Dodge Charger Maintenance Cost: Is It Expensive?

Do you think the maintenance cost of your Dodge Charger is relatively expensive? Well, nevertheless the model you have, maintaining it can be costly depending on different factors. And, if you’re waiting until any component breaks before taking the car for servicing or maintenance, it can more likely be costly in the end. 

Car ownership cost is not only the MSRP or sticker price. The annual average car cost level also depends on how well you maintain a close track of your vehicle’s maintenance routine. So, now the question is what the Dodge Charger maintenance cost is. Keep tuned with us till the end to find out in detail. 

Is Dodge Charger Trustworthy?

If there’s any cost-effective way to get into a sedan along with performance capabilities, Dodge Charger is one of them. The cutting-edge and well-constructed design of this fast car is the reason. Moreover, you feel awesome while behind the wheel. But, how reliable is the Dodge Charger? 

Well, the owner’s level of maintenance determines the reliability standard of your car. However, not all ages or models of Dodge Chargers are solid and reliable. Since Dodge started making compact cars, the brand faced several deals of criticism. Even 2006 -2014 Dodge Chargers came under these affecting issues.  

But, recent models from 2016-2022, are best to buy as they’ve achieved a 3.5 reliability score out of 5. These newer models are remarkably fuel-efficient. Their engines give you a comfortable and quiet ride.

And, do you know what the most notable part of the Dodge Charger is? You’ll have a smooth driving experience with the excellent engine of this car. Some Dodge Charger generations deliver from 280-hp to 450-hp. The Hemi High Output 6.2 liter SRT-V8 engine provides 797-hp and 707-pound-ft rotational speed. What a great power surge!

Moreover, the newer generations of this car feature MDS fuel-saving technology-equipped engines. Regardless of the speed you’re driving or the power level being dragged alone, its engine can reduce the amount of fuel usage. 

Read About > Dodge Charger Reliability.

Does Dodge Charger maintenance cost?

Undoubtedly, a large number of admirers love the Dodge Charger because of its unabashed capability to draw up the driveway. But, any car without proper servicing or maintenance can lead to facing common problems such as:

  • Transmission shivering while gear shifting
  • Disturbing function of Power Windows
  • Faulty Thermostat
  • Ceased functioning Opera lights
  • Gas filling difficulty, etc. 

Your new Dodge Charger requires proper and regular maintenance similarly like other cars. 

How Frequently Should Your Dodge Charger Underwent Maintenance?

The intervals of Dodge Charger maintenance depends on how often and in what condition you drive it. Based on several driving situations, the frequency of servicing your car could increase, like:

  • Short distance driving under zero temperatures
  • Choosing salted or gravel roads for driving 
  • Driving longer miles under speeds 50-mph
  • Often experiencing standstill congestion.

Though the most common thing of automobile servicing are oil changing and replacing oil filter, some other services also may need in a certain interval, such as:

  • Tune-up
  • Tire Rotation 
  • Replacing air filter
  • Battery checking
  • Replacing cabin filter
  • Inspecting brake pads
  • Servicing brake system
  • Tire replacement or air pressure adjustment of tire
  • Testing charging system
  • Inspecting coolant system
  • Fluid leakage checking
  • Replacing brake fluid
  • Servicing fuel system

Dodge Charger Maintenance Schedule

For your brand new Dodge Charger, the best period for servicing is after six months of purchasement or running the first 5,000 miles. Filter replacing, oil changing, and tire changing- the 3-core maintenance process come under this servicing list. 

The 3-core maintenance processes should be followed by again your car accomplishes 10k mileage or reaches 12 months of purchasement. Additionally, your car should go under the automatic fluid transmission, and inspection of the exhaust, suspension, and brake system. Following these procedures assures you that the Dodge charger is offering you the best efficiency performance. 

Now your Dodge has reached 18 months, or it can cross 15k mileage before the time limit, whichever comes first, follow the core maintenance processes over again.

Also, based on the conditions of your driving, the maintenance course of action should include inspection of exhaust, axle fluid, CV joints system, brake, and spark plugs linings, filters and oil changes, and rotating tires for wearing evenly. 

However, beyond these car mileage limits, you should continue a regular maintenance schedule at specific milestones to prevent any damage and sustain performance efficiency.  For instance, you should have your car full-servicing when accomplished 50k or 100,000-miles. Since it is important for being assured that your car is operating well and if the tires need to change. 

Most importantly, once your Dodge reaches its 100,000 miles milestone, your car should undergo servicing every six months. As it says, “prevention is better than cure”, regular maintenance helps you to detect any damage early, and save extra money for expensive repairs. 

