Brake Pads and Rotor for Dodge Ram 1500 Reviews (2022)

Regrettably, finding the brake pads and rotor for a Dodge Ram 1500 can pose many issues for most drivers. Nowadays, most drivers look for a silent braking system that can stop swiftly. In addition, it also must be of quality construction.

However, due to the limitless options and various varieties throughout the market, people sometimes become confused during the buying process.

We advise you to conduct a preliminary investigation because it is a significant investment.

Brake pads for the Dodge Ram 1500 come in several types, which can help increase strength, minimize noise, and provide high stopping power. Besides this, these brake pads are made of quality materials, making them suitable for most cars.

Brake pads for Dodge Ram 1500 can be the difference between life and death. Therefore, choosing one that is compatible with your vehicle is vital. Also, there are other features to consider when you want to buy a brake pad.

We will reveal the best brake pads and rotors for your Ram 1500 below.

What Is The Best Brake Pads for Dodge RAM 1500 

In this section, we will explore the 5 best brake pads and rotors for Dodge RAM 1500 that offer unique features. Moreover, we will also explore their compatibility and frequently asked questions by users. Without further ado, let us get started.

  • Power Stop Front and Rear Brake Pads
  • Bosch QuietCast Premium Ceramic Rear Brake Pads
  • Power Stop Front and Rear Brakes
  • Detroit Axle Rotor(Front & Rear)
  • Callahan Rear Rotor

01. Power Stop K2164-36– Best Brake Pads and Rotor for Dodge RAM 1500

Firstly, the Power Stop K2164 is a fantastic option if you want something that can assist you with a heavy haul system.

Functions and how it increases performance

Interestingly, it uses a renowned technology that offers the dust-free operation, great industrial efficiency, and accurate holes.

Additionally, you can modify this device’s functionality and capacity per load. Like that, this Power Stop brake pad is among the topmost industrial brake systems because of its durable design.

Furthermore, it includes high-performance brake rotors that match your vehicle’s hardware components correctly.

After extensive testing, we believe it is outstanding in its quest to provide a dust-free system. There is no need to worry regarding dust-related issues, which might affect its smooth operation.

Finally, the precision drills in your braking system are another element that may affect its effectiveness. Because of this, the high-quality, precise perforations make it easy to control the temperature and enhance work processes.

Key features

To provide the best rust protection possible, brake rotors are zinc plated. For cars carrying larger loads, the brake rotor, pad, and hardware are intended to work together to improve overall braking.

You cannot neglect the bolt-on improvements for standard brakes targeting trucks and towing. For almost noiseless braking, it comes with dual-layer high-temperature rubberized shims that insulate noise.


  • Offers noiseless operation
  • Provides good hard braking
  • Suitable for the Ram 1500
  • A dust-free system
  • OEM recognition


  • Slight difficulty when in use

Q/A: Why are my brakes squealing and what can I do? 

Brake pads will clamp on the rotor easily if its surface is smooth. As the rotor begins to erode, its lip or edge becomes thinner, uneven, and rough.

Extreme damage causes the lip to move above other parts of the brake rotor. So, the brake pads touch the brake rotor lip and trigger squealing. These vibrations can worsen due to high summer temperatures or extremely cold winters.

One way to end the squealing is to replace the damaged brake rotor. As earlier noted, the Power Stop K2164-36 is an ideal brake pad and rotor set for driving and towing.

Because the set is less expensive than Ford replacements and simpler to install, most people trust it. Before covering fifty thousand miles, have your rotors turned. Rotor turning entails placing the brake rotor onto a lathe, a machine that shaves off the braking surface.

After the machining process, the surface becomes smooth, straight, and perfect for braking. Try to turn the rotor when servicing your brakes to reduce the odds of replacing them.

However, make sure the mechanic knows their job well as turning the rotor surface too much can reduce its ability to scatter heat.

Q/A: Are slotted discs the best ones to choose?

Slotted discs are the most prevalent because they have the best design. Their edges constantly clean the brake pad surface, keeping it dust-free.

Your braking system will function better if no contaminants collect between the brake pad and the disc. For instance, the slots prevent a water film from forming on the brake disc. Slotted discs improve overall braking system response whether it is dusty or wet.

02. Bosch BC967 QuietCast–Premium Rear Brake Pad for Ram 1500 van

You cannot go wrong with these brake pads and rotors for Dodge Ram 1500. It is another excellent choice for a Dodge Ram 1500 engine because of its high-quality design, excellent protection, reliable performance, and cleverly designed layout.

 Functions and how it increases performance

We could identify that it was highly long-lasting and free of corrosion. Bosch brake systems are also certified, which increases their overall value.

