluetooth stops abruptly, and you’re all confused about the problem? The problem is either from your mobile device or from your Uconnect.

Today’s piece explores some of the reasons why your Dodge journey bluetooth stops working and some simple fixes. Grab a hot coffee as you dive in!

Why is My Dodge Journey Bluetooth Not Working?

Your Bluetooth might fail to pair with your phone due to system glitches, problems from your phone, or the Uconnect. There’s no need to fret; these problems are easy fixes.

Below are some possible reasons why your bluetooth isn’t connecting.Here’s a quick tip:  Ensure you’ve installed the latest updated version of Uconnect.

01. Uconnect Failure

Like any other software, Uconnect can experience technical issues or bugs that make it difficult to pair with other devices. As a car owner, there’s little or nothing you can do to fix the bug in the system. However, resetting your Uconnect can help.

02. Bad Signal

A common issue that might stop your Bluetooth from working is poor Uconnect signal strength. You can use the Uconnect website to check the strength of the signal. Input the model of your Dodge Journey in the search area.

Some information about the strength of the signal will be displayed, and from there, you’ll be able to determine whether its good or bad for your vehicle.

03. Device Malfunction

The Bluetooth on your mobile device might work perfectly but may have glitches. These malfunctions may cause the phone to stop most operations as it tries to

reboot the system. A good way to fix this is by restarting your device.

Also, pending system updates and network problems may stop Bluetooth from working. Check if your network works properly, or try resetting it if the problem persists. Also, check if there are any operation updates that you’ve not done.

04. Your Mobile Device Is Not Properly Connected

Your Uconnect may cease to function if your device isn’t connected properly. In some instances , the device finds it hard to pair, particularly if it has been paired to other phones previously.

Also, there are chances you have missed security prompts and checks when connecting to the system. This makes the mobile phone block pairing attempts.

It’s good you know that security prompts and auto-accept differ from model to model. Consider restarting the entire pairing process and do all the checks and security prompts. Also, the problem might be from the settings of your mobile devices; check if the wireless connection with device other than phones is enabled.

What should I do when My Dodge Journey Bluetooth isn’t working?

It’s very easy to troubleshoot your Bluetooth problem without inviting your mechanic. However, it’s essential to be careful in the solutions methods you apply and ensure they fit the model of your vehicle and your mobile device.

This is because almost every car has different resetting instructions for its Bluetooth functions. Below are some solution methods that are applicable for most models of Dodge Journey.

01.Make Sure That Your Mobile Device is Discoverable

One of the common reasons why your Bluetooth is not connecting is the Uconnect not being able to discover your phone. Check if your mobile device is on discovery mode to other devices before checking for other bugs.

This is very simple – check the settings on your phone and on “discover” mode.

This varies depending on the mobile device you’re using, but the main thing is to confirm that your device is discoverable so other phones and devices can see it and connect. Also, ensure the security setting allows usage of Bluetooth or other connections.

02. Consider Restarting Your Mobile Device

In some cases, all you’ve to do to fix the bug is restart your phone. If your mobile phone is on discover mode but still finds it hard to pair property to Uconnect, restart it or off it for a few seconds,  then on it back.  Restarting your device reboots the Bluetooth settings enabling you to connect without difficulty.

Restarting your device can also fix other bugs and push you to make some updates. However, if restarting doesn’t fix the issue, the next option is resetting your phone to the factory setting. Ensure you save all data to an external memory before rebooting your phone to the factory setting.

If you aren’t comfortable with resetting your phone to factory settings, consider closing other running apps. Leaving too many apps running at the same time slows down your phone. Reduce the apps running when pairing with Uconnect to see if the Bluetooth will work.

03. Try Disconnecting Other Devices

If the Bluetooth Uconnect system is already paired to another device, it can pair with your phone. You or one of the people in the car may have connected to Uconnect with other devices without knowing. Disconnect the other device, then pair the Uconnect system with your mobile device.

Also, check your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings to see if another device has been paired unknowingly. Then connect your phone to the Uconnect system and check the strength of the signal.

04. Clear Your Pairing History

Another easy way to fix bluetooth not working on your Dodge vehicle is clearing the history on your mobile device and your Dodge Journey. Go to your mobile device’s Bluetooth settings, check for the Uconnect system, then delete and forget.

Repeat the same for your Dodge Journey’s Uconnect system. You can easily do that by turning off your ignition for a while and then turning it on after some seconds. Also, the steps below can be followed to delete the pairing history

  • Go to your Uconnect system settings on your Dodge Journey display unit, then tap on the connections buttons
  • Scroll down to Identify, then select your mobile device
  • Go to the option of Clearing every pairing history and click “Delete” on the display menu.

After that, ensure your mobile device is on discover mode and try pairing again.

05. Try Resetting  Uconnect

Also, you can fix Bluetooth not working by resetting the Uconnect system, particularly if all the above tricks do not fix the issue.  The reboot steps of Uconnect depend on the version you’re using.

Here are some common steps to follow:

  • On your key on run mode and allow your Dodge Journey in park
  • Long press the Bluetooth connection for a few seconds. The screen will make a display depending on the model of your vehicle. Some models need you to push the knob of the tuner and press the volume button simultaneously for 20 seconds.
  • Click accept on any pop up message to reset the Uconnect system. Your screen will show the Dodge Journey and then off itself.
  • The display will appear your Uconnect has been restored to default settings.


Dodge Journey Bluetooth may stop working when the signal strength is very poor, your mobile device has some glitches, or the Uconnect version is updated. Restarting your phone may rectify most of these bugs and glitches.

However, if the issue persists, consider contacting your vehicle’s customer care.