What Are The Dodge Ram Ecodiesel Problems? (Get Expert’s Solution)

Ecodiesel engines have been a popular choice since launch, but Ram ecodiesel problems are also a major issue to deal with. You can randomly see every one out of 10 trucks near Clear Lake, running on Ram ecodiesel engines. Ram 1500 is still considered a powerful workhorse, even after the arrival of highly modern engines.

Ram 2022, Ram 2021, and Ram 2020, three of them have witnessed one of the best quality engines in the world. Their key issues were the reason behind backing off Ram engines, but they were unsuccessful in affecting its popular ratings.

We can conclude these Ram ecodiesel engines as the best companion for heavy trucks with up to an 8-speed self-transmission.

Many survey reports have depicted that Dodge Ram Ecodiesel issues are limited to only 4 to 5 major engine issues, and other problems are not that much considerable.

These problems can occur in any ecodiesel engine because of using them beyond limits and abruptly. In this article, you will learn about more major sufferings with ram ecodiesel, reliability, lifespan of the engine, their causes, as well as solutions. You will also know about the backing-off case regarding Ram ecodiesel engines, at the bottom of this article.

In short, the major problems of Ram ecodiesel engines are cracked EGR cooler, leaking oil cooler, timing chain issue, and engine turn-on problem. Some other minor problems include improper emissions, connecting rods, camshaft gear slippage, bearing malfunctioning, and low mileage.

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Is The 2022 Dodge Ram Ecodiesel a Good Engine?

Ecodiesel engine works on a classic design that offers great performance, high affordability, and comfort. Ram has launched a number of diesel engines, but the ecodiesel engine is a unique concept. These engines are based on a high-profile technology that uses each drop of fuel for productive emission.

Coming at the 2022 Ram ecodiesel engine, it is completely reliable with an impressive work life of 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles.

Installing them into heavy Ram trucks and vehicles will let you experience its strength and smoothness to an extent level. Many potential buyers are in a hesitation, about whether it is worth buying a Ram ecodiesel or not.

Answering that question, Ram ecodiesel is not the best choice, but it is good enough to work efficiently for a greater lifespan.

Owners have received distinct reviews regarding these engines, as some of the users are highly disappointed, whereas others are enjoying driving on them. Heavy trucks based on ecodiesel engines are more eco-friendly and better than petrol-based trucks.

Tutorials have shown that the engine block is made from graphite iron by combining it with aluminum dual camshafts. B20 biodiesel proficiency and air intake controls are the highlighted additions in many new and upcoming Ram ecodiesel.

All these modern additions and new technologies have been installed to provide lesser vibration, by still maintaining other prominent features.

Ram 2022 model gives appreciable fuel economy that makes it highly- compatible with the RAM 1500 TRX Dodge interior. You can enjoy its premium touch screen of about 12 inches, an adjustable home screen, and an efficient Ram connection.

Below, are some key facts and features of the Ram 2022 ecodiesel engine:

  • Great towing capacity – 12.5 thousand pounds
  • Sufficient torque of about 480 foot-pounds
  • Average power over 260 hp
  • Heavy-vehicle payload of about 2000 pounds
  • Gas mileage for city roads – 22 MPG
  • Gas Mileage for highways – 33 MPG
  • Fuel capacity of about 118 liters (26 gals)
  • Engine size – 3.0 L
  • 2 overhead twin cams

Overview of Ram 3.0L V6 Ecodiesel

Keeping aside the issues with Ram ecodiesel, Ram 3.0L V6 is an outstanding engine with great stump-pulling force. Its high availability has made it expand to additional Jeeps and other Ram products. Including its 5 years warranty, the 2022 Ram 3.0L V6 ecodiesel also possesses 11% fewer CO2 emissions. Other specifications of the 3.0L V6 engine include:

  • Model Accessibility: 2022 model of Ram 1500, Gladiator, and Jeep Wrangler
  • Improvement over Hemi V8 engine: + 6-10 MPG
  • Excellent acceleration
  • 30% greater fuel economy
  • Best EPA ratings
  • 900 miles of highway drive in a single reserve
  • 10% fewer leftover particles
  • Dominant towing performance
  • Maximum torque reach at 2000 RPMs
  • Smoother Heavy-loads movement

You can own this engine at a reasonable price of $4,995. Check out this link to know more about the specifications of Ram 3.0L V6 ecodiesel:


What Are The Major Problems With Ram Ecodiesel

Modern versions of 2022 Ram ecodiesel engines have not improved much on their problematic factors. Therefore, users are still complaining about some of the major older issues regarding the EGR cooler and oil tank.

