Shopping Guide On Best 275/60r20 Tires for Ram 1500

Are you planning to buy the best 275/60r20 tires for Ram 1500 but need more information to make the right choice? Then, you are in the right place. Tires have so much to offer than just keeping the vehicle moving ahead on the track.

They incredibly affect the overall safety of the vehicle, ease of driving, and fuel efficiency.

Though there are many brands that claim to offer the best 275/60r20 tires, when it comes to Ram 1500 trucks, the quality must be top-notch. Getting tires only from a trusted and reputed brand would be ideal.

If right-quality 275/60r20 tires are not used for Ram 1500, the truck’s true potential will get hindered. Therefore, getting the tires from the right brand is important.

So, to help you out in this scenario, we have compiled the 7 best 275/60r20 tires list for Ram 1500 after thorough research.

But, before we explore these 7 products, let us check out which is the best 275/60r20 tires brand for Ram 1500?

What is the best 275/60r20 tires brand for Ram 1500?

To find out the answer to this, we analyzed several relevant factors, including industry reputation, price range, tire reliability, etc., across all the big brands.

We found that Yokohama is the best brand that sells high-quality 275/60r20 tires.

Our opinion is based on our review team’s personal experience and products’ performance comparison to 275/60r20 tires from other brands.

Due to some of its exceptional qualities, the brand Yokohama is a far better choice.

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Why do we choose Yokohama as the best 275/60r20 tire brand for Ram 1500?

Yokohama offers an extensive range of vehicle tires produced using the latest technology. Plus, the brand has a reputation for delivering high-performing all-season tires.

Tread life warranty provided by Yokohama is the industry standard. Plus, the price range of the products is reasonable.

A few of its models make the best budget-friendly alternative to many other big-name brands in the market.

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Top 7 Best 275/60r20 Tires For Ram 1500 Reviews

01. Yokohama-Geolandar-A/T G015 Radial-Tire-275-60R20 – Best performer among all

Major Features I Like

  • 11 × 34 × 34 inches package dimensions
  • 0 load index
  • 6 pounds weight
  • 2679 pounds load capacity
  • Tread depth measures 12 32nds

Our recommended tire, the Yokohama Geolandar all-terrain tire, is manufactured to fit the best 2018 Ram 1500 trucks. The full-size pickup truck gets a warranty of 60,000 miles.

Combining the Enduro tire compound and tread patterns’ triple 3D siping detail makes it perform efficiently across all-weather traction.

Incorporated 3D sipes can effectively adjust their shape along with the tread wear. This provides exceptional road grip and traction.

Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 keeps the truck moving without the risk of slipping over ice and snow-filled tracks.

Next, the addition of EgdeTec groovers makes it possible by boosting up tires’ ice and snow traction.

Being an all-terrain tire, it can handle all kinds of soft, uneven, or loose surfaces of roads.

Provided tire compound effectively prevents tire cuts and provides puncture resistance while driving off-road.

Tread grooves come with enlarged void space to remove mud and dirt stuck between them. This product is best for drivers seeking versatile tires for their Ram 1500.


  • Suitable for all-season use
  • Offers Smooth driving on on-road and off-road tracks
  • Long-lasting tires up to 5 to 8 years


  • Might make the truck sway back and forth while on the highway

02. Nexen-Roadian-Season-Radial-Tire-275- Best for driving comfort

Major Features I Like

  • Weighs 34 pounds
  • Aspect ratio is 60.0
  • 0 load index rating
  • “S” speed rating
  • 20 inches rim size

Nexen tires promise good performance without much noise disruption. They offer a comfortable and smooth ride to light to mild off-road tracks.

These tires are reported to work well in colder seasons. As per our expert reviews, Nexen uses an open outside shoulder and zigzag sipe design for improving off-roading performance.

Plus, they come with adequate heat reduction and mud extraction facilities.

Provided design of sipe-in-groove keeps pebbles from entering the tire surface what’s more! Its multi-sequence tread design at the shoulder and center provides optimal drainage, wear, and noise performance.

These Nexen tires are certified with Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake, which excludes Flotation and OEM. Given warranty period is fantastic and so are their prices.

If comfort is your priority while driving, then Nexen-Roadian is the best 275/60r20 tires for Ram 1500.


