Dodge Ram Maintenance Cost: Tune-Up Cost for Dodge Ram 1500

Your tune-up cost for Dodge Ram 1500 truck can vary depending on where you reside. Because the Dodge Ram 1500 will get old or some parts deteriorate, it is crucial to perform regular tune-ups to improve its overall performance. However, how can you get an accurate cost for your Dodge Ram 1500?

Undoubtedly, the Dodge Ram 1500 car is a force on its own if you can unlock its uniqueness. Remarkably, it has significant low-end torque with adequate mid-range power, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrain.

In addition, with an aftermarket tuner, your engine can provide improved fuel economy, drivability, and increased power. If that is your quest, then you are at the best place to check the best tune-up cost for Dodge Ram 1500.

Don’t be anxious that your tune up might be expensive. Well, it is not expensive to maintain your Dodge truck; it costs around $700 for a year’s maintenance. However, it will depend on the particular tune-up you want to undergo. For instance, the tune-up cost for Dodge Ram 1500 might exceed $400, mainly if it includes replacing the spark plugs.

When Should I Get a Tune-Up On My Ram 1500?

While skipping a tune up would not harm your truck, it is a smart idea to keep up with them. A tune-up will not only extend the life of your car, but it will also detect minor faults early on and prevent further harm down the line.

Your engine’s efficiency degrades over time for a variety of reasons. Examples of these include carbon buildup and essential wear and tear. A tune-up will reduce this buildup, and the specialist will repair any components that have prematurely worn.

Like most of its rivals, Ram bases its service intervals on miles driven rather than ownership years. Drivers can use this to ensure their truck receives the necessary maintenance. Therefore, when should you get a tune-up? Ideally, the recommended maintenance intervals for your RAM vehicle are as follows:

Your RAM truck will need its first oil and filter replacement at 8,000 miles. Additionally, getting your tires rotated and other fluids inspected is a good idea.

After 20,000 miles, the front suspension, tie rods, and brakes should be inspected, adjusted, and replaced.

Also, After 30,000 miles, opt for more minor repairs, like replacing the engine and cabin filters, as well as bigger ones, like inspecting the universal joints. Additionally, this is an excellent time to check the fluid in your transfer case. Furthermore, do a routine check on the axles and case.

Moreover, After 60,000 miles, check and change the brake fluid, transmission fluid, engine coolant, filters, engine coolant, and brake fluid as necessary.

Once you drive up to 100,000 miles, you should have your spark plugs, PVC joints, and wires inspected and changed, in addition to repeating several of the abovementioned repairs.

After 120,000 miles, you should perform the same activities you did after driving 60,000 miles. Consider changing the transfer case fluid if you use your vehicle to tow or haul freight.

However, After 150,000 miles, the vehicle’s cabin and engine filters should be checked, and replacements should be made if necessary.

Each service interval will require several services, such as filter and oil changes. Your mechanic should also do fundamental checks on the cooling system, electrical system, and brakes.

You can also perform tune-up when you observe the following things when driving your Ram 1500.

01. Decreased fuel economy

If you discover that you’re using fuel more quickly than expected, you might need a tune-up. One of the main advantages of a tune up is increased fuel efficiency.

Carbon buildup and other issues that a tune-up will fix could make your truck use more fuel than necessary.

02. Maintenance Alert Lights

The service alert and the oil change warning are two dashboard lights to keep an eye out for.

While an ordinary oil change will probably take care of the oil change indication light, both of these alert lights can indicate that a tune-up is necessary.

Your oil change indicator, for instance, might seem to light up more frequently than usual. Your engine may be using more oil than usual because of this.

An engine tune-up may lower your engine’s oil consumption, preventing future engine problems.

The service warning light also alerts you when your vehicle needs routine maintenance. Even though a tune-up isn’t always required in this situation, the mechanic’s inspection will probably fix the problem.

03. Sound of Thumping or Screeching

Even though some engine noises are unimportant, you should have any pounding or screeching sounds investigated.

A pounding noise could indicate that an internal component is worn out or loose, whereas a shrieking sound usually indicates a fluid shortage.

During a tune-up, many of your truck’s fluids will be cleansed and replenished, and the mechanic will be capable of detecting any loose or worn-down parts during their inspection.

04. Engine Start-Up Issues

People frequently start by checking the battery when it takes several attempts to start the engine. On the other hand, this can point to a spark plug issue.

A regular tune-up frequently includes the replacement of spark plugs. If replacing your battery doesn’t work, consider getting a tune-up to see if it helps.

What Does a Tune Up Consist of On a Dodge Ram 1500?