2014 Ram model was launched with great failure, which was improved over and over with passing years. But the 3.0 L V6 Ram ecodiesel is far better and more reliable than previous model engines.   At present, Ram 2022 has recorded 4 major Ram ecodiesel issues, which are:

01. Cracked EGR Cooler

Ecodiesel engines have a cooling system installed in their EGR valve, which has been continuously reported for cracking and antifreeze leakage.

Mostly, older engines were having these issues, but new engines are also disappointing the users with their inferior cooling and poor hose quality.


EGR coolers can have cracked EGR valves because of heat exhaustion and body overheating. These cracks are the only reason behind an unexpected leakage in the engine compartment.

If not operated on time, it can result in a big fire and physical damage. An improper hot and cold engine cycle can give rise to much deeper cracks.


Maintain a healthy cooling and heating cycle of your Ram engine, by giving them regular checks and sufficient relaxation time.

02. Glow Plug Problems

Many users have stated that their Ram 2022 ecodiesel engines create problems while starting. They get a minute clicking sound while stroking the key ignition switch, but nothing happens.

These issues are raised because of a blown-out or defective glow plug. Such glow plug issues can further lead to white smoke emission and fuel leakage in the exhaustion container.


Uncontrolled voltage supply, excessive heat, faulty wirings, and an irregular power supply can be the reasons for these issues.


Try replacing older plugs with more efficient and modern glow plugs. You can also fix minor wiring cables and can install missing plugs on your own if there is an electrical flow issue.

03. Issues with Fuel Injection System

Most of the oldest Ram ecodiesel engines have the problem of regular impairment. Manufacturers claimed that the new engines are free of such fuel issues, but many complaints of unsupportive fuel systems have been registered regarding the new Ram engines.

Reviews have shown that these engines need regular servicing and maintenance after crossing a decent mileage of 100,000 miles. Their fuel injectors and pumping motors are not good as they have been depicted in the Ram model descriptions.


Accidental jerks can cause repairable cracks or permanent disconnections in the fuel containers, which leads to fuel leakage, blocked pumps, and sparks.


Drive smoothly on bumpy roads and ensure monthly servicing of your Ram ecodiesel engines.

04. Turbo Failure

Turbo failure consists of oil seal leakages, worn-out bearings, sticky VGT parts, compressor damage, and malfunctioning turbine wheel. All these minor issues combine to create a major turbo failure, which needs a costly repair.


Excessive use of turbo bearings or an unwanted connection between the turbo housing and compressor wheel can lead to such issues.


You should maintain an appropriate operating temperature for the Ram turbo Cummins. If the turbo wheel is highly exhausted, then sprinkle cold water on it to avoid turbo explosions.

05. Non-Operating Oil Cooler

Ram biodiesel engine issues are mostly linked with inefficient coolers and an overheating engine body. Oil coolers also got cracked and unsupportive, when used beyond recommended limit. Then, the leaked coolant and oil particles are obvious to get mixed with a cooling system.

Rough driving or usage can make the lifespan of these ecodiesel engines, twice less than their original work life. These issues will give rise to other oil problems and engine blockage.

If not maintained carefully, they can stop working after 20 thousand to 30 thousand miles of usage.


Cracked and overheated cooler is the reason behind oil contamination of the complete cooling system. A thick oil film in the coolant results in the rapid growth of oil temperature.


You should not replace the OEM filter in your engine. One can also try going with an additional cooler such as CFT Oil Cooler. Instantly flush the cooling system if you have seen any oil contamination in the coolant.

06. Timing Chain Issues

Ram 1500 Ecodiesel problems also include timing chain issues, which were installed for depicting accurate timing for EGR valves and other engine parts. 2022 RAM 1500 was reported for accidental chain slippage and swapped time intervals for pistons and valves.

Such swapping may not destroy your valves but can cost enough while repairing. But massive slippage can result in destructive pistons and valves.


Minor chain slippage is responsible for the turned-off timings and swapping. You may also experience miserable engine performance or misfiring because of these changed valve timings.

More harmful events can occur only because of complete cam gear slippage. If you are facing bending issues and jamming, it means your EGR valve and piston are connecting with each other.


You can’t do much to solve this issue on your own. But try not to tow beyond the stated limit from the manufacturer. Never exceed the maximum towing capacity for lifting heaving loads.

