Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission Rebuild Cost- A Comprehensive Guide

Do you have a Dodge RAM 2500 that’s not working properly with transmission making a hurdle in providing the right amount of power to the wheels? If so, then you must be thinking about rebuilding your transmission to have a better-functioning of Dodge RAM.

Transmission is a complicated process and requires a lot of budgets to rebuild or renew. On average Dodge RAM 2500 transmission rebuild cost can range from $1000 to $5000.

But knowing this figure is not enough because there is more to it. This guide provides you with a detailed guide for having a dodge RAM 2500 transmission. Keep on reading to know more!

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Transmission Rebuild Cost For Dodge Ram 2500

There are many factors affecting the rebuild cost of transmission, like what model of transmission you need and what extent of transmission is required for your RAM 2500.

Considering all those factors, the price to rebuild transmission of ram 2500 can differ from a few thousand dollars to $5000 if you only want to repair the stock parts without any updates. However, if you want to upgrade your transmission completely, you might have to pay between $4000 to $9000 depending on the transmission quality, HP, and type.

Upgrading to 500 HP may cost you up to $5000, while if the HP is higher than this, you will have to pay more considering other factors too. If you upgrade 48RE to 500 HP, you may have to pay up to $8000.

Table of Dodge Ram 2500 Transmission Rebuild Cost

Dodge RAM 2500 Model Year Estimated Transmission Rebuild Price Transmission Price WIth Stock Upgrade
2020 $2000-$3500 $5000-$6000
2021 $3000-$4000 $6000-$7000
2022 $4000-$6000 $6000-$9000

How To Know Dodge RAM 2500 Needs New Transmission?

Transmission is a complex mechanism consisting of different parts working together to give the highest power. Before you bring your vehicle to the shop, you must know some signs to help you know if your RAM 2500 needs transmission.

This is helpful because sometimes you may have to deal with mechanics who will ask you for a transmission rebuild of your vehicle however it may not need it.

Put a thorough look at these signs that will show up when you can be clear about getting a new Dodge RAM 2500 transmission.

01. Burning Plastic Smell

Normally the consumption of transmission fluid does not produce an unpleasant smell however, when it is out of order, you will feel a burning plastic-like smell. This happens because your transmission might be overheating, leading to burning the fluid inside it.

It’s a clear indication, so you don’t need to get confused. Instead, directly bring your vehicle to the shop and get a transmission rebuild for your Dodge RAM 2500 so you can have a better functioning of it.

02. Stuck Transmission

You may suddenly start feeling stuck transmission when you try to shift the gear but fail to do so. It’s a very critical and dangerous situation because while driving, if you can’t change the gear, this might cause accidents. The worn-out gear teeth cause this issue where you cannot use a particular gear.

Do not wait for even a single drive before getting your transmission rebuilt, or else you might have to face the consequences.

03. Unusual Noise From Transmission

A perfectly fine transmission does not produce weird sounds, but if the transmission is facing any issues, there will be grinding sounds from it. The two possible reasons behind the noise could be worn-out bearings and reverse idler gear issue.

Getting a transmission fluid flush could be enough for you to get rid of the grinding sounds from the transmission. Remember that only having fluid flush might not work for you in certain conditions. So you will have to get a complete transmission rebuilt to deal with the issues.

04. Leaking Transmission Fluid

Keeping a check on the automotive fluid lakes is a good idea to prevent any inconvenience. Transmission fluid is uncommonly red in color compared to other fluids in a RAM 2500, so if you see a red fluid under your vehicle, you can be sure that your transmission fluid is leaked and needs to be refilled.

Sometimes your RAM 2500 only needs a new leaking seal if that is the real problem. However, if you continuously face fluid leak issues even after changing the seal, you must go for a transmission rebuild.

Should You Get A Stock Rebuild Or Upgrade?

We always want to use our RAM 2500 to its last limits without putting any money on it, so this question is obvious. The stock rebuild cost is less than the upgrade cost.

Still, it’s upon you whether you need a stock rebuild or upgrade. But whatever you do, you must know what is best for your RAM 2500 because if you need an upgrade getting only a stock rebuild will not work.

If you want to handle more power and hard work with the stock, you must know that the Dodge RAM 2500 transmission is weaker for such heavy functioning. So if you want to have more, you must upgrade the stock. The transmission in RAM 2500 is designed only to handle wheels, stock gearing, and stock power.

Upgrade your RAM 2500 to a higher HP to enjoy some amazing benefits. Visit your nearest professional mechanic to get the improved design transmission. You are already paying for the Dodge RAM 2500 transmission rebuild cost then why not put some more money in upgrading?

One of the most common benefits you will enjoy after upgrading or rebuilding the RAM 2500 transmission is increased and better performance. A transmission with internal damage will not give you good performance while spending a few thousand dollars on a transmission rebuild or upgrade will help you perform better with the transmission.

Final Thoughts

The prices we have given for the Dodge RAM 2500 transmission rebuild cost should not be completely relied on because they are the estimated prices that can change with your situation and the condition of the transmission.

You may have to pay less or more because when it comes to transmissions, you will get what you pay for because there are different transmissions available in the market, and you can have your desired one.

It’s a recommendation not to choose cheap RAM 2500 transmissions because you will have to get a new one sooner. So it’s better to invest in the transmission rebuild so that you can move on with the same transmission for years.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Let us know in the comments below; we would love to hear from you.