Ram 1500 3-inch Lift Before And After (Does It Make Any Differences? )

Having the best Ram 1500 3-inch lift kit is critical if you are a lover of off-road driving. For fans of off-road driving, it is understood that larger wheels will make navigating difficult terrain easier. However, those large tires will impair the ride quality if your truck or SUV does not have a suitable lift kit to level it.

Not to worry, because you can resolve this issue with the best ram 3 inch lift kit for your truck. It is also crucial to point out that a lift kit will significantly enhance handling and ride quality, even if you do not intend to install a brand-new set of big tires.

A lift kit is quite useful, especially for off-road drivers. Nevertheless, choosing a Ram 1500 3-inch lift kit might help maintain your truck’s optimal performance while giving it an aggressive appearance. We will explore the best lift kit for your car.

Ram 1500 3-inch Lift Before And After

After Installing 3 inch lift kits on your dodge ram 1500 become more performer. Not only this lift kits provide the nice physical view but also have a tremendous changes to your dodge ram 1500 truck.

We will analyze and compare what type of changes you will see before having 3 inch lift kit and after install this performance lift kit.

01. Before The 3 inch Lift Kits

When your dodge ram 1500 truck is stand without 3 inch lift kit you will observe the lower performer side from these different body modifications.


An average height of 275/60r20 tires use the dodge ram 1500. Sometimes dodge truck uses the tire size that cannot provide enough space to move freely the tires. what happened next? it may start to rub the tires against your vehicles’ frame.

Off-Road Capacity

Dodge ram trucks like the dodge ram 1500 are not great for off-road use, and this is because the truck is built to have a long and lower body. This type of modification can not help you in terms of off-road capacity.

Height of your dodge truck from the ground

The body height uses different generation of dodge ram 1500 may not capable to meet your truck performance requirements.

02. Dodge ram 1500 After 3 Inch Body Lift kits

You will see a great change to your truck performances after installing the 3 inch lift. Also, you may now realize what makes the difference having the Ram 1500 3-inch Lift Before And After. The changes you will see in these following things.

  • Allows the bumper alignment
  • Great body height
  • Allows for larger tires for great modification.

What are the best lift kits for the Dodge Ram 1500?

These kits are intended to boost performance by raising the vehicle off the ground, strengthening the suspension, and increasing ground clearance. Here are the top five best lift kits for your truck.

  1. KSP Strut Spacers
  2. SUPERLIFT 2012-2019
  3. Supreme Suspensions
  4. Rough Country 3″ Bolt
  5. 3″ Raise Front Leveling Lift

01. KSP Strut Spacers

Due to the value it provides to car owners at an affordable price, the KSP Lift Kit is regarded as the finest Ram 1500 3-inch lift kit product.

Even under the most challenging driving conditions, the equipment delivers a good ride. With 12.9 solid bolts, it ensures that your Ram 1500 drives excellently, notwithstanding the environment. You will be bound to have a long-lasting, high-performing product.

Outcome Performance

KSP comes with an anti-corrosive feature to ensure that it lasts if possible. KSP stands behind the effectiveness and durability of the product with a 30-day compensation policy and a lifetime assurance.

Therefore, if you are unhappy during the first purchase, you will receive a full refund and a continuous guarantee in case of further problems. Your car will be raised by three inches using a spacer kit, giving you enough space to mount wider rims and tires.

Aside from the aggressive appearance it gives your car, a raise like this improves its performance, specifically on rough ground and poor roads. More importantly, the low-lying areas of your car are also shielded from jutting branches and stones.

Lastly, installation of the raising kit is simple and only requires some standard tools and fundamental mechanical knowledge. You can use the manual given by KPS to install the device appropriately.


All 4WD Ram 1500s from 2006 to 2020 are compatible with KSP Strut Spacers lift kits. They provide a practical, affordable method of giving your truck ground clearance. Here is a list of cars compatible with this item.

  • 2006-2009 Raider (2WD, 4WD)
  • 2005-2007, 2009-2011 Dakota (4WD 2WD)
  • 2006-2021 Ram 1500 (4WD only)


  • Excellent performance
  • A high-quality lift kit with superior material
  • Easy to install
  • Lifetime warranty with a 30-day refund


  • Not suitable for Ram 1500 2WD models

Q/A: Is there any issue with this spacer lift?