Its design incorporates aeronautical technology and an aluminum alloy that renders it extremely sturdy and long-lasting. Moreover, we also liked this device so much because of its quiet functioning and ease of use.

Because of the design’s improved strength and corrosion resistance, it is well-known among users for its long service life and lack of physical damage.

Lastly, while driving in your vehicle with these brakes, you will discover a fantastic grip and a great fit for users. Nevertheless, the clippings are tight, which may be an issue for some.

We recommend this product if you are searching for anything that may help you in the best possible way. As a final benefit, chemical layers lengthen your rotor’s useful life and extend the life of your brake pads.


  • Superior construction quality
  • Provides a quality grip while operating quietly.
  • Provides excellent functionality
  • Works best under ideal conditions


  • Very tight clips

Q/A: Why are some brake pads more expensive? 

One reason could be that brake pads are expensive to manufacture. Also, brake pads are vehicle-specific parts that depend on rigorous testing and engineering to come out right.

Manufacturers spend a lot of time and money on research and development to create unique pads for a given application.

Brake pads also undergo destructive testing, an expensive quality control process. Marketing the brake pads is time-consuming and costly.

When you purchase brake pads, therefore, you pay for the entire production and marketing process. No wonder their price is high. As there are many brands, every driver can find a brake pad and rotor set they can afford even on a small budget.

Q/A: What material is the Bosch BC967 QuietCast made of?

Bosch BC967 is manufactured of ceramic material and semi-metallic friction formula. Ceramic brakes feature the same material used to make pottery utensils.

However, their ceramic material is thicker and more durable. Ceramic brake pads consist of embedded fine copper fibers that increase heat conduction and friction.

Ceramic brakes are popular because they run more silently. Also, they do not trap a lot of dust and can resist harsh driving conditions and high temperatures better than organic brake pads.

Unfortunately, ceramic brake pads are more costly than organic and semi-metallic options. Semi-metallic brake pads are partly metallic as they contain a small percentage of other materials.

Unlike full metal brake pads, the semi-metallic ones do not trap a lot of dust and stay clean. Additionally, semi-metallic or full metallic brake pads are better than ceramic brake pads if you drive your truck like a racing car or own one.

Ceramic brake pads are not ideal for extreme driving conditions; choose them for normal driving and some light towing work.

03. Power Stop K2164–Best Front and Rear Towing Brake for Ram 1500

Another most delicate brake pad and rotor for Dodge Ram 1500 is PowerStop K2164. You can expect increased operation, a dust-free system, and high-quality construction from it.

Functions and how it increases performance

As if that is not enough, the quality zinc-plated rotors and stainless-steel hardware make an immediate statement, increasing the lifespan and durability of your pads. Furthermore, the zinc-plated rotors keep your rotor from gathering dust particles.

Additionally, the manufacturer targeted higher braking power for enhanced performance. You will observe this brake provides noiseless operation with simple installation, making it popular among consumers.

Moreover, the drills and rotors come well-fitted to hold the brake system tightly.

In addition, when it comes to hardware, we discovered these carbon-fiber pads to be effective and efficient. Another reason we like the product is its excellent grip and accurate drill holes, which ensure a dust-free experience.

Finally, the temperature control and cooling system offer a comfortable and functional experience.


Remarkably, these brake pads and rotor for Dodge RAM 1500 are compatible with several vehicles. Here are a few vehicles compatible with this brake pad.

  • 2006 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2007-2008 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2007-2009 Chrysler Aspen
  • 2007-2009 Dodge Durango
  • 2009-2017 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup
  • 2009-2018 Ram 1500


  • Increased braking power
  • Offers a dust-free condition
  • Allows for simple installation
  • Provides the least amount of noise while operating
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel

Q/A: Can Powerstop rotors be resurfaced?

Drilled and slotted rotors are easy to cut. However, your mechanic must turn the brake lathe to the slowest setting.

To enable the new brake pads to bed properly when changing your brake pads, replace or resurface the rotors. Turning your Powerstop rotors can help increase their stopping power because of the added friction.

Also, resurfacing promotes the item’s longevity and reduces the side-to-side movement of the brake rotor as it spins.

Lateral runout describes a situation where the rotor moves from side to side when rotating. Mechanics address lateral runout by turning/resurfacing the rotor.

Q/A: Will the Power Stop K2164 fit the 2015 RAM 1500, and do I need new hardware?

Overall, the PowerStop K2164 fits the 2015 RAM 1500, 1500 pickup and 2015 Dodge RAM 1500 model. Endless heating and cooling cycles from daily driving can make your brake pads and installation hardware weaker.

Damaged hardware can trigger new problems after installing brake pads.