  • Lightweight hence easily manageable
  • Offers maximum PSI up to 51
  • Ensures 60,000 mileage warranty


  • No discount offers from manufacturers

03. Nitto-Ridge-Grappler-116TBest to attain excellent traction

Major Features I Like

  • 3860 pounds load capacity
  • 16 32nds tread depth
  • “T” speed rating
  • 28 ×28 × 11 inches package dimensions
  • Tire aspect ratio is 60.0

Nitto-Ridge tires offer both the best qualities Ram 1500 owners look for: all-terrain and mud-terrain offerings. They feature a tread pattern with a unique dynamic hybrid design.

Attaining a comfortable and quiet ride with Nitto-Ridge tires is easy due to its tread pattern and deep sidewall lugs providing smooth off-roading performance.

Integration of 2 side walls provides bold looks. One of them showcases aggressive new block design, while the other one shows a more traditional pattern.

Incorporated advanced sound equipment creates a pattern that offers a smooth, noise-free highway ride. Their shoulder grooves are set in alternating lengths and widths for better traction.

Tires’ lateral Z grooves are arranged in zig-zag patterns providing biting edges, making traction performance even better.

“These tires deliver outstanding performance only on pavement pounders. They are not a good choice for off-roading.”


  • Suitable for all-weather
  • No road noise
  • Easy to install


  • Weak grip

04. BLIZZAK-DM-V2-Winter-RadialBest to ride on ice and snow tracks

Major Features I Like

  • 14 32nds tread depth
  • 8 inches wide rim
  • “R” speed rating
  • Weighs 44.4 pounds
  • Radial construction

Ram 1500 owners looking for a snow and ice winter tire with an improved grip can consider the Blizzak DM-V2.

Designed with a focus on wet road handling, ice breaking, traction, and hydroplaning resistance, the tires are the best choice for cold season driving.

The use of adaptive NanoPro Tech Multicell compound by Bridgestone comes with microscopic bite particles and a water-loving hydrophilic coating.

Its Multicell compound stays highly flexible even in below-freezing conditions. Embedded bite particles remove water off packed ice and snow delivering better braking and grip on glare ice.

Its integrated compound features 15% more extreme aggressive block edges along with a directional tread design mold.

Added circumferential grooves and wide lateral help channel slush, water, and snow away from the area of contact.

On the other hand, 3D zig-zag spies boost up the number of snow-biting edges. Blizzak DM-V2 radial fulfills the severe snow service needs of the industry and is certified with the 3PMSF symbol.


  • Top-notch snow performance
  • Resists hydroplaning
  • comes with a tire wear indicator


  • Wears quicker in the summer heat

05. Falken-Wildpeak-All-Season-Radial-Tire-275Best for off-road rides

Major Features i Like

  • 275 mm section width
  • 3640 load capacity
  • 4 32nds tread depth
  • 125 load index capacity
  • 0 rim size

These tires are made for Ram1500 owners who get to have adventurous rides all season. These tires come with aggressive off-road capabilities as well as allow rugged terrain driving.

A combination of silica compound with an optimized tread pattern allows the tires to do great in all three performance areas: winter, wet, and wear.

Built to work smoothly in severe snow conditions, the tires are 3PMSF certified and qualify for TRAC and USTMA.

Recent technologies like proprietary lower sidewall and Falken’s patented 3D Canyon Sipes have been embedded in their manufactured pieces.

Full-depth grooves and sipes are provided for consistent performance and outlook across its life cycle.

Heat diffuser technology at the lower sidewall effectively dissipates heat radiations. Thus, protecting the components present in the internal tire.

By keeping the internal area cool, the vehicle achieves high stability while towing heavy loadings.

Offset shoulder blocks, and aggressive upper sidewall safeguards the tires from sharp rocks. They also provide extra off-roading traction even at off-chamber conditions and low tire pressures.


  • Prevents the trapping of stones in the grooves
  • Ensures vehicle stability during heavy loading
  • Provides rigidity to tread pattern


  • Tread lugs might get loose

06. OE-Wheels-LLC-Silver-HollanderBest fit and match for equipped vehicles

Top Features I Like

  • Wheel size is 20 inches
  • 75 mm wheel backspacing
  • 31 pounds weight
  • Aluminum material
  • 20 × 9 × 20 inches product dimensions

With a high-quality exterior made up of machined aluminum, OE wheels can be a perfect choice for Ram 1500 trucks.

These wheels come with a lifetime structural face finishing warranty which is valid till one year after the purchase date.