Spacer lifts are not a horrible idea if they are installed appropriately and do not raise the truck to an unsafe height. If the spacers are set too high, suspension problems will result. You can even boost your off-road capabilities with mild spacer lifts.

Q/A: How high will a 25mm strut spacer raise the car?

A rise of 35-40 millimeters is expected. Lifting the front of your 4×4 using coil strut spacers is a cost-effective way to get rid of the nose-down look that the factory suspension gives your vehicle.

02. SUPERLIFT 2012-2019

Owners of Ram 1500 vehicles have many options for raising their cars, including the Superlift 6″ suspension lift kit. With this system, you get bigger rims and tires, giving your car a more aggressive look and improving its performance, particularly on rough terrain.

Its primary differentiating feature is the availability of steering stabilizers, which enhance the car’s controllability. Furthermore, the stabilizers help guard your car against unanticipated shock. However, the Superlift suspension package includes a steering correction mechanism crucial for enhancing the safety of the car’s occupants and other road users.

Outcome Performance

Lift kits frequently increase an automobile’s susceptibility to collisions and the seriousness of injuries. Designers considered this to address the issue of collisions. Your package includes a brand-new Superide dual-rate coil to ensure a comfortable ride even on unforgiving terrain.

Overall, you have a superior car because your car’s handling and load-carrying capabilities are not hampered. Besides this, it also improves the truck’s performance on both pavement and bumpy roads. Furthermore, the raising kit does not require much effort to install. Any new user can install the kit individually using the instructions provided by Superlift.

If the owner has mechanical knowledge, they can complete the process at home because it is simple. However, you will need to do some light trimming, which might require technical knowledge.


  • 2012-2018 4WD Dodge Ram 1500


  • Has extra unique features
  • A quality product manufactured with superior material
  • Compatible with Dodge’s Electronic Stability Program


  • Hard to install for non-professionals

Q/A: Is the SUPERLIFT 2012-2019 good?

Superlift lift kits are beneficial since they give dependability, varied height changes, and are suitable with most trucks. These kits are ideal for traveling off-road because they provide much-needed suspension and terrain control.

Q/A: How Long Is the Life of a Superlift Lift Kit?

Superlift kits are meant to last for at least ten years. Although many models endure a few more years, it is impossible to predict how long a given lift kit will last. Regular maintenance would enable your Superlift lift kit to perform significantly better than expected.

03. Supreme Suspensions

Another good lift is the Supreme Front lift, Kit. Moreover, a high-quality 3” uplift will enable you to upgrade your Ram 1500’s rims and wheels to give your vehicle the extra ground clearance you want. With this, it enhances the capability of your truck when navigating rocky or uneven terrain.

Your kit will come with two aircraft billet-made front spacers, installation hardware, a user manual, and a Supreme pro pack. In addition, this top-notch material aids in maintaining the kit’s functionality even after extended use in a challenging environment.

Output Performance

Front leveling kits frequently have a slight negative impact on ride quality. To increase the vehicle’s comfort, you can get higher functioning shock absorbers and springs. Once installed, the kit’s 35,000 psi strength allows you to maintain the Ram 1500’s weight-carrying capabilities.

You will find the manufacturer’s instructions for installing the kit are straightforward with all the specific hardware is included. However, if you lack mechanical expertise, you might decide to employ an expert to complete the task. You will have to pay $100 for this.

Even though Supreme Suspensions is significantly higher quality than their rivals, it is nonetheless expensive. In most cases, leveling a car is less expensive than lifting it.

Because of this, most truck owners prefer the Supreme Suspensions 189.2 pro to other expensive rivals, whether they want to make their vehicles look aggressive or utilize them on level roads.

The most influential factor for vehicle owners when choosing a lift kit would be its performance potential. One of the best-performing 3″ elevation devices for your Ram 1500 is this unique product.


Remarkably, this Ram 1500 3-inch lift kit is compatible with several other vehicles.

  • 2005 – 2011 Dodge Dakota (2WD Only)
  • 2006 – 2009 Mitsubishi Raider (2WD/4WD)
  • 2006 – 2020 Dodge Ram 1500 (4WD Only)

Note that it is not compatible with trucks with Active-level four-corner air suspension. In addition, it does not fit TRX, Warlock, and Mega cab models.


  • A high-quality lift kit that delivers outstanding performance
  • Packages contain instructions with a straightforward process
  • Cheaper than similar rivals
  • Increases truck tire and rim size


  • Incompatible Active-Level air suspension

Q/A: Will it affect my truck’s ride after installation?

