What Are Ram Air Suspension Problems? (Get Common Issues Solved!)

Facing unexpected Ram air suspension problems can become very irritating and frustrating while enjoying a beautiful trip. Everyone wants their vehicles to be completely safe with an absolute air suspension guarantee.

Unfortunately, some old models of Ram pickup trucks have been reported for temperature droppage, MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) illumination, and ride height changes.

Dealing with noisy, vibrating, and harsh Ram vehicles is more complicated with an unavailable or damaged air suspension. Many drivers ignore these issues and later fall into great accidents. Unusual bouncing of vehicles and longer stoppages are the obvious reasons to take your Ram vehicles for an inspection check.

People, who have a good knowledge regarding air suspension know, how important it is to solve issues with Ram air suspension. For beginners, they can have an air compressor, air reservoir, valve blocks, air springs, plumbing lines, and control module in their air suspension kits.

But, before that, we need to examine the common problems, which we can have in our air suspension bags. These problems should not be ignored and must be operated on time, to ensure safe driving and longevity of your vehicles.

In short, many Ram models like Ram 1500, Ram 2500, and Ram 2000 have some common air suspension issues like air leakage, slow height adjustment, harsh air compressor, low temperature, automatic reset, and system malfunctioning.

Now, we are going to explain you in detailed the real experience of ram air suspension issues, the best air suspension kits review for your ram and how much you should expense on it.

Can You Drive With Your Failed Air Suspension?

No one can drive with flared shocks, springs, or struts, as this may risk their life. Similarly, one should not drive with failed air suspension, as it can result in major accidents and physical damage.

Many drivers take it lightly and keep on riding with their failed suspension. We must drive to our nearby auto mechanical shop, garage, or home as soon as we get to know about any air suspension issue.Instant repairing will help you in avoiding negative handling and unresponsive characteristics.

Mostly these airbag issues cost you around 100 USD, but the same can turn into permanent compressor failure, or hundred other issues, which have a total cost of 200 USD. If you want instant repairing, you can also try fixing it yourself by using, air to coil spring conversion tools.

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Common Ram Air Suspension Problems

Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 are some of the best models launched by Ram pickups. Except for some common Ram 2500 air suspension problems, these vehicles are perfect for all kinds of roads and weather.

They were also awarded as the best Ram model of the year, according to the different surveys. Other than this, they are a complete package of standard features, modern technologies, safety ratings, and excellent comfort.

All was going well when several Ram air suspension issues started reporting major accidents and damages. These issues were more common in the Ram models from the year 2014 to 2020. Even some of the complaints were recorded before the work life of 100,000 miles. Here are some common problems of air suspension from different year models:

01. Air suspension issues in the 2014 Ram 1500

2014 has been recorded for the highest number of reports regarding air suspension problems. Surveys have found that 2014 Ram air suspension complications were mostly recorded during cold weather conditions. Ram 1500 airbags have performed well in both initial road inspection as well as high cab assistant checks.

But, using them in specific situations has resulted in unreliable driving and stressful jerks. According to an internal report, these issues were mostly recorded after a working span of 53,000 miles.

An efficient air compressor replacement is one of the best solutions for Ram 1500 air suspension issues. A trusted replacement will cost you around 1,630 USD, which can also improve the riding heights of your vehicle.

02. Blown engines and airbags in the 2015 Ram models

There were more complaints of blown-out engines than an unsupportive air suspension, in the 2015 Ram model. Some major accidents were also reported in the same year for cylinder explosions and engine blockage.

Researchers have also seen unreasonable cracks and leakage from the air suspension bags, which can be a defining reason for those accidents.

Manufacturers are still working on these issues, as they are unable to find a valid reason or complication for these cracks and leakages. An inconvenient fuel injector and unsupportive sensors were other minor issues recorded for the 2015 Ram complications.

These issues were also recorded between a period of 53,000 miles to 55,000 miles. You can replace your blown-out engines of the Ram 2015, at a cost of 7,340 USD.

03. Engine light complications in the 2016 Ram 1500

Engine lights are an important part of all vehicles, and any complications in them are non-adjustable. The 2016 Ram model was reported for an evaporation pump failure in engine check lights.

One of the most popular complaints includes a lifter slippage from the plastic housing, which was solved later by a successful housing replacement.

Ram inspection officers have blamed it for the carelessness of drivers, as most of these issues were raised because of the damaged wires, eaten by squirrels or other rodents.

If this problem is kept aside, there were no other major Ram 1500 air suspension issues in the 2016 Ram model. These issues were commonly raised after an efficient work life of 28,200 miles.

You can repair these engine issues at a reasonable cost of 4,600 USD. Always ensure that such repairing must include camshaft replacement, lifter adjustments, assured evaporation pump, and rodent-free electrical wiring.

04. Visible improvements in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019

After multiple complaints and accidents, Ram worked hard on the improvements of blown-out engines, unresponsive sensors, halted air compressors, and changing heights.

These improvements were highly effective, as there were no such complaints in the years 2017 and 2018. Only a few adjustable issues were seen in these models, which were recorded after crossing the depicted work life of those vehicles.

But a major diversion was seen in the 2019 Ram 1500 model, as there was a sudden increase in the Ram air suspension complaints.

