How to Reset Oil Change Light on Dodge Journey? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Dodge journey is a renowned name in the automobile industry. Doge journey is the right fit if you are looking for a budget-friendly ride. In 2020, it launched a three-row SUV, which you should give test. Having a car also requires one to be responsible for its care. Here we will talk about the oil change light.

How to reset oil change light on dodge journey is a highly asked question by dodge journey owners as well as car mechanic with limited knowledge about vehicle mechanisms.

Oil change due lights matter a lot in a car while you are on a journey. So far, you would have changed your car’s motor oil and taken the used one to a recycling drop-off location.

But what about the oil change light? You may figure oil change maintenance light requires some work. Though your car has fresh oil, the oil change light shows some problems, which means the light needs to be fixed.

How to Reset Oil Change Light on Dodge Journey?

It is essential to know about it for better understanding. It is a well-known light in your car, and when you start the engine, it turns on, which is not a problem. However, if the light of your dodge journey remains on, you need to see a car expert to change its oil.

There are several reasons your dodge journey needs fresh oil.

  • Smooth engine performance
  • Engine lubrication
  • Better mileage

There are several reasons you need to change your car’s oil. Above mentioned are very crucial as they can impact the lifespan of your car.

Here are the steps to reset your oil life indicator on a Dodge Journey.

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Step 1: Turn the ignition to run with the engine off

Please keep in mind there is no need to start the engine. Insert your key and turn it on till the lights appear on the screen.

Step 2: Press the accelerator

In the second step, you must press the accelerator pedal down thrice in 10 seconds.

Step 3: Turn off the ignition on

Then, shut down the ignition completely.

Step 4: Start the engine

Lastly, turn the ignition on again to see whether the oil change light is reset.

All You Need to Know About Dodge Engine Oil Life?

This is a crucial thing to understand for car owners. Recently we have learned that the oil reset system tracks the oil change duration based on your driving habits.

When you reset the oil life, the system will calculate a new interval. In a nutshell, the process repeats after every oil change. Moreover, it considers other factors related to the engine, such as speed, temperature, load, etc.

On average, a dodge journey requires an oil change after 1000 miles. Moreover, you need to ask for an inspection of its fluid levels, filter, and tires. Resetting oil keeps your car smooth and saves lots of money in the future.

In addition, regular oil change ensures that the internal parts of your car engine remain lubricated. Furthermore, regularly follow the intervals for an oil change to increase the car life.

What is Oil Reset?

Oil reset allows you to reset the oil life system to enhance the engine’s performance. The system calculates an optimal oil change duration based on your driving behavior and conditions.

Being a dodge journey owner, you should know that every vehicle requires an oil change, and car oil remains crucial in determining its overall health. Therefore, keep a strict check on the oil quality and see when your indicator asks you to refresh the oil.

You must know that the dodge journey requires Mopar SAE 5W-20 Engine Oil approved to FCA Material Standard MS-6395, such as Pennzoil, Shell Helix Ultra, or equivalent.

If you overlook the oil quality of the vehicle, your engine might suffer serious damages resulting in spending a lot of money. It’s because oil starts turning into a dark color with time. If you are an experienced car owner, you might know it’s time to change the oil weather and what model you are using.

Below are some of the latest models in the lineup:

  • Charger
  • Challenger
  • Durango
  • Hornet

Knocking sounds from under the hood indicate your car’s oil level is lower than it should be. That is why your vehicle is not running smoothly. If there is smoke from the pipeline, it means an oil leakage.

If you experience any above indications, ask your car repair expert to immediately check and solve the issues. Furthermore, you can check the dodge journey maintenance schedule for proper vehicle care.

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Ending Notes

The oil change light demonstrates that you have to change the car oil. In addition, one needs to reset the oil change light while on the journey. Above are simple and easy steps to reset the oil change light of the dodge journey for your knowledge.

When your oil turns dark, the engine starts producing irritating sounds. You must ensure that your car is getting a refreshed oil after regular intervals. It results in optimal performance and a long-lasting engine.