07. Engine Turn-Over Issue

Many users have stated that their Ram 2022 ecodiesel engines create problems while starting. They get a minute clicking sound while stroking the key ignition switch, but nothing happens.

Reviews have shown that there is no spark initiating at the key plug. Other mechanical problems also combine with this issue to create more trouble.


Loose battery and poor cable connections are the main reason behind the engine turn-over issues in heavy-load trucks. Unstable connections avoid the motor from running and getting started.


Try installing a new battery in your vehicle to avoid this problem. If you just have a loose cable, then you must tighten it for restoring the blocked electrical flow.

How Reliable The RAM 1500 Ecodiesel Is?

Ram had faced poor reliability reviews since the Ram Ecodiesel problems have been reported. But a few issues cannot affect the trust and reliability of all-powerful Ram ecodiesel engines. 2022 Ram 3.0L V6 ecodiesel engine is still considered one of the most reliable and economical engines.

Many other brands and modern generation engines have tried working on this concept, but they were recalled because of power loss and reprogramming issues.

Also, some third-generation models have upgraded their previous features to compete with the reliability of Ram ecodiesel engines, but they failed to do so.

These engines are highly reliable because of their 5 years of premium warranty and extended work life with 24 hours customer care services.

How Long Will a Ram Ecodiesel Last?

Ram ecodiesel engines can provide longer working life than the listed stats if operated and maintained wisely. Rough drivers should not expect a greater lifespan from these engines because of their irresponsible driving.

They can kill their working efficiency in even 100,000 miles, whereas good drivers can experience smooth performance even after 400,000 miles.

Ram 2022 ecodiesel engines have an average work life of about 200,000 miles to 300,000 miles. But you may need to replace and repair some of its parts after this period for continuous functioning.

Keep checking engine coolers and fuel injection systems regularly, to avoid major damage and extensive repairing. Timely maintenance will ensure increased lifespan and lesser risk factors. If you are using them for heavy payloads and higher towing capacity, then they will need more fuel consumption than normal.

Sudden acceleration and the improper cooling-heating cycle can also block your engine much earlier than its average lifespan.

Why Did Ram Discontinue The Ecodiesel?

After continuous reporting of Ram biodiesel engine issues, FCA had recalled around 107,898 pickup trucks, which were having ecodiesel engines.

All defective models from the year 2014 to 2019 were backed off from the US market for redesigning and programming. They were accused because of multiple incidents that caused the fire because of leaked coolants and tanks.

Only the 2020 gas-powered engines were not included in that recall. Investigators found an exhausted EGR cooler in most of the defective pieces with some microscopic cracks. There were 4 minor injuries and no recorded death or major injury in those incidents.

After that, they also recalled 50,159 additional ecodiesel engines from Canada and 1730 engines from North America. Ram requested its users to check their coolant levels regularly and avoid consistently low fuel levels. Also, they faced a great loss of about 800 million USD as a payout to reported cases.

They got accused of cheating on emission reports, which was later settled by FCA. But at present, Ram has claimed that their new models have improved all the major  issues with 2014 Ram Ecodiesel  with much lesser emissions and extra security.

Important FAQs:

Will you consider ecodiesel engines over gas-powered engines?

Yes, biodiesel or ecodiesel engines are far better than gas-powered engines because they use green technology and other renewable sources.

They have maintained higher efficiency and stable performance, even after the use of canola-based fuel. Highly improved ecological ratings and minimum carbon emission are enough reasons to prefer ecodiesel engines over gas-powered engines.

Which is much better Hemi engine or ecodiesel?

5.7L Hemi engine is slightly less fuel efficient than the 2022 Ram 3.0L V6 ecodiesel engine. Ecodiesel engine is better than Hemi engine in various aspects including great speed and maximum towing capacity.

It also has newly developed modern features that work on high-profile technology.

How can we differentiate between ecodiesel and diesel engines?

Diesel engines run on a non-renewable fuel resource, whereas ecodiesel engines completely work on eco-friendly fuel like canola, vegetable oils, and yellow grease. Diesel engines have gas-guzzling issues, whereas ecodiesel uses every drop of fuel for powerful emissions.

Conclusion of Dodge Ram Ecodiesel Engine Problems

In general, Ram ecodiesel problems are not much critical and can be solved, if identified on time. Ram 3.0L V6 engine is perfect for the new Ram 1500 heavy-load truck.

You can also solve its other minor issues in no time, by just making effective adjustments. Drive smoothly and carefully to increase the longevity of these ecodiesel engines. Try using it with other additional features for much better experiences.