Dodge Head Gasket Repair Cost (How often You Need to Replace It?)

The head gasket is a very important part of the car engine. Located between the cylinder and the car engine, it serves the important role of merging both parts, thereby preventing oil, coolant, and combustion gases from escaping into the engine. Any form of damage to the head gasket is therefore detrimental to your Dodge car

In this article we will be looking at the cost of repairing the damaged gasket of several models of the dodge car. Prices are written in range, as the cost is dependent on several factors. However, we first look into the general cost of changing the gasket head of the dodge head. 

The article also covers several issues related to Dodge head gasket repair and replacement. These include:

  • How to know if your Dodge’s gasket head needs replacement
  • The effect of a blown gasket head gasket on the car

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How Much Is Dodge Head Gasket Repair Cost?

The rough estimated cost of repairing the head gasket of a Dodge car falls between  $1500 and $2,000. This amount factors two major things, these include:

  • The cost of materials
  • Cost of labor

The cost of materials ranges from $600 to $800, and labor charges can be between $900 and $1,200. Note that other factors that will affect the overall cost but aren’t factored in the estimates described include:

  • Taxes and fees.
  • vehicle type
  • Location 

The high cost of repairing a head gasket is because of the cost of materials required and also how time-consuming and complicated the process is.

Cost Of Dodge’s Head Gasket For Its Different Models.

The five models of Dodge Ram covered in this section include:

  • Dodge Charger
  • Dodge Durango 
  • Dodge Dakota
  • Dodge Dart 

The cost range of a Dodge Ram 1500 head gasket replacement falls between $1,522 and $1,668. On the other side The Dodge Ram 2500 diesel  head gasket Replacement falls between $658 and $830.

Moreover, it is gradually increase the repair cost for the Dodge Ram 3500 and  Dodge Ram ProMaster cost between $3,344 – $3,532 and  $1,884 and $2,176 respectively.

The table below gives the cost range of repairing the head gasket of the 4 models of Dodge Ram. Note that the estimate covers just material and the cost of labor.

Model Total Cost Range
Dodge Ram 1500 $1522 – $1668
Dodge Ram 2500 $3,198 – $3,374
Dodge Ram 3500 $3,344 – $3,532
Ram ProMaster City $1,884 – $2,176.

Cost Of Repairing The Head Gasket Of The Other Models Of  The Dodge Car.

The cost range for a Dodge Charger head gasket replacement falls between $1,742 and $1,980. And the repair cost of the head gasket for the Dodge Durango and the Dodge Dakota are most likely similar that goes for $1,763 – $2,005 and  1,426 and $1,578 respectively.

Also, Dodge Dakota head gasket replacement cost is between 1,426 and $1,578. Finally, average cost range of a Dodge Dart head gasket replacement is between $1,443 and $1,668

Dodge Model Total Cost Range
Dodge Charger $1,742 – $1,980
Dodge Durango $1,763 – $2,005
Dodge Dakota 1,426 – $1,578
Dodge Dart $1,443 – $1,668

How To Know If Your Dodge Gasket Needs Replacement

Once the head gasket of your Dodge begins to fail, your car begins to give you signs. Of course, it would take an engineer to check and confirm. However, once you begin noticing these signs, it means the repair and replacement of your gasket are very imminent.

Note that, once your gasket is bridged, there are usually no telltale signs. However, most of the symptoms discussed in this section only begin to show when oil and coolant has leaked into the engine. 

Below are signs that your gasket needs replacement:

  • Engine Overheating
  • Contaminated Engine Oil
  • Low Coolant Level 

01. Engine Overheating

Your engine overheating is probably the biggest telltale that your head gasket has been compromised. A failed head gasket means the engine has to overwork to produce power. Overheating is also linked to loss of coolant in the engine.

02. Contaminated Engine Oil

The head gasket although merges the engine and the cylinder, also prevents water from the coolant of the engine from leaking into the oil in the engine. The first sign that your head gasket is faulty is if the oil in the oil filler cap in your engine is foamy and pale. Oil and water don’t mix well, hence leading to the pale and frothy nature of the oil.

03. Low Coolant Level

A low coolant level is a sign of a leak. And one of the ways a leak can occur is if there is a bridge in the gasket separating a coolant channel and one of your engine’s combustion chambers.

Effect Of A Blown Head Gasket On Your Car

A blown gasket is fatal to your engine. As it plays a very important role in keeping your Dodge working in perfect condition, ensuring the gasket is functioning properly is therefore important, Below are a few effects of a blown head gasket on your car.

  • Cylinder Head Damage
  • Engine Block Damage

01. Cylinder Damage

The three unique damages your cylinder can suffer due to a faulty head gasket include warping, cracking, or tunneling. Warping and tunneling are caused by overheating. Cracking is caused by leaking coolants which end up corroding the metal on the head of the cylinder

02. Engine Block Damage

The engine block can suffer the same fate as the cylinder. However, the size of the engine and its large surface area makes it harder to be entirely damaged in a short period of time, However, it is better to replace a damaged head gasket as soon as it is found to be damaged.

People Also Ask

Is the head gasket worth repairing?

Yes, It is totally worth it. Your gasket plays an important role in the working of your dodge car. A damaged one, therefore, puts your car at risk of malfunctioning or worst case scenario, a breakdown.

Can I repair my head gasket myself?

Unless you are a trained technician, do not attempt to replace the damaged head gasket of your dodge car. Take your car to a mechanic for all gasket replacement. 

To Conclude

The head gasket of your Dodge car plays an important role. Any damage to it will adversely affect the entire car. Hence, the replacement of a damaged head gasket is crucial. The cost of repair of your dodge head gasket is however dependent on the model you have.