Unveiling the Makers Behind Subaru: Who Makes Subaru Cars?

Subaru is a well-known brand in the automotive industry that has gained immense popularity over the years. However, have you ever wondered who makes Subaru cars? Who are the people responsible for bringing the world-renowned Subaru brand to life? 

Subaru is made by Subaru Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation that produces Subaru automobiles, aircraft parts, and industrial products. The company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and operates manufacturing plants in Japan, the United States, and other countries.

In this post, we will unveil the makers behind Subaru, giving you an insight into the company’s history and the individuals responsible for creating such remarkable vehicles. We will explore the inception of Subaru, from its humble beginnings to its current status as one of the leading automotive brands worldwide.

Key Takeaways

  • Subaru is a Japanese automaker.
  • The company was founded in 1953.
  • Subaru is owned by Fuji Heavy Industries, now known as Subaru Corporation.
  • All Subaru vehicles are built in Japan, with some manufacturing in the United States.
  • Subaru is known for building reliable and durable vehicles, particularly in the all-wheel drive segment.
  • Subaru produces a range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, and sports cars.

Who Owns Subaru?

who owns subaru

Subaru is owned by the Japanese transportation conglomerate Subaru Corporation (formerly known as Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.). Subaru Corporation is a publicly traded company on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and owns several other subsidiaries besides Subaru, including Subaru Tecnica International (STI), which is responsible for motorsports and performance vehicles. Subaru Corporation has operated since 1917 and began producing automobiles in 1954.

Today, Subaru is known for its all-wheel-drive vehicles and has a global presence with operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and other regions. While Subaru Corporation is headquartered in Japan, the automaker has subsidiaries and production facilities in various countries, including the United States, Canada, China, and more.

History of Subaru?

history of subaru

Subaru was founded in 1915 as an aircraft research laboratory and has since accomplished much. Fuji Heavy Industries, Subaru’s parent business, results from multiple name changes and internal restructurings. Fuji Heavy Industries opted to join the rapidly expanding auto business in the 1950s with the debut of the Subaru 1500. Production slowed until the Subaru 360 came out a few years later, and then it went into mass production.

The Subaru 1000 debuted in the 1960s, and it was equipped with Subaru’s first boxer engine, which has since been the company’s defining characteristic. Subaru’s all-wheel-drive cars, first unsuccessful in the U.S. market, became more popular in areas with severe winters. Subaru’s reputation for building dependable and tough cars has helped make the Forester, Outback, and Crosstrek best-sellers.

Subaru is well-known for its dedication to environmental sustainability, which manifests itself in practices like zero-landfill production and using recycled materials. The firm has made significant investments in electric car technology in recent years, and in 2022 it will release an all-electric sport utility vehicle.

Who Makes Subaru Cars?

Subaru cars are primarily manufactured in Japan. However, Subaru also has production facilities in countries such as the United States, Canada, and China. Most Subaru vehicles sold in the United States are assembled at the Subaru of Indiana Automotive (SIA) plant in Lafayette, Indiana. The Lafayette plant has operated since 1989 and is responsible for producing Subaru’s Legacy, Outback, and Ascent models. 

who makes subaru

In addition, Subaru also operates a plant in Gunma, Japan, which produces various models, including Impreza, Crosstrek, WRX, and STI. Some of Subaru’s smaller production facilities are located in other countries, such as Canada and China, where the automaker produces a limited number of vehicles for their respective markets. Despite having production facilities in other countries, Japan remains the primary location for Subaru car manufacturing.

Various Models Manufactured By Subaru

Subaru’s reputation for building dependable, versatile, and popular all-wheel-drive vehicles has helped the company attract many consumers. It offers a wide variety of sedans, sports cars, and SUVs, each with its own set of features designed to meet the needs of a certain kind of driver.

subaru car models

Subaru BRZ

The Subaru BRZ is a compact sports car with impressive performance and fuel economy. It has a 228-horsepower, 2.4-liter engine, a 6-speed automatic transmission, and an overdrive gear. The Subaru BRZ was not built in the USA but brought in from Japan.

Subaru Legacy

The Toyota Camry is one of the many mid-size cars with which the Subaru Legacy competes. It’s a great option for families because of its spacious interior, seating, and large trunk. The Legacy has a 2.5-liter inline-four engine and an 8-speed CVT as standard equipment (CVT). This specific model is manufactured in the USA.

Subaru Ascent

The Subaru Ascent is a large sport utility vehicle (SUV) that is a good choice for families that want a substantial amount of space. A 260-horsepower, turbocharged 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine is paired with a CVT that shifts through eight gears (CVT). The Ascent is assembled in the USA.

Subaru Crosstrek

Among compact SUVs, the Subaru Crosstrek stands out for its distinctive design and ability to appeal to a younger audience. This car is an excellent value since it has a 2.0-liter boxer engine, an 8-speed continuously variable gearbox, and an all-wheel drive. Unfortunately, the Crosstrek isn’t made in Japan but somewhere else.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback, a station wagon, is built on the same platform as the Subaru Legacy. It’s a car that can be driven off-road, thanks to its higher ride height and special trims like the Wilderness that are built to withstand extreme conditions. American workers also assemble the Outback.

Subaru Forester

Popularity aside, the Subaru Forester is also a smartly constructed SUV that towers above the Outback. All-wheel drive, a continuously variable transmission (CVT), and a 2.5-liter engine can be yours for $26,000. The Forester is another product from Japan and is sold in the United States as an import.

Subaru Impreza

The Subaru Impreza is a subcompact car that has become popular in racing circles for its consistently high results. It’s an American-made car of high quality. The WRX variant is also available to buyers, although it costs more and has fewer basic features than the