Generally, a tune-up is a maintenance process that enhances your car’s safety, fuel efficiency, and engine performance.

A mechanic can inspect and replace all the components in your truck that impact combustion during a tune-up.

However, the precise maintenance required may change. Let’s look at what most tune-ups consist of on the Dodge Ram 1500.

01. Coolant Flushing

Your coolant starts to degrade over time. It won’t be as resistant to freezing and boiling. In addition, particles may accumulate inside the fluid.

Flushing the coolant will maintain proper operation and avoid any obstructions.

02. Throttle Body Cleaning

The throttle body in your Ram 1500 regulates incoming air in the engine, which is crucial to the car’s proper operation.

Over time, the throttle body may accumulate dirt and carbon as it ages, significantly reducing engine performance.

During a tune-up, clearing out this buildup will enhance your car’s performance and make it operate better.

03. Transmission Fluid Replacement

Your transmission fluid maintains your transmission functioning smoothly, avoiding costly damage over time. This fluid, however, worsens over time; thus, low-quality transmission fluid can generate operating problems.

04. Changing all Filters

Your car contains several filters, and they all need to function correctly. Your engine will have to work harder and perform worse if your filters are dirty or damaged.

By regularly replacing them, you can guarantee that they are always clean and functioning correctly.

05. Changing the spark plugs

Throughout your vehicle’s life, your spark plugs will likely be required to be changed at least once due to wear and tear.

The spark plugs should be changed first if your engine is having difficulties starting or has numerous misfires. Replacing the spark plug will improve fuel economy and reduce misfires and emissions.

06. IAC valve cleaning

The IAC, or air intake control, collaborates with your ECU to manage the engine’s air entering. That in itself guarantees a beautiful, smooth idle.

You can encounter leaping, backfiring, or even halting if the IAC valve is clogged. The engine’s overall performance will be enhanced by cleaning it.

07. Changing the differential fluid

Differential fluid lubricates internal components similar to how engine oil does. Therefore, it needs to be updated regularly to prevent metal-on-metal friction, which can damage the gears and deteriorate surfaces.

How Much Does It Cost to Tune a Dodge Ram 1500?

Tune-up cost for Dodge Ram 1500 ranges from $400 to $500, although the precise amount will mostly depend on your car model, where you reside, and which auto shop you go to.

Nevertheless, if you go for the basic tune-up, you might only spend $100; however, if you need a more extensive tune-up, it might cost closer to $700.

You should evaluate a minimum of two or three estimates before deciding which mechanic is ideal for you.

Although your neighborhood Ram dealership will provide the highest-quality OEM equipment and vehicle-specific knowledge, local auto repair businesses often provide cheaper discounts on parts.

Type of Service High-End Cost Low-End Cost
Air filter replacement $78 $69
Alternator replacement $576 $376
Battery replacement $209 $202
Coolant flush and change $65 $50
Differential fluid change $150 $70
Filter changes $500 $200
IAC valve cleaning $200 $100
New brakes $230 $213
New tire (one only) $200 $150
New tires (set of 4) $800 $600
Oil change $133 $125
Spark plug replacement $300 $250
Throttle body cleaning $300 $200
Transmission fluid change $200 $80
Wiper blade replacement $118 $99
New spark plugs $293 $250
Tire & wheel assembly rotate & balance $100 $79
New transmission $3500 $2000
Tune-up $450 $350


What Are The Dodge Ram Tune up Kits

01. Bully Dog 40417 – Best Tuner for Dodge Ram 1500

Bully Dog produces a quality tuner for engine control. Uniquely, this processor modifies engine power and transmission point and enables users to set speed limits, adjust the speedometer, and troubleshoot the system.

Output Performance

While you might find different tuners for your Dodge Ram, we consider this tuner the best option for getting additional power out of your pickup.

In addition, it will also assist you in controlling your fuel use on the expressway and in town. If the system contains incorrect codes, you would be able to remove or replace them.

Six engine system parameters are displayed in the typical window arrangement. In a way, this comes handy as a color monitor allows you to keep an eye on the engine in real-time.

Furthermore, this tuner is compatible with a wide range of vehicle models, so if you wish to purchase it for a truck other than your Dodge Ram, there is a chance it will work.


Bully Dog 40417 tuner is compatible with several cars, including

  • Dodge
  • Chevrolet
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Lincoln


  • Efficient use of fuel
  • Installation is simple.
  • Preloaded tunes
  • Simple to use interface
  • Wide compatibility


  • Issues of not working properly

Q/A: Does the tuner eliminate the car’s speed limits?