They come with the factory-produced center cap which can be interchanged whenever required.

When it comes to using advanced technology, OE wheels are not lagging any of its competitors on this list. They are compatible with the Time Pressure Monitor System (TPMS).

Per manufactured piece of these wheels weighs only 31 pounds. Thus, they are quite convenient to manage. They can fit all the vehicles that are stock equipped.

“These wheels do not come with many important accessories including locks, lugs, and bolts. Thus, pricing is quite higher than the overall offer that a buyer would actually receive.”


  • Easy to install and manage
  • Adjust efficiently with all stock-equipped vehicle
  • Made up of premium quality aluminum


  • Not suitable for non-stock equipped automobiles

07. Mastercraft-Courser-All-Terrain-Radial-TireBest to get high terrain traction

Top Features I like

  •  126 load Index capacity
  • 3750 lbs load range
  • 0 Tire aspect ratio
  • “Q” speed rating
  • 65 × 34.65 × 11.5 inches product dimensions

For Ram 1500 owners looking for mud-terrain tires that can handle extreme off-roading, then Mastercraft-Courser-All-Terrain-Radial-Tire is a great option.

These tires provide not only excellent driving experience on highways but also aggressive off-road traction.

With a fantastic side-biter design combined with deep and wide tread grooves for top-notch snow traction performance and off-road mud rides.

The rubber surface over the road is well-optimized to deliver higher terrain traction. This enhances the driving experience.

Side biter with aggressive upper deep design further boosts up sidewall abrasion resistance and off-road traction.

Next, it also integrates scallops that offer superior mud-scoop effects. Lateral grip is enhanced due to the presence of traction edges on the alternate shoulder elements.

Integration of outer tread blocks between the wide grooves enables the tires to clean out, further boosting the grip effectively.

Even when the tires get half-worn, up to 80% of tires’ sipes stay functional. Thus, drivers get a more consistent tire performance throughout the life cycle of the tires.


  • Offers enhanced gripping power
  • Better wear performance
  • Provides comfortable driving on the highway


  • Tires are sold separately excluding wheels

How to Choose 275/60r20 Tires for Ram 1500

Thorough research is necessary before you get all set to spend on the best 275/60r20 tires for Ram 1500. By paying attention to a few factors, you can get the best value for your spent money.

Doing so would help you narrow down your options quickly without needing to deal with time-consuming product exploration. Check some of these factors here:

Speed Rating

 Tires come with a speed rating. This shows how fast they can run safely for a prolonged time. A tire’s speed rating can also help to determine the tire’s overall performance potential.

Excellent-performing tires maintain a high-speed rating. To check it, look for a letter in the form of alpha-numeric code.

These range from letter L to letter Y (highest) and cover a maximum speed ranging from 75 miles/hr to over 186 miles/hr.

Tread-Wear Information

By considering certain types of data, you can quickly determine how many miles a particular set of tires can cover.

These data are tire mileage warranty and tread-wear rating. A tread wear rating is usually listed in the form of a number on the sidewall of the tire.

You can find it beside the “tread-wear” word. A higher number shows that the tires will be long-lasting.

Note that general tests available for determining tread-wear are not exactly precise. A number of variabilities can be found in the obtained number.

Run-Flat Tires

Most of the vehicle manufacturers provide run-flat tires with the vehicles directly from the factory. If these tires get punctured, they can still drive at low speeds covering small distances.

Thus, auto owners can reach a nearby repair facility or their accommodation without needing to change the flat tire in the middle of the road.

So, ensure the tire brand you are approaching provides an option of run-flat tires. Thus, you would always have a spare tire in case of emergency conditions.

Questions Pop Up In Your Mind

01. What does 275 represent on a tire? What does R stand for?

Given numbers in tire sizes represent their width, aspect ratio, and diameter of the wheels. For example, if the size is given as “275/35R19,” then:

  • Tire has a width of 275 mm.
  • Aspect ratio is 35%,
  • Fits on a wheel of 19 inches.

Here, R = Radial, the tire’s construction method.

02. What is the size of the biggest tire that can be put on a stock Ram 1500?

Biggest tire sizes that can be put on a stock Ram 1500 are as follows:

  • 35 inches tire: For this, no additional modification would be required.
  • 37 inches and 39 inches tires: For this, modifications like body mount trimming, gender rolling, and wheel-well cutting are needed.