For instance, the vehicle might pull to one side, and rotors could wear down unevenly. Hence, replace both brake pads and the surrounding hardware at once. A PowerStop kit comes with installation hardware to ensure you purchase nothing separately.

04. Detroit Axle–Best Brake Rotor for Dodge Ram 1500 SLT 4WD

A second-best recommendation is the Detroit Axle-Front and Rear. If you are searching for something robust, solid, and dependable, this brake pad may help.

Functions and how it increases performance

Its adaptability makes it a distinct brake for your RAM 1500. In addition, the Cadillac Escalade, Chevy Silverado 1500, and the GMC Yukon XL 1500 are just a few of the cars this model is appropriate for.

If you are searching for a backup in your collection, investigate the GMC Yukon XL 1500 further.

Also, the patterned brake rotors that translate to around a 20% boost in braking power are one of this vehicle’s features.

While this feature guarantees that the brakes function at their highest level, the zinc dichromate coating guards your rotor against corrosion or protection. Therefore, it significantly adds to its overall toughness and longevity.

Before moving on, let us draw your attention to something crucial. It is essential to confirm vehicle compatibility before choosing this model.

By doing this, you would be sure that you would not need any modifications or seek any technical assistance to complete the installation.

Like its predecessor, it has no flaws or shortcomings. Although compatibility may be a concern, everything should work out if you conduct a proper investigation.


  • 2004-2006 Dodge Durango
  • 2002-2005 Dodge Ram 1500


  • Appropriate for a variety of cars
  • Simple installation process
  • Easy maintenance
  • Increased braking power


  • Susceptible to rust and dust

Q/A: Is Detroit Axle a reputable brake manufacturer?

These are premium vehicle parts. A high-quality manufacturer, Detroit Axle provides a quality outcome. When you require brakes and rotors, this brake pad is one to consider if your car is compatible with it.

When you open the pack, you will find 2x front drilled and slotted disc brake rotors. In addition, you will see 2x front and rear ceramic brake pads. There is also a 10oz brake cleaner spray and brake fluid bottle.

Q/A: How often should drivers replace their brake pads and rotor system? 

A brake system consists of a rotor, calipers, and brake pads. If these components wear down, you will notice some symptoms when applying the brakes.

A screeching sound or some vibrations from the steering wheel when decelerating the car are some of the most prevalent first signs.

If you fail to act fast, the screeching noise might turn into a grinding sound. A grinding noise indicates brake pads that are so faulty that they can put your life in danger.

So, change your brake pads after covering ten to twenty thousand miles. Replace the rotor after fifty to seventy miles.

05. Callahan CDS02156 FRONT– Best Quality Brake pad

Callahan CDS02156 is another top recommendation if you want a traditional and durable brake for your care. Here are some things to consider.

Known for its stainless-steel hardware, it offers maximum performance with little hassle. Moreover, you do not need any cleaning or maintenance after unpacking.

Functions and how it increases performance

While the installation process is straightforward, it is advisable to seek professional help for perfect fitting. A ceramic brake pad offers reduced dust emission and noise.

Better heat dissipation enables the Callahan CDS02156 to improve stopping power.

Nevertheless, the brake system only works with certain cars, so make sure yours is one of them. You can check the compatibility area to see if your vehicle falls within the category.

The Callahan CDS02156 brake system comes with FOUR 5 Lug Drilled & Slotted Premium Brake Rotors. All the hardware consists of high-quality stainless steel. You can put it together right out of the box without cleaning anything.


This product is compatible with several vehicles, including

  • 2006 – 2008 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2007 – 2009 Chrysler Aspen
  • 2007 – 2009 Dodge Durango
  • 2009 – 2018 Dodge Ram 1500
  • 2011 – 2018 Ram 1500
  • 2019 Ram 1500 Classic


  • Increased stopping power
  • Reduces noise and dust
  • Ready installation


  • Works with certain vehicles only

Q/A: Are Callahan brakes reliable?

Callahan brakes are spares that suit the vehicle and stop it. You have everything you could ask for in a set of brakes for your car. However, these are a superb value, with a high-quality rotor and ceramic pads.

Is the Callahan CDS02156 compatible with the 2007 Dodge? Yes, the kit fits perfectly with the 2007 Dodge Durango. Apart from that, it is compatible with other car models.

Q/A: Do I need to purchase larger caliper pistons for robust stopping power? 

No doubt bigger caliper pistons provide more clamping pressure than smaller ones. However, more clamping pressure does not always boost the braking power.

Larger caliper pistons increase the braking distance by triggering an imbalance between front and rear braking.

Excessive clamping force can lead to a premature lock-up and impossible brake modulation. Instead of considering size, choose caliper pistons that go well with your car’s make and model.

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