You may adjust the speed limitations for each gear. Many users consider this function to be the most stunning.

Q/A: Is a bully dog tuner compatible with numerous vehicles?

You can adjust a different car up to five times before returning to stock. Each time the gadget tunes in a new VIN, your remaining unlocks are depleted. There is, however, a limit to the number of vehicles that can be tuned simultaneously.

02. ENA Ignition Coil – Best Ignition Coil Replacement for Dodge Ram 1500

Ignition coils included in this box are compatible with original and aftermarket equipment. A wide range of typical problems, such as a lack of power and irregular gearbox shifts, can be fixed by using these tools. They are ideal for any car that needs repair.

Output Performance

With ignition coil packs, it is possible to ensure your engine is running at its best. It is feasible to use these parts as replacements for the original equipment.

Reliable performance in all situations and across all engine speed ranges is the goal of this design. Remarkably, the product is meant to meet or surpass the standards of the original equipment.


  • 2002-2007 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 1999-2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • 2000-2007 Dodge Dakota
  • 2006-2007 Jeep Commander
  • 2006-2007 Mitsubishi Raider
  • 2000-2007 Dodge Durango
  • 2007 Chrysler Aspen


  • Peak engine performance
  • Easy installation process
  • Minimizes common ignition issues
  • Highly reliable with superior performance


  • Misfires at times
  • Multiple error codes

Q/A: What is the lifespan of ENA ignition coil packs?

Coil packs typically have a lifespan of 5 years or 120,000 miles before requiring replacements.

Q/A: Are ENA’s ignition coils of high quality?

Excellent product for your truck! You will like them because of the cost and overall worth.

03. Optima Batteries DH6 – Battery Replacement Cost

There are three spiral-wound battery lines from Optima: BlueTop, RedTop, and YellowTop. However, the YellowTop battery is designed to withstand heavy electrical loads like those seen in heavy trucks.

Output Performance

There are six spiral-wound lead plates on a negative and positive side. Spiral-wound plates provide the advantages of shock resistance, durability, and density.

Furthermore, the battery can operate in any direction thanks to its construction, making it maintenance-free and spill-proof.

Overall, the YellowTop battery has remarkable cold-starting power with up to 980 cold cranking amps and holds its charge up to twice as long as traditional flat-plate batteries.

With a 25 amp, Optima claims to have two hours of reserve power. However, Optima production is more complex than other batteries, which is its major drawback.

Therefore, this has an impact on the cost and frequently disrupts supply. Of course, their price is higher as well.


  • 2011 Chevy Suburban
  • Dodge Ram 1500


  • Dependable
  • Fast recharging
  • Shock resistance construction


  • Very costly

Q/A: Which is the superior Optima battery, red or yellow?

The Yellowtop Optima is preferable to the Redtop for people who need a lot of power but don’t need an alternator or a trickle charger that can keep charging all the time.

Q/A: Is there a lifetime warranty on OPTIMA batteries?

There is no lifetime warranty on an OPTIMA battery. Your first OPTIMA battery purchase comes with a guarantee depending on the type and model of usage.

04. Valvoline Multi-Vehicle Coolant – Best Coolant system Replacement for Dodge Ram 1500

Several coolant choices are available, but Valvoline’s multi-vehicle antifreeze is an excellent option if you’re performing a complete coolant flush.

Although not much to discuss, it offers as much protection and lasts longer than OEM replacement fluids. In addition to preventing engine overheating, it lubricates and safeguards gaskets, offering even more benefits.

Output Performance

Unlike other coolants, Valvoline coolant comes in a diluted formula, meaning you have to mix it yourself. However, you can do that based on what you need.

Another benefit of this coolant is that it is affordable compared to buying a pre-mixed coolant for your Ram truck.

It is one of the most effective fluids for protecting and greasing the gaskets and seals in your Dodge Ram 1500 coolant system, preventing coolant leaks.

Valvoline claims the maximum life expectancy is five years / 150,000 miles. Nevertheless, it is costlier per gallon than other fluids, but the recipe is designed to be diluted with distilled water and concentrated.


  • Works on all cars


  • Lubricates gaskets and seals
  • It has a lengthy lifespan
  • You have control over the mixing proportion


  • You must blend it yourself.

Q/A: What color does Valvoline multi-vehicle antifreeze come in?

To ensure color tolerance with a wide range of coolants, it comes in a dyed yellow color, offering unrivaled freeze and boil resistance.

Q/A: Is Valvoline coolant adequate?

It offers unrivaled freeze and boils resistance. Valvoline encourages using MaxLife coolant on all makes and models of automobiles.