Dodge Dart Problems (Common Issues and Solution Explained!)

Dodge Dart is one of the most popular compact cars. Launched first in 2013 and made last in 2016, the Dodge Dart has two body styles. You can choose the two-body coupe or the four-door sedan body style. Additionally, the Dodge Dart provides three engine options, including 2.0L Tigershark 14, 2.4L Tigershark 14, and 1.4L MultiAir Turbo 14.

While Dodge Dart was supposed to be the best Dodge Neon substitute, it was never perfect.

Dodge Darts have many standard features and some safety components. However, the Dodge Darts problems are so many.

“From poor fuel economy to engine stalling to transmission failures, the Dodge Dart has several issues. Besides mechanical parts failing, Dodge Dart’s interior and exterior paint flakes and peels.”

We will talk and cover in this post about these Dodge Dart problems, reliability, starting and transmission issues in a short while.

Why Is Dodge Dart a Good First Car?

Despite having many problems, the Dodge Dart is a reliable first car. Many parents purchase this car for their bigger teenage kids.

Additionally, the Dodge Dart makes a nice car for a first-time driver. Why do we say so? A reliable first car should be inexpensive, functional, stylish, easy to use, and safe. Based on this, Dodge Dart is a perfect first car.

01. Inexpensive

A new Dart model has a starting price of $17,000. Thus, a well-maintained used Dart should cost much less.

02. Functional

A Dodge Dart is a compact car with adequate horsepower. A Dart base model offers 160hp, while an advanced one provides 180hp. For a first-timer, this horsepower range is enough. Most users favor the car using the 1.4LMultiAir Turbo engine.

03. Stylish

 Dodge Dart models are eye-catching and stylish. For instance, the Sedan style Dodge Dart Limited models are small but fashionable cars. AERO and SXT are also chic and customizable vehicles.

04. Easy to use

A Dodge Dart can be an ideal first car because it is user-friendly. Besides having standard features that are easy to understand and use, Dart’s auto insurance is inexpensive. As a teen driver or college student, you want such a car.

05. Safety

Besides its standard features, the Dodge Dart has a few reliable safety elements. Dart ensures the driver’s safety through cross-path detection and blind spot monitoring.

Also, it provides Bluetooth connectivity to help the driver communicate with others easily.

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What Are The Common Dodge Dart Problems?

Even if the annual cost of maintaining the compact Dart is low, the car has many problems. If you have the money, purchase a car with fewer mechanical issues.

With a tight budget, a Dodge Dart will be the most affordable first car. Various issues with Dodge Dart include the following:

01. Engine issues

Engine issues are some of the most reported Dodge Dart engine issues. They mostly begin after covering around 36,000miles.

Specifically, engine stalling affects the 2014 Dodge Dart models. Drivers report that their cars suddenly stopped working while driving uphill. Sometimes the Dodge Dart could not move at all, or it could stall in the middle of the road.

On taking their cars for a thorough check-up, the batteries were fine. So, they concluded that the engine had issues.

Knocking sounds, excessive exhaust smoke, consumption of excess fuel, and rough idle are also prevalent issues. Of all the three engine choices, the 2.4L engine is the worst.

Due to these problems, you might notice that your check engine light turns on right before the engine rough idles or stalls. Engines from different manufacturers have mechanical hitches.

But, if these problems are as many as Dodge Dart’s, the manufacturer should intervene.

02. A noisy braking system

A car with faulty brakes is dangerous to drive. Unfortunately, Dodge Dart has severe brake issues. For instance, Chrysler recalled the 2013 model year cars because of braking system issues.

Some of the affected models had the wrong rear brake calipers. Hence, the parking brakes could not work.

Some Dart users also complained about noisy brakes. If brakes get louder, the brake pads could be faulty. Additional causes of brake noises are foreign materials in the drum or air bubbles within the brake lines.

Besides the noise, the Dodge Dart’s gas pedal is difficult to press. Thus, many users could not control the car speed or stop it. If the emergency brakes also fail, an accident can occur.

03. Frequent Oil changes

One of the Dodge Darts to avoid is the 2015 model. Most users have complained about spending a lot of money on oil. Would you imagine changing your car oil every one thousand miles?

Some drivers found that they needed to use one to two quarts of oil every one thousand or two thousand miles.

A problem like this makes the 2015 Dart very unattractive to new buyers. A car consumes a lot of oil due to damaged oil rings or several engine issues.

If a mechanic fault the engine, you must replace it or keep having problems. But the engine replacement cost is high.

04. Problematic interior and exterior features

Dodge Darts are stylish and lovely, no doubt. Regardless, users have complained about some of their exterior and interior features being unreliable.

For instance, the car paint chips and flakes easily. Another problem is the plastic trim covering the doors and the dashboard area. Although this plastic trim is lovely, it loosens and falls off too soon.

Due to being small and compact, the Dodge Dart has less legroom for passengers using the back seats. Moreover, the sun visor breaks consistently.

Even if you could only pay around $100 to replace the sun visor, it can break again soon. Dart’s phone synch and Bluetooth features seldom function. As for the radio, it can shut off suddenly while the display can turn blank unexpectedly.

Navigation may fail randomly, while the reverse assist screen can stop showing the correct image. All these problems could result from poor interior and exterior design work and electrical wiring issues.

05. Low fuel economy

Several users of Dodge Dart are unhappy with its low fuel economy. With some models covering 27 miles per gallon in the city and 33 miles per gallon on the highway, Dart’s fuel economy is poor.

