What Are The Best Battery for Ram 1500 Truck (Benefits and Reviews In Detailed!)

Do you want the best battery for RAM 1500? How good is your battery? You cannot say enough about how important a battery is in a modern car.

Notably, the electronic parts of your truck will not work without the battery. When you think about how many electronic parts are needed for a car to work, it is correct to conclude that your car is useless without a working battery.

Batteries only last a certain amount of time and are easy to replace. You can easily purchase one for yourself by going online. If you own a Dodge Ram 1500 and want to find the best batteries you can buy online for your truck, you’ve everything you need here.

One of the world’s most highly regarded truck lines is the Dodge Ram. First released in 1981 and is now in its 5th generation. Interestingly, it has won many awards over the years for how well it works. In this article, we will explore the best battery for the RAM 1500.

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What is The Best Battery for Ram 1500?

For decades, the Dodge Ram has been a popular truck brand. Finding the functional and heavy duty battery for RAM 1500 to match its high-performance status is significant. Here are the top 5 brands if you want a battery for your Dodge Ram truck.

  • Optima RedTop Group 34/78 Starting Battery
  • ODYSSEY Group-65 Automotive LTV Battery
  • XS Power D3400 AGM Battery
  • Delphi BU9094R MaxStart Group 94R AGM Battery
  • ACDelco Gold Group-48 AGM Battery

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What Size Battery for a Dodge Ram 1500?

An industry standard for automobile batteries is the battery group size, which specifies the physical dimensions of the battery (height, breadth, and length) and its polarity. With this, it is simple for automakers to build a car, pickup, or SUV while considering the battery size.

Battery group sizes offer a streamlined industry standard for automotive batteries, assisting both the battery and vehicle makers in lowering costs.

Remarkably, it is simple to replace your battery if you know the battery group sizes. Battery groups for the Dodge Ram 1500 are H7, 27, or 34/78. For dimensions, refer to the table below.

Battery Size (Group Code) Length x Width x Height (metric) Length x Width x Height (imperial)
H7 31.5 cm x 17.5 cm x 19.0 cm 12 3/8″ x 6 7/8″ x 7 1/2″
27 30.6 cm x 17.3 cm x 22.5 cm 12 1/16″ x 6 13/16″ x 8 7/8″
34/78 26.0 cm x 17.3 cm x 20.0 cm 10 1/4″ x 6 13/16″ x 7 7/8″


Top 5 Best Battery for RAM 1500 Reviews and Benefits

These truck batteries are some of the best, according to our research for your Ram 1500. However, other notable batteries can work for your truck.

Nevertheless, these enlisted here provide value for your money. Let us explore their performances, benefits, and drawback where necessary.

01. Optima RedTop – Best Battery for RAM 1500

If you are new to Optima RedTop, it is the best truck battery for your RAM 1500. Optima Batteries employ the brand’s unique Spiral Cell technology, providing dependable performance in hot and cold temperatures.

Optima Batteries offer the best strong five-second starting power of any other vehicle battery, and their vibration resistance is 15 times greater than traditional wet cell batteries.

Optima Redtop batteries offer up to 800 CCA, or cold cranking amps, providing a more vigorous burst of igniting energy for consistent one-click starts in any weather situation. Additionally, it features a 100-minute spare capacity.

RedTop is ideal for several trucks, such as hatchbacks, SUVs, late-model sedans, crossovers, heavy machinery, diesel-powered trucks, or other equipment. RedTop is available in many sizes, such as the 34/78, 35, 6-Volt, 75/25, 34R, 25, 34, and 78.

Outcome Performance

Unlike typical automobile batteries, which use flat and square lead plates, Optima employs spiral-wound cells composed of 99.9% pure lead plates.

Because of the spiral winding technology, it provides superior vibration resistance and increased power output efficiency.

In the meantime, the distinctive Six-Pack spiral-wound design enhances the plate’s surface area to increase starting power.


  • All-weather performance
  • Power delivery
  • Leak-proof and maintenance-free
  • Battery life and efficiency


  • Expensive

Q/A: Can I use another Optima battery for my car?

You will not be disappointed with the Optima RedTop if you have a “daily vehicle” parked in the garage.

Similarly, the Optima YellowTop will not disappoint if you drive a high-performance Cherokee or off-road vehicle. Whatever option you choose, it can get the job done.

Q/A: How many volts does the Optima RedTop battery have?

Car batteries usually carry 12 to 13 volts unless you use a high-performance battery. Anything above 13 volts could indicate a defective battery. Nevertheless, the Optimal RedTop battery comes with 12 volts.

02. ODYSSEY 65-PC1750T – Best Universal Battery

Odyssey earns a spot on this list because of its compact light-truck battery with a high cold-cranking voltage and low-cost feature.

With 950 CCA (cold cranking amps), this compact Odyssey battery still has enough strength to start light trucks. This battery comes with a three-to-four-year warranty and a 10-year life expectancy with approximately 400 cycles at 80% drain depth.

Odyssey also claims that this battery has the fastest charging time, with a full charge taking four to six hours. Its non-spillable and shock-resistant design makes it ideal for off-road vehicles and work cars.

In addition, this battery’s fast-cycling ability and sensitivity to continuous discharge make it an excellent choice for vehicles that frequently stop.

If there is a disadvantage, it is that the Odyssey is less sensitive to lengthy periods of inactivity, which means it is less shelf-stable than certain other batteries.

Output Performance

Odyssey 65-PC1750T has a 130-minute reserve capacity and a CCA rating of 950. To fulfill the needs of contemporary trucks, Odyssey batteries feature considerable starting power and deep cycling functionality built on a strong conductive AGM architecture.

