Dodge Headlight Replacement Cost (A Complete Guide)

The headlight of a car serves multiple purposes, It is needed for illumination during nighttime travel and it makes the vehicle more visible during daytime driving. Any damage to it, therefore, puts you and other drivers at risk. This is why, once the headlight of your Dodge develops issues, it needs to be replaced immediately.

In this article, we shall be looking at the several costs of replacing the headlight of several models of Dodge cars. Other important topics we will also discuss include:

  • Average Cost Of A Dodge Headlight
  • Types Of Headlights
  • Symptoms of a damaged headlight

What Is The Average Cost of  A Dodge Headlight Replacement?

The average cost of a Dodge headlight replacement is dependent on what needs replacement. If the headlight is intact and just the bulb requires replacement, it would cost you between $60 – $200. This range is attributed to the different prices of bulbs. 

If you will be changing the entire headlight system of your Dodge then it would cost you between $250 – $700. The cost of parts can range between $75 – $200. The cost of labor accounts for the rest, that is, if you will opt for a professional installation.

Average Cost of  Replacing The Headlight of Different Models of The Dodge Car

We will be looking at the cost of the different models of the Dodge car. These include:

  • The Dodge Ram
  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Durango
  • Dodge Dakota 
  • Dodge Dart 

Note that the estimates provided here cover the replacement of the bulbs of these models. 

It would cost you between $62 and $70 to repair the headlight of a Dodge Ram 1500. The cost of replacement for a Dodge Ram 2500 and Dodge ram 3500 still cost between $58 – $66 and $60 – $68 respectively. The replacement for the Dodge Ram 3500 headlight falls between $93 and $105.

The table below shows the cost range for the replacement of headlights for the above-stated models of Dodge Ram.


Cost Range Of Changing Headlight

Dodge Ram 1500

$62 and $70

Dodge Ram 2500

$58 and $66

Dodge Ram 3500

$60 and $68

Dodge Ram ProMaster

$93 and $105


The cost of replacing the headlight for a Dodge Model is between $193 and $285. You will need $214 – $306 and $62 – $70 for the Dodge Durango and Dodge Dakota respectively. Finally, you will need between $231 – $347 to repair the headlight of a Dodge Dart.

Dodge Model

Estimated Cost Of hanging Headlamp

Dodge Charger

$193 and $285.

Dodge Durango

$214 and $306

Dodge Dakota

$62 and $70

Dodge Dart

$231 and $347.

Types of Headlights

There are four basic headlight bulbs you can get on the market. The most important aspect is finding which fits your Dodge car. These bulb types include:

  • Incandescent, 
  • Halogen, 
  • High-intensity discharge (sometimes called Xenon headlights)
  • Light-emitting diode (LED). 

Note that sealed-beam incandescent bulbs are old designs and have stopped being manufactured.

Symptoms of a Bad Headlamp 

A damaged headlamp will easily be noticed by you and other road users. Upon noticing your headlamp has developed issues, immediately repair them, as driving your car with a broken headlamp, especially at night puts you and other road users in harm’s way. 

The symptoms of a faulty headlamp include:

  • Flickering light
  • Dim Light
  • Unresponsive headlight

01. Flickering light

Once your headlamp begins to flicker, it means something is wrong. Flickering light can be a result of problems in the car’s electrical circuit. It can also be because of a worn-out bulb. Once your headlamp begins to flicker, the bulb will wear out quickly. 

02. Dim lights

A dim light is probably one of the first symptoms of a bad headlight. Unfortunately, before a headlamp becomes noticeably dim, it would often take time, so you might not find out early enough. The easiest way to be sure your headlamp is dim is to compare it to the headlamp of other cars using exactly the same type of headlight. 

03. Headlights that won’t turn on

Once your headlamp refuses to turn on, then something is definitely wrong with it. At this stage, seeing a mechanic for a change of the headlamp becomes necessary.

The causes of the headlight not switching on can be traced to bad wiring or a loose harness connection. Note that, in most cases, before a headlight suddenly stops working, it must have been giving off signs of damage.  

People Also Ask

Must I replace both headlights?

It is not required that you replace both headlamps of your Dodge when just one develops a fault. As long as the other works perfectly, change only the faulty one, Now, you can go ahead and replace both if you so wish, however, that would be a personal preference.

How often should my headlamp be replaced?

Unless your headlamp develops a fault, then you can use it for them throughout their life span. The lifespan of a headlight bulb reduces, based on how often you use the bulbs, how it was fixed and how roughly the vehicle is being driven by you. 

How long does a headlamp bulb last?

The lifespan of a bulb is dependent on the type of bulb. There are halogen headlight bulbs and high-intensity discharge (HID or “Xenon”) bulbs. Both types of bulbs would last at least one thousand hours, while the HID bulbs would last even longer. 

To Conclude

The replacement of your Dodge’s headlight when it gets irrespective of the make is very important once you realize one or both have developed a fault. Being able to detect a faulty headlamp earlier on is important, as the last thing you want is to have them fail while on the road, away from an engineer.