Steering control, electric spark, pressure increase, and random leakages were some common issues of that model. A number of accidents were registered in the year 2019, which clearly depicts these problems.

Investors have guided, to go on an inspection check before buying the older models of Ram 1500 and Ram 2500, to avoid future complications.

Causes of Ram Air Suspension Problems

Below are some major reasons that are responsible for inefficient air suspension in the Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 models:

  • Moisture detection and sudden stoppage can occur because of a cracked air compressor, blown fuse, or frozen valves.
  • Air suspension spring becomes noisy after sudden jerks due to a non-adjustable shift in the compressor.
  • Cracks and harsh hits can lead to compressor leakage, which further adds moisture to the airbags.
  • Undetectable control units can warn you of fake Ram air suspension issues.
  • Improper cushioning and leaking coolants are the reasons for straying or swaying pickup trucks.
  • Rough driving and insufficient repair can cause deep cracks in the air compressor and suspension springs.
  • An overheated cooler and blocked filter can result in unwanted oil or coolant contamination in the air suspension system.

Best Air Suspension for The Ram 1500 and 2500

Always install the best air suspension mechanism in your Ram 1500 and Ram 2500, for experiencing amazing comfort in summer times. All heavy-load vehicles that are used for higher towing capacity should be invested with an upgraded air suspension system.

A better air suspension investment will not only ensure higher safety but, will also provide you with an accurate temperature and adjustable riding heights. More durable and safer airbag kits usually have a better compressor, air receiving tank, fine filters, instant dryers, and condensation traps.

89295 Load Lifter 5000 Air Lift Kit for Ram 1500 and Ram 2500

Air spring kit 5000 is one of the best air suspension mechanisms for the Ram 2500 and 1500 model.

Being the most flexible air suspension kit, it can also be installed in other pickup vehicles from Chevy, Ford, and GMC Trucks. Defining specifications and features of this air suspension kit are:

  • Load leveling of about 5000 pounds
  • In-bag contents include dual air springs, roll plates, dual five-footed airlines, Schrader valves, 2 elbow fittings with AN style, mounting brackets, an installation guide, and extension hardware.
  • 2 hours of installation time by a professional
  • Based on a convoluted-style suspension kit
  • Quality building material
  • Both-sided protecting plates made of Stainless steel
  • Increased load capacity
  • Premium Jounce bumper for absorbing accidental shocks
  • Safer spring, even at the lowest air pressure
  • Stable hardware mounting
  • Braided air cables for smoother rides on bumpy roads
  • AN-fittings with military grades for stronger sealing
  • Corrosion-free air compressor
  • Best suited for single as well as dual rear Ram models
  • Great compatibility with an in-bed factory hitch system
  • More durable, stronger, and dependable for all Ram models from the year 2003-2013

How Much Does It Cost to Fix The Ram Air Suspension?

 Repairing and replacement cost directly depends on the types of 2021 Ram air suspension issues. Intense malfunctioning is hard to repair and hence, will cost you much for the replacement.

All the Ram models have interconnected elements, which result in complete system failure even for a minor cable sparking. You can understand it as a chain reaction that affects all the elements of that air suspension mechanism.

Everyone can opt for third-party manufacturers for local as well as permanent replacements. They have comparatively lower rates than original replacements because of copied parts and tools.

You can ask them for guaranteed compressor and spring replacements, at higher prices, rather than going for a cheaper installment.

Third-party air suspension will cost you around 1,300 USD, which can increase varying on the damage intensity. People usually save their installment costs by replacing these kits themselves, as they are easy to install and replace.

But if you are an inexperienced driver, then you must hire labors for doing that for avoiding other complications.

These repair costs also vary with the different Ram models and branded electronic components, according to their market availability.

A Dodge Ram mini air compressor usually has a price ranging from 350 USD to 250 USD, excluding the labor and additional component cost.

Most of the professionals will guide you to have a complete system replacement, as the old sensors and compressors can create future complications, which will also affect the newly implanted air springs and cables.

Instead of wasting more money in the future, you can spend an extra 300 USD to 500 USD at present. Consider it as a future investment, as these parts will surely need necessary replacements after a specific time.

People Also Ask

How much will it cost for adding an air suspension mechanism to Ram 1500?

You will have to pay a big amount for the Ram 1500 air spring active replacement, ranging from 3,554 USD to 3,628 USD. Ram 1500 is a premium model, which only uses selective suspension kits, which are not much available in markets. Adding to its labor cost, you will be charged 280 to 358 extra USD.

Do you get an improved ride quality with Ram air suspension replacement?

Adding new air suspension or replacing the older ones will surely improve the ride quality of any vehicle including the Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 model.

An increased load weight, greater corner speeds, and powerful towing capacity are some other benefits of the Ram air suspension replacement.

Is it beneficial to use airbags in colder weather conditions?

There is no problem in using air suspension bags in winter if you follow a few necessary steps. Using an antifreeze device, regular air fillings, and timely inspection will help you in avoiding major Ram air suspension problems.

Final Words

Some air suspension issues are common in all heavy-load vehicles and pickup trucks, but other major complications are because of severe malfunctioning. Knowing the reasons behind these random issues, can alert you in advance, and hence will save you from accidental happenings.

These issues must be solved on time by making appropriate adjustments. Always balance the cooling and refilling cycles to avoid any moisture and electrical spark.