Remember that the Odyssey (58 lbs.) and RedTop (38.8 lbs.) described above weigh differently. No information about its compatibility is provided. However, we believe it should work with most cars.


  • Adequate cranking amps
  • Long service life
  • Non-spill able design
  • Universal fit for all cars


  • Heavy

Q/A: Is Odyssey battery reliable for a truck?

Although there are several Odyssey batteries, this one is excellent. In addition to the outstanding performance, it is smaller and lighter than the standard size of most batteries. Overall, it is worth investing in as you can use it on different cars.

Q/A: Are Odyssey batteries AGM or gel?

Odyssey batteries are more powerful. ODYSSEY Extreme batteries use dry cell Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology to hold acid, like many well-known spiral-wound batteries, enabling the battery to be fitted even on its side.

03. XS Power D3400 – Best Affordable AGM Battery for RAM 1500

A good option is XS Power batteries because of their record of accomplishment in auto racing and audio competitions. XS Power D34000 XS Series, with 1,000 cold-cranking amps and a large reserve capacity, is a reliable option for large gasoline engines and diesel-powered rigs.

Moreover, the XS Power D3400 is durable enough to face your truck’s demands, no matter the season, thanks to its ultra-low internal resistance AGM construction.

Output Performance

You can mount the batter anywhere thanks to its flush-mount construction and M6 bolt connectors; this is particularly useful for vehicles like trophy trucks where you might want to arrange your batteries in odd places for improved weight balance or access.

Regardless of group size or orientation, all batteries in the XS Power lineup are spill-proof and require no maintenance.

Every type of racing has a battery from XS Power Batteries! XSP, has you covered with an extensive range that includes 12V to 14V batteries. You require an XS Power Batteries battery if you are serious about your car’s performance.


  • Mountable in several positions
  • High output
  • Very affordable
  • Constructed with high-quality materials


  • Short lifespan
  • Battery swells

Q/A: How long does the XS Power D3400 last?

Technically, it will be 30 AH (20 hours of testing x 1.5 amps). Nevertheless, this information is for people who intend to use this battery for their show vehicles, boats, recreational vehicles, or any car that requires a low draw for an extended period without charging.

Q/A: Why should you buy an XS Power battery?

XS Power Batteries are ideal for show cars or scenarios where batteries are seldom used. A fully charged XS Power battery can be left at room temperature for up to a year and still be ready to use when you need it.

04. Delphi BU9094R MaxStart – Best Performance Battery

We place the Delphi BU9094R MaxStart AGM battery for the Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup in fourth place.

Interestingly, this battery has excellent CCA and RC ratings, which ensure that your car will start when you need it and that power amenities like heated seats, power windows, and DVD players will operate.

Additionally, you are guaranteed a long lifespan and vibration resistance.

Output Performance

Delphi MaxStart meets all the criteria to be listed among the top truck batteries. In addition to having a 140-minute reserve capacity, it offers 800 cold-cranking amps.

Moreover, it also uses an AGM design, which offers traditional flooded batteries a faster charging time, double the vibration tolerance, and longer usable life.

Lastly, the straps, posts, and welds on the Delphi MaxStart AGM battery have also been strengthened for increased longevity.

Delphi Technologies has a battery for you, whether you are searching for an excellent value or a premium battery that can support all the electronics in modern automobiles.

In addition to a range of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC), Delphi Technologies batteries offer a variety of cold cranking amps (CCA) and reserve capacity (RC).

CCAs guarantee the automobile will start when required. RCs assist with electrical power items like as heated seats and DVD players. AGM batteries from Delphi offer longer cycle life, improved resistance to vibration and corrosion, and maximum power output.


  • More vibration-resistant
  • Extended cycle life
  • Works in several vehicles
  • corrosion resistance


  • No warranty
  • Smaller than expected

Q/A: Does this battery have external venting capabilities?

Yes, there is a top-side vent port on the battery’s short side closest to the negative battery post. Furthermore, it includes straight and 90-degree vent fittings that fit into the venting hole.

Q/A: What are the battery cell composition and voltage?

Unlike most batter, the battery cell composition of Delphi BU9094R MaxStart is lead-acid, AGM. However, it comes with 12 volts that can power most cars.

05. ACDelco Gold 48AGM – Best Warranty Battery

Lastly on our list is the battery from ACDelco. A reputable source of car parts in the industry. With a warranty to match, this Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) battery has a seven-year lifespan guarantee.

Furthermore, a high-density paste separates the gel mats in the battery. Improved charging capabilities and a longer lifespan are benefits of this design.

Because this battery requires no maintenance, distilled water is not required to fill up the electrolyte. A vent cap prevents leaking while allowing built-up gases to discharge and air to enter—AGM batteries are intrinsically less leak-prone than conventional flood cell types.

A durable outer shell, high-density paste, and AGM format combine to provide a dependable and long-lasting truck battery.

According to user reviews, it maintains a charge even when idling and can crank out up to 760 CCA for dependable starting in even the coldest conditions.

Although conventional lead-acid batteries might be less expensive, we think this ACDelco AGM unit offers better value overall.


  • Spill & leak-resistance
  • Full Frame positive & negative charges
  • Extremely high cold cranking amps
  • 100% Maintenance-Free
  • Performs optimally


  • Compliant with battery shrinking
  • Expensive than conventional wet cell batteries

Q/A: How do you identify fake ACDelco batteries?

Ask an installer if you can see the part packaging before installation. If it looks cheap, does not have the name brand or trademark, or has a name that is close to but different from those you are used to seeing, that is a red flag.

Q/A: How long do most batteries from ACDelco last?

ACDelco batteries have a durable, impact, and break-resistant polycarbonate container, together with strong separator envelopes that extend auto battery life for up to 42 months.

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