Dodge Charger Key Fob Replacement- How Much Does It Costs?

The Dodge Charger is a performance-oriented model series and one of the most popular cars in its segment. It has been around for many years, and its key fob has changed over the years to keep up with the changing trends, technology, and needs. Each year, Dodge releases a new charger with a new key fob to reflect the latest technology in car security.

Whether replacing the dodge charger key fob because of a fault or upgrading it, you need to be aware of certain aspects to avoid getting into trouble. You don’t have to worry because we are here to assist you with dodge charger key fob replacement.

Without wasting time, let’s get to know about;

  1. Dodge charger key replacement Cost
  2. Reasons to replace dodge charger key
  3. What factors affect the dodge car key replacement cost?
  4. Some additional information before replacing the key fob

Dodge Charger Key Replacement Cost

There are numerous Dodge charger key fob versions according to yearly upgradation and other changes of Dodge car models. So the cost to replace a key fob for a Dodge Charger varies depending on the vehicle’s year and the type of key fob. Yearly price comparison of key fob replacement for dodge charger shows that new key fobs can cost around $125 to $450.

Since the launch of the Dodge Charger, the key types have been improving with the years, having different functions and prices. There is a huge difference in the cost of the basic key in 1990 and the key fob in 2022. Look at the below-mentioned price table with the specific year to know the rise in prices of the key fob to help you out.

Year Price of Key Fob
2022 $125 to $450
2020 $100 to $200
2018 $90 to $150
2016 $80 to $120
2014 $70 to $100
2012 $50 to $90


Reasons To Replace Dodge Charger Key

Sometimes you can replace your Dodge charger key fob wilfully. However, sometimes it is necessary to replace it. We have listed a few of the most common reasons for your convenience. It will help you understand the problem and check for the real reason for replacing your dodge charger key fob.

01. Blown Fuse

Designers of key fobs have included a fuse to ensure your safety. The current can be increased during charging if an overload occurs. Consequently, the fuse blows to stop the current flow to the battery. Some key fobs are designed in a way that it is impossible to change the fuse. In that case, replacing the key fob is the best solution.

02. Wear out/ Dead Battery

If you don’t replace the key fob after the fuse is blown and try to repair it by connecting the wires directly, the battery might explode. The battery life of the key fob may also be reduced with prolonged use, which may interfere with the ability to use the key fob properly.

There is an option to replace the key fob battery, as these batteries are available separately in the market. If you replace the key fob battery, you will have to keep changing the battery since key fob batteries available on the market do not last as long as genuine batteries. Hence, The dodge key fob replacement is the best option to avoid inconveniences.

03. Accidental Damage

Any possible thing can be the cause of the accidental damage to the key fob, like;

  • Moisture in the air
  • Broken by a toddler while playing
  • Mistakenly falling
  • Wet with the spilled water.

It is common for these causes to occur, and as a result, the key fob can become seriously damaged. Hence, you will have to replace your dodge charger key fob if you wish to continue controlling your dodge charger with it.

04. Lost The Key

Losing the key fob is the most common reason people need to replace it. Like, you may visit a hotel to dine out, and you forget your key fob on the restaurant table. Even in normal conditions, people forget about where they have placed their key fob. Then they rush to buy a new one because it is difficult to manage your Dodge Charger without a key fob.

05. Stopped Working

Occasionally, your Dodge Charger key fob might stop working without any apparent reason. The key fob may have a structural issue, causing it to function improperly. In such situations, having a working key fob is extremely crucial.

What Factors Affect The Dodge Car Key Replacement Cost?

Dodge Charger key replacement cost can vary depending on multiple factors. So before choosing a key fob, you need to see if other factors are associated with the key fob.

We have compiled a list of the factors that might be helpful for you in going through the detailed explanation, so why not have a look?

01. Place From Where You Purchase

There are several places to buy your new Dodge key fob. You can communicate with the Dodge dealer and ask for the key. Even if you don’t know how to get a quick reply, you must wait because other websites are very expensive, making the delivery of your products late every time.

You can also contact open market dealers who provide you with a low wholesale price if you tell them that you want to resale. But you need to be very careful about the quality of the fob key, as you don’t want to sell it. According to our recommendation, you should choose the original manufacturer instead of any other dealers.

02. Model of Dodge

There is no doubt that the model of your Dodge Charger will determine what type of key is required and how much it will cost. There are several Dodge key models, and you can buy any of them.

03. Adding Extra Features

With some key fobs, you can add some extra features to make them easier and more convenient. If you are also asking the seller to add more key fob features, then get ready to pay more for your key fob. For example, your car may have key control mirrors, so you would like to add features in your key fob to control it even with a single click.

Dodge Charger Key Fob FAQ’s

Why is my Dodge charger key fob not working properly?

A low battery can sometimes cause your key fob to stop working. But if the key fob doesn’t work after recharging, you may have to check for structural damage.

01: What type of battery is used by the key fob?

Key fob uses a CR-2032 battery.

02: Do I need to code my Dodge Charger keyfob?

Yes, you need to code your key fob with GQ4 54T. It is recorded on the chip inside the cover of the key fob.

Repair or Replace The Key Fob?

Dodge charger key fob replacement is necessary when your previous key fob stops working or gets damaged for various reasons. You have the option to repair or buy a new key fob.

But should you repair or replace it?

The choice is yours because repairing will make you purchase a new key fob after every few months, while replacing the key for Dodge Charger is better. Whatever you do, keep in mind that your key fob has a very important function in your life, so you must not step back away from investing in it.