03. Is it possible to fit 285 60R20 tires on a stock 2020 Ram 1500?

 Yes, it is possible to fit 285 60R20 tires on a 2020 Ram 1500 because of the following reasons:

  • This truck model runs on Toyo Open Country All Terrain 285/60 tires.
  • They use Ultra Hunter 20×9 wheels.
  • They come with OEM Stock suspension.

For putting a 285 60R20 on this model, there’s no need for scrubbing, rubbing, or trimming the tires’ surface.

04. How are 285 tires different from 275 tires?

Following are the differences between 285 tires and 275 tires:

285 tires:

  • These tires are used for heavy-duty purposes.
  • They consist of deeper treads and have a tougher appearance.
  • These are comparatively expensive.

275 tires:

  • These tires are affordable.
  • They are light in weight.
  • These are used for highway use.

05. What are the possible effects of wider tires on vehicles?

Wider tires affect vehicles in the following manner:

  • Wider tires are heavier, which, therefore, adds more weight to the vehicle. This decreases the vehicle’s acceleration.
  • Due to their large contact area, wide tires cause stiff steering and poor car handling.

06. How big are p275 60R20 tires?

Below is given a breakdown of 275/60R20 dimensions that shows how big these tires are.

They have:

  • 33 inches of diameter
  • 11 inches of width
  • They mount on a 20 inches rim
  • 634 revolutions/miles.

07. What is the advantage of bigger wheels on a truck?

Installing bigger wheels enables the truck to lift itself higher into the air. This efficiently increases ground clearance. Other benefits of larger wheels include:

  • Allows switching to bigger tires for the truck with ease.
  • Tires on bigger wheels effectively handle stuck gravel and dirt.
  • Facilitates uniform on-pavement braking.

 08. Can bigger tires give a smoother ride? How to attain it

As per general information, big-sized tires cannot provide a smooth ride due to the following reasons:

  • They cause the rides to get rougher
  • They delay the time taken by steering wheels to rotate the vehicle
  • Big tires limit your drivetrain movement

If you want a smoother ride, then switch the big tires to smaller ones that are thick. Fitting a smaller tire would not need you to make any changes to the vehicle.

Note that trimming too much can cause other kinds of obstacles in a smooth ride.

09. How can you make your truck ride smoother?

If you want to experience a smoother ride on your truck throughout the track, then you need to make specific changes. Such as:

  • Employ adjustable shocks. Make sure these shocks contain full air suspension. For this, you can get dual-rated shocks. They enable the individual adjustment of firmness and the truck’s ride height.
  • Try to decrease the unsprung mass and make the suspension system soft.
  • Switch to better-quality wheels and tires.
  • Makes changes in the chassis.
  • Remove any instances of vibrations.
  • Bring in a new set of leaf springs.

10. Do vehicles get affected by bigger rims?

Some of the known effects of bigger rims on the vehicle are as follows:

  • Putting the big-sized wheels on the vehicle than the ones provided by the manufacturer can result in issues with its brakes and suspension. This problem still prevails even when lower-profile tires maintain the same overall diameter.
  • Larger wheels have less space for movement. So, when a vehicle encounters bumps, issues like tire rubbing, noise, and vibration will rise and result in a noisy and less luxurious ride.
  • Big-size rims are subject to being much heavier than regular-sized rims. Thus, it is less compliant and has shorter tire sidewalls.

11. What are the different speed ratings for tires?

A speed rating is defined as the measurement of the tire’s consistent speed on which the vehicle runs for a prolonged period. Having a high-speed rating ensures you can manage its characteristics better.

Below are given letters used to express different speed ratings of tires:

  • L- Up to 75 miles/hr
  • M – Up to 81 miles/hr
  • N – Up to 87 miles/hr
  • P – Up to 93 miles/hr
  • Q – Up to 99 miles/hr
  • R – Up to 106 miles/hr
  • S – Up to 112 miles/hr
  • T – Up to 118 miles/hr
  • H – Up to 130 miles/hr
  • V – Up to 149 miles/hr
  • W – Up to 168 miles/hr
  • Y – Up to 186 miles/hr

Final Words

Tires are a vital part of vehicles for so many reasons, including efficiency and safety. Choosing the best 275/60r20 tires for Ram 1500 truck can help it reach its maximum potential.

Choosing the best among a pool of similar products is quite hard. Thus, make sure to consider the ones mentioned in the list and follow the buying tips for a satisfying purchase.