Dodge Charger Maintenance Milestones     Recommended Services 
5,000 miles Oil change and filter system alternation, tire alignment
10,000 miles Oil change and filter system alternation, tire rotating, automatic fluid transmission, inspection of exhaust, suspension, and brake system
15,000 miles inspection of exhaust, axle fluid, and CV joints system, brake and spark plugs linings, filters and oil changing, and rotating tires
50,000 miles Complete Maintenance Servicing
100,000 miles Complete Maintenance Servicing followed by every 6 months

Average Annual Dodge Maintenance Cost

Generally, car maintenance expenditure varies based on the vehicle’s model, age, mileage, and reliability. Including the regular servicing and unplanned or sudden repairs, you may have to pay an estimated $652 annually for the maintenance of the Dodge Charger.

If you compare this amount with the average industry price which is $792 according to the Average Annual Cost for Americans (AAA), they’re comparably lower cost levels. Any luxury car can charge as much as $850 per year. Dodge Charger isn’t as expensive as popular city car brands such as Hyundai and Toyota. 

Moreover, your Dodge Charger maintenance expense can be estimated based on the servicing performance it receives. Here you can see some usual maintenance services along with their prices below:

Maintenance Services Dodge Charger Maintenance Cost 
Oil Changing $139 to $148
Tire Alignment $35 to $44
Replacing Spark Plug $109 to $315
Replacement of Air Filter $62 to $69
Cabin Air Filter Replacing $60 to $67
Brake Pad Replacement $202 to $218
Changing Coolant Flash $114 to $144

Additionally, Dodge recommends that owners perform a Dodge tune-up at every 30,000-50,000 miles which can charge from $250 to $500. A tune-up includes the replacement of fluid, oil, filter, and spark plug. 

Though Dodge Charger doesn’t come up with a sky-high annual maintenance cost and repair services, going under scheduled tune-ups assures you that there’s no expensive breakdown waiting in the down line. And, even if any repair is necessary, you can manage the cost to lower it. 

How to Keep The Maintenance Expense Down?

You must drive your car responsibly and safely (who won’t do that)? Besides, that properly scheduled maintenance can prolong the longevity of your Dodge Charger. However, several ways can help you to keep the annual maintenance expenses low. Follow the recommendations below:

01. Following Regular Maintenance Procedures

Though it’s obvious, still some may underestimate the necessity of regular maintenance. But, sticking to scheduled maintenance is one of the effective ways to lower your annual car servicing cost. Since, compared to any major repairing issue, a few several repairings are way too cost-effective. 

02. Learn Fixing Your Vehicle By Yourself

The Dodge Charger repair manuals will help you with this. It comes with all the information on troubleshooting regarding Dodge Charger repair. Regardless of the issue you face, you’ll find step-by-step troubleshooting procedures required to fix your car.

Whether you need emission system specifications, or an electrical diagram that will help you to keep the maintenance expense low is in the manual. 

03. Avoid Harsh Driving

Driving on potholes, speed bumps, and railway tracks, to not turning sharply- all these can be harmful to your car’s longevity. If you want your tires, engine, and suspension in good condition for a long time, avoid driving carelessly. 

Dodge Charger Repair FAQ’s

What facts impact maintenance costs?

Well, maintaining costs vary based on the car model you buy. For example, compared to Asian vehicles like Honda or Toyota, European cars are expensive to maintain. Besides the vehicle brand, some other factors also make the maintenance expense figure, such as how the owner uses it, specific car services, and parts replacement. 

How to save on Dodge Charger insurance?

At present, a Dodge Charger will take an estimated $2,116 annually for insurance. But, combining your auto and home insurance can help save on it. Also, a decent driving record, electronic billing, and counting low mileage can work well in saving insurance costs.

Additionally, the coverage you get like accidental coverage, liability, or full coverage determines the insurance expense. So, it would be better to compare the financially lucrative auto insurance offered by different companies.

How might an extended warranty reduce the cost of Dodge maintenance?

The warranty package from Dodge covers up different vehicle parts for a finite time. But, when this warranty expires, extending the car warranty can help you cover the maintenance cost.

At the time of major repairs, having an extended coverage plan will give you mental relief. Extended warranty plans disperse the repairing expenses over a longer time and you don’t need to spend all your savings in the bank for a single incident. 


Overall, the Dodge Charger maintenance cost is reasonable considering the performance and reliability of the car. But, still, you can save a lot of money if you purchase a Dodge Charger manual for repair in the beginning. While you learn simple problem solving tips, you don’t need to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic for every small issue. 

However, you can minimize the maintenance cost by following the intervals recommended by the manufacturer that you can find in the service manual. Routine inspections and maintenance help you to catch falling parts before it gets more costly to repair later on.