Chrysler tackled the problem in 2013 with a software update helping the 1.4L turbo engine save fuel. While the update should have improved the fuel economy by five percent, users never got satisfied.

06. Poor transmission system

Dodge Dart’s transmission system has several issues. Again, the 2013 Dodge Dart is the culprit since many users complain about it having unending transmission issues. Some of these include:

  • Rough gear shifting
  • Service transmission light coming on
  • All gears having a red light
  • Jerky motions when shifting
  • Transmission failure
  • Excessive revving may occur before shifting
  • Shifting may fail

According to expert mechanics, the Dodge Dart transmission issues crop up after covering only 37,000 miles. Although you may replace some transmission parts inexpensively, buying and installing the entire system is high.

07. Suspension system failure

Dodge Dart cars have suspension system issues. According to some drivers, the suspension parts can fail suddenly. For instance, some users noted that their front passenger side axle broke suddenly.

Luckily, none collided with another car or object when the side axle snapped. If the control arms, knuckles, and axles break, they can raise the odds of facing an accident. However, these are easy and cheap to replace.

08. Dead battery

One Dodge Dart that has several issues is the 2013 model. Many of those who have this car also report a problem with the battery. They had to replace a dead battery twice in less than two years. Also, the battery died abruptly or when driving the car.

At the same time, they needed to get a new alternator. In this case, one can suspect that the manufacturer provides a poor-quality battery.

09. Powertrain issues

According to NHTSA, the 2013 Dodge Dart has powertrain problems. Due to the faulty powertrain, the NHTSA has recorded two deaths, ten crashes, and four fires.

Powertrain issues occur after covering some 44,000 miles. Without a working powertrain, nothing can drive adequate power to the wheels.

A powertrain is a combination of the engine, drivetrain, and transmission. We already stated that the Dodge Dart has transmission and engine issues.

If these two mechanical parts fail, the drivetrain cannot work alone. No wonder the engine stalls or the gears shift out of order.

Why Is Your Dodge Dart No Crank No Start?

A no crank, no start issue makes the car refuse to start. Before failing to start, it will crank like twice and then stop.

At the same time, it may not produce a clicking sound to indicate that it will start in the next minute. A Dodge Dart with this defect will not start even if you leave it alone for a few minutes.

Additionally, failure to crank and start does not affect the functioning of dashboard features like the radio, horn, and warning lights. An issue like this can make the check engine light come on constantly. If you are facing this problem, the cause could be the battery.

Before getting a replacement battery, talk to a mechanic first. The plugs are too dirty, making the connection difficult.

Regularly, the battery needs a replacement because it cannot meet the electricity demands of the car computer and parts. If you test it and the voltmeter shows a figure below 12.6V, get a new battery.

What is The Bad Effect of Dodge Darts Transmission Issues?

Yes, Dodge Darts have transmission problems. Some transmission problems cause the gear selector to lock up, making it harder to shift gears in and out.

Eventually, the car may go neutral, triggering grinding noises when shifting in or out of gear. As the problem worsens, the transmission may fail or make jerking motions.

Using your warranty to get a new transmission system from the manufacturer is worthless. You will receive the same poor-quality component that will fail soon. So far, Dodge has recalled over two hundred and ninety-eight thousand 2013 to 2016 Darts using the 6-speed shifter cable.

How Much Does It Cost to Fix a Transmission On a Dodge Dart?

One of the most expensive Dodge Dart repairs involves the transmission. Buying a new Dodge Dart Transmission could cost more than 3,500 dollars. If you need to replace the whole component out of pocket, account for the installation cost.

Considering how complex the transmission system is, your mechanic might request a generous installation fee. Doing a transmission flush or fluid change job is the least expensive at around $150.

If you need to change the transmission filter, you will also spend a hefty amount as it is not an ordinary sieve.

What Year Dodge Dart is The Most Reliable?

If you want to purchase a new Dodge Dart, we highly recommend the 2016 model year. Overall, the 2016 model has received the least complaints and recalls.

Besides, it has modern features and advanced technology. Dodge produced the Dart for only four years in the U.S and the 2013 model is the worst choice.

Top Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying a Dodge Dart?

Many people love the Dodge Dart because it is affordable, stylish, and comfortable to use. Depending on the Dart model you choose, it can offer the most reliable infotainment system. The car provides safety features.

If you select the Dodge Dart 2016, you might enjoy most of these benefits. On the other hand, selecting the prior model years could make you face many problems. We already explained these in detail.

Should I consider the Dodge Dart’s resale value when buying?

We recommend doing so as you might upgrade your car soon. Research shows that a new Dodge Dart costs about $17,000.

However, some models are more expensive at a starting price of $24, 995. Compared to other compact cars, the resale value of the Dodge Dart is lower. After using it for a couple of years, you might receive only 50 percent of the buying price.

How can I maintain my Dodge Dart?

Like other engines, the Dodge Dart motor can function better if you change the oil and transmission fluids on time.

Additionally, inspect the brakes, suspensions, tires, and various engine parts regularly. Since the Dodge Dart has several issues, act as soon as you notice a strange sign.

Final Words

A Dodge Dart is a decent and stylish choice for someone who has never owned a car. Despite many Dodge Dart problems, some people love this car.

Since Darts are less expensive, try to get a new car instead of purchasing a used one. Due to all the problems the car has, be cautious when purchasing a used option.