If you placed the lift, it would not alter the ride quality

Q/A: How do I choose a vehicle-leveling kit?

Condition and trim model affect riding height. Park your truck on level ground and calculate the distance from the floor to the highest fender center.

04. Rough Country 3″ Bolt

Yes, the 3-inch Bolt-On Kit from Rough Country is an outstanding value that provides simple installation and bold fantastic looks. Use this fantastic RAM 1500 pickup option to elevate your vehicle.

For quicker alignment adjustments, this kit includes a set of premium, forged aluminum upper control arms. Clevite rubber bushings are also included for increased durability.

By maintaining the ball joint at ideal angles after lifting, these arms are intended to support geometry like that seen in factories. With reduced strain, wear, and tear, this design gives the ball joint a better, wider range of motion.

Output Performance

Rough Country lift includes a set of sturdy front and rear spacers to offer lift height from the front to the rear. After installation, this kit provides your vehicle with enough ride height for up to 33-inch tires and a neat, level appearance from front to back.

Compared to other kits on the market, the all-inclusive kit includes everything you require, and the installation process is a breeze! This kit can be fitted with standard equipment in a home garage and features a 100% bolt-on installation technique that requires no cutting or drilling.

In addition, it also enables the truck to be put back in stock at any time if desired. More importantly, the kit comes with Rough Country’s lifetime replacement warranty, which is the best part.


  • 2012 – 2018 RAM 1500 (4WD)
  • 2019 – 2009 RAM 1500 classic (4WD)



  • Bolt-On installation is simple
  • No drilling or cutting is necessary
  • Includes fresh upper control arms made of forged aluminum
  • Clevite rubber bushings are used on the control arms to increase their durability
  • Higher ground clearance


  • Expensive

Q/A: Is a rough country kit worth the investment?

Rough Country lift kits are undoubtedly excellent. Despite having worse quality than some other manufacturers, they are incredibly cheap and have a lengthy lifespan. They offer a variety of alternatives, such as body or suspension lifts and leveling kits, for several types of automobiles.

Q/A: What is the purpose of a rough country leveling kit?

Leveling kits are used to align the front and rear of your truck. Besides this, it allows for larger tires and prevents most trucks’ typical “nose-down” appearance.

05. 3″ Raise Front Leveling Lift

Dynofit Front Leveling Kit is the solution if you want to level off your Ram 1500’s uneven suspension. You can prevent harming the underbody of your Ram 1550 on uneven terrain or rocky off-road roads thanks to the elevation to the front of your car.

The system is simple to install on your automobile, and seasoned auto owners may do the job in under two hours. Dynofit provides clear instructions for the process, but there are also tons of YouTube clips that can assist you with the installation process.

Output Performance

While 10.9-12.9 grade bolts boost your vehicle’s stability and balance, aircraft-quality aluminum, T6 billets provide superior performance and durability. A black anodized surface of this lift kit will shield it from rust and corrosion, allowing you to enjoy the equipment’s top performance for a very long period.

For the purchase, Dynofit offers a 2-year warranty. Most Dodge Ram 1500 models, including all 4WD choices from 2006 through 2020, can be fitted with this leveling kit. However, it is incompatible with 2WDs.

Furthermore, this device gives your Ram 1500 ground clearance for your front wheels so you can balance your car. It is one of the market’s top-performing 3″ raise kits. Urban drivers can use the elevation to give their automobiles a fantastic and aggressive look for their trucks.

Drivers who value comfort should not be concerned when ordering the lift kit because it has no impact on the vehicle’s load capacity or ride quality from the factory.


  • 2006-2020 Dodge Ram 1500 4WD
  • 2006-2009 Mitsubishi Raider (2WD 4WD)
  • 2005-2007 Dodge Dakota (2WD 4DW)
  • 2009-2011 Dodge Dakota (2WD 4WD)


  • Provides exceptional performance
  • Simple to set up
  • High-quality components


  • Not compatible with 2WDs

Q/A: Is there a return policy for this product?

There is a 2-year warranty and 30-day refund for its products.

Q/A: How difficult is it to install these without a mechanic?

That will depend on your mechanical skill as well as your tool supply.

How to Install 3 Inch Supreme Suspensions Lift Kits On Your Dodge Ram 1500 (Video)