Dodge Caliber Battery (A Comprehensive Guide)

Every Dodge Caliber owner can relate to the feeling of replacing a dead battery. In spite of its small size, the Dodge Caliber offers all the space and versatility you’ll ever need. You rely on your regular mode of transportation to bring you to places like work, the grocery, and a variety of other sites. And your Dodge Caliber’s ability to start fast every time depends on a reliable battery. 

So, whenever you replace or install an upgrade or new battery on your vehicle, it provides better power to ignite it more rapidly, even on chillax mornings. 

And you can pick the right Dodge Caliber battery only if you have proper knowledge of it, such as the battery location, type, Size, designs, and technology. So, keep reading to the end to learn more. 

Where Is The Battery Location of Dodge Caliber?

Based on the brand and model of different vehicles, you will see batteries placed in different locations. Most vehicles come with batteries placed under the hood or bonnet of the front corners. In contrast, others have batteries in the boot or trunk to balance even weight distribution. 

If you follow the user manual of Dodge Caliber, identifying the battery will be easier. You will find the battery on your Dodge Caliber under the car bonnet in the front left corner. It should be in a black box with two thick wires joining from the top, which serve as both the electrical system’s positive and negative terminals.

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You may get overwhelmed if there needs to be more of an idea of the difference between the battery design types such as Flooded, AGM, or TPPl AGM and technology types. Here you will get a general breakdown of all the best battery types for  Dodge Caliber 

01. Flooded Battery

Featuring lower CCAs, Flooded is the most used battery type in Dodge Caliber. Flooded batteries use a medium containing liquid electrolytes to activate a chemical process. As soon as you connect the battery, the internal acid will start to bind with the metal plates. This triggers a chain reaction that circulates a flow of electric current across the joined circuit.

For example, we can see BCI Group-68 690CCA Flooded battery in Dodge Caliber 2007 year model. When it comes to emergency power, service, and grid power storage, WET batteries are usually the best option. In addition, compared to AGM batteries, they are cost-effective.  

02. AGM Battery

AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries provide an alternative to conventional lead-acid batteries that do not need routine maintenance. They come engineered to offer substantial discharges of beginning amps and keep the vehicle engine functioning for an extended time.

Batteries like this are called “maintenance-free” since they never need to be topped out with water. While there is difficulty performing maintenance, AGM batteries are able to operate superiorly compared to flooded batteries. 

03. TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) AGM Battery

Like an offspring of the AGM technology, TPPL batteries come as a great alternative reaction to lithium-ion batteries’ continued rise in popularity. Both PPL and AGM batteries include lead-acid in their composition. The operation principle of TPPL batteries is quite close to that of the AGM battery.

The TPPL battery holds less charge compared to the AGM battery. 

Also, the charge and drain of both cycles of TPPL batteries follow at a fast rate. As a result of this rapid rate, the battery’s internal temperature level gets high. And it may only last for a short time. 

You should only buy accessories and replacement components for your Dodge Caliber from trustable brands. Here we bring you the top 5 Dodge Caliber battery list for you to find the right and best match for your vehicle easily:

  • Duralast Gold Battery: 86FT-DLG 86-Group Size 640 CCA, 95 Minutes Reserve Capacity 
  • ACDelco Advantage Battery: 86S 86-Group Size 580 CCA, 95 Minutes Reserve Capacity 
  • DieHard Gold Battery: 86-Group Size, 650 CCA, 812 CA, 95 Minutes Reserve Capacity
  • Optima AGM Top Red Battery: 25-Group Size, 25 720 CCA, 90 Minutes Reserve Capacity
  • DieHard Silver Battery: 86-Group Size, 525 CCA, 90 Minutes Reserve Capacity

What kind of Battery Does a Dodge Caliber Need?

The battery requirement of a compact hatchback like Dodge Caliber with a 3-cylinder differs from a large V8 truck. That’s why having a single battery type for all the Dodge models is impossible. 

While replacing the battery in Dodge Caliber, it should be the same one to ensure efficient powering up the vehicle. The BCI (Battery Council International) has developed a standard group size to classify car batteries. However, there are other considerations while you’re about to replace your car battery.

The vehicle’s power requirements should also be considered. One single vehicle can have as many as 4-5 different batteries, all of which belong to an exact standard of BCI Group but differ in terms of their lead-acid designs, cold-cranking amps, and warranties.

Now, the question comes to how you would know which kind of battery fits in a Dodge Caliber. Well, you have to follow several ways for that-

  • Check out your Dodge caliber’s battery section in the user manual.
  • In case you don’t have it, look at the existing battery to find out the installed BCI Group Size. On the car battery, you can easily locate the group size. Usually, you can find it on the front side of the battery or the upper cover. 
  • Several online resources are available to help you determine the appropriate size of the group.
  • Pick a sufficiently strong battery that will be able to start the Dodge Caliber in all weather conditions. Follow the Dodge Caliber’s recommended minimum Cold Cranking Amps (CCA) requirement. To be sure of the appropriate CCAs for your car engine, you can check it listed on your car’s current battery. 

What Size Battery Does a Dodge Caliber Use?

Every batteries for Dodge Caliber come with a unique code assigned to denote its specific Size, number of terminals, and technology type. The BCI classifies batteries into letters and numbers, usually depending on the manufacturer, model, engine size, and horsepower.

Although Dodge Caliber accommodates multiple group sizes, you should use the one that’s designed for the specific Dodge Caliber year. Following are the commonly seen battery group sizes in Dodge assigned by BCI:

  • Group Size 65 (Top Terminal) 
  • Group Size 75 (Side Terminal)
  • Group Size 24/24F (Top Terminal) 
  • Group Size 34/78 (Dual Terminal) 
  • Group Size 35 (Top Terminal) 

Finding the right battery is significantly less of a hassle, thanks to this standardized labeling.

How to Replace Dodge Caliber Battery? (+Estimated Cost)

Once you get the right battery in your Dodge Caliber, it’s time to replace the dead one. For this, you will need appropriate tools such as a long extensional ratchet with a 13mm socket, 3mm and 10mm terminals, a flat head screwdriver, and a channel ox. And, now follow the steps below- 

  • Remove the cover of the battery 
  • Use a 10mm terminal to loosen the bolt and nut of the negative cable side
  • Once it’s loose, plug it off and keep it on the side
  • Use the 3mm terminal to loosen the positive cable side. 
  • Now, use the 13mm ratchet socket to loosen the bolt located downside of the battery box and pick the battery out.
  • Place the new battery down in place. 
  • Fix the bolt downside of the battery box with the ratchet. 
  • Use the flathead screwdriver to plug in the positive and, followed by the negative cable. 
  • Finally, back in place the air-box cover and start your car to check out if everything is in order. 

However, the battery replacement process is relatively easy, and anyone can attempt to do it by following the above steps. But, if you want to do a Dodge Caliber battery replacement by professional technicians, the average cost would be somewhere between $560 to $570. And the estimated labor costs start from $27 to $35, while the related parts price would be $535. 

Asking Questions

Should I always use the original battery brand in my Dodge Caliber?

A variety of issues might arise from using the wrong battery size. Though it’s not mandatory to use the original equipment manufacturer’s battery, You must always end up replacing the battery with one that matches the Dodge Caliber manual’s recommendation. 

How long does a Dodge Caliber battery last?

No matter how well you take care of it, your Dodge Caliber will eventually break down. The same is true for its battery. The lifespan of a vehicle battery ranges from around 3 to 5 years on average. You should do routine maintenance on the battery and update it if necessary to ensure it remains in good condition. 

How to know if your Dodge Caliber needs a battery replacement?

Some common signs indicating that you should do a new battery replacement for dodge caliber are- 

  • Difficulty turning the engine on
  • Dashboard light issues
  • Electrical malfunction 
  • Strange odor
  • Poor engine performance 

Final Thought 

As batteries become older, they are only able to hold a charge for as long as they discharge as much electricity, making it more challenging to power your Dodge Caliber. A worn-out or old battery won’t be able to generate enough electricity to start the engine after a certain amount of time has passed, leaving you helpless in the most awkward locations and times. 

By following the above tips, you can buy the correct battery for your vehicle. Your car will be happy to hear that your search for the appropriate Dodge Caliber Battery is now complete.