How To Open Dodge Charger Trunk With Dead Battery?

Even so, we try to act responsibly; sometimes, we fail to notice the flashlight, low-beam light or radio. If this same thing often happens to you, possibly the next morning, you may wind up with a Dodge Charger dead battery along with a central lock malfunction. Today, we will discuss how to open Dodge Charger trunk with a dead battery. 

To accomplish this, first, we’re going to see the battery location of the Dodge Charger and why it is placed in the trunk of the car, then how you can open the hood while the battery is dead. 

Where Is The Battery Located in Dodge Charger?

In general, the Dodge Charger’s battery is inside the vehicle’s trunk. All variations of this Dodge model have this particular characteristic in common. 

You can access the battery in the 2009 Dodge Charger by lifting the car boot. You will find the 12-volts car battery in the spare tire compartment’s passenger side. While you need to take the battery out, use a 10mm socket wrench and twist the black cord counterclockwise. 

The owners of the Dodge Charger 2016 need to lift the mat on the trunk. Then you can get to the battery located on the spare tire’s right side in the back of the spare wheel. 

Some 2006 Dodge Charger owners may need clarification if there are two batteries, one under the hood and another underneath the trunk. But, allow us to clear the misconception. Dodge Charger 2006 comes with only one battery placed inside the trunk. And For jumpstarts or anything such, there is a power distribution underneath the hood. 

In the Dodge Charger 2016, you will find the battery underneath the car’s boot. To reach the 12-volts battery, you have to uncover the boot. Even the location of the battery for the 2016 SXT Dodge Charger battery remains the same. 

Looking for the 2018 Dodge Charger battery location? It’s placed inside the trunk, underneath the carpet on the right side of the vehicle. Similarly, the 2015 Dodge Charger battery is placed beneath the trunk’s carpet in the spare wheel compartment of the car. 

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How to Open Dodge Charger Trunk With Dead Battery?

Though in Dodge Charger, the battery is inside the car trunk, you will find remote terminals under the car’s hood. If the battery gets worn out, you can use them to jumpstart the car. And following that, you can open up the trunk using the Power Trunk Release button.

In this case, one of the alternatives to access your Dodge Charger’s interior, open your bonnet, and change or recharge your battery will be to go through the trunk. 

When the battery runs out, you will regrettably be unable to use the Dodge Charger’s central lock system. In such cases, the key fob can help you unlock the Dodge Charger and access the electronic trunk release to open up the trunk. But, on some models, more than this key is needed to open manually. 

In such a situation, find out if your Dodge Charger is equipped with a hidden trunk lock system. Stand in front of the truck and look all over the trunk handle. In some Dodge Charger models, a small door trap will hide the mechanical lock. You can insert the key into it and turn it over. 

You will be able to open the Dodge Charger trunk as well as get access to the car’s interior if you carry out this process. Now it’s time to find out how to open Dodge Charger trunk with a dead battery if your model doesn’t come up with the manual trunk unlock system. 

What you need to do is, open the driver’s door using the emergency key. Once the driver’s door is open, you need to reach back and manually unlock the rear door behind it. Now open the back door, and you must fold down the back seat. 

Following this, you need to crawl to the trunk and pull the emergency release to open the trunk. 

Another possible way to open the hood with a worn-out battery is to uplift the car. While you can’t get into your car’s passenger compartment, lifting the vehicle is the only solution to this problem. Remove the car’s front bumper to lift it. Pinpoint the bonnet lock’s cables. Once located, you can plug in the cables to unlock the Dodge Charger hood and get access to the battery. 

Why Do Dodge Chargers Have The Battery in The Trunk?

For locating the Dodge Charger battery inside the trunk, there are several explanations. One of the most common reasons is that it makes more room underneath the hood, where the manufacturer can fit the battery tightly for the increasing number of necessary electronics and parts.

Usually, the cars’ front wheels have more weight than the rear tires. Placing the battery beneath the trunk helps to manage this imbalance of weight distribution. So, maintaining a good balance between the front and rear wheels by placing a 40-60 pound car battery under the boot will improve the handling capacity of the car. 

Besides this reason, battery temperature is another fact. For the good of the car engine, a high-temperature battery shouldn’t be placed near it. 

Safeguarding the car battery from moisture will expand its lifespan. And the location of the Dodge Charger battery helps in resisting corrosion. Also, you can access the battery easily while it is under the trunk. 

Some Dodge Charger owners consider that the location of a car’s battery indicates one of its security features. If there’s any occurrence of a front-end collision, the battery can cause problems for the car computer under the hood. But the Dodge Charger trunk is a far safer place to set up the battery. 

People Also Ask

Where is the trunk release cable located?

Look for the trunk release cable generally at the driver’s side of your Dodge Charger. Look along the trunk’s sides if you don’t find any cable there. If you find any cable pull it toward the car’s front to get access to the trunk. 

How to open a Dodge Charger door with a dead battery?

In three classic methods, you can open your Dodge Charger’s door, which has a dead battery. You can use the key, unplug or strip the wires and connect the battery charger from another device to transform power or break the window of your Dodge Charger to open the door with a dead battery. 

Final Thoughts 

However, what would you do if you can’t get into the trunk through the back seats, and even if there’s no key slot that allows you to open the trunk? Well, up the front of the passenger’s side, underneath the hood by the fusebox, you will find a positive jumping post with e plastic, red flip cover over it.

Connect the positive wire there and then the negative wire to the frame tower bolt or any grounding point to complete the circuit. This will help you to jump in the car without going to the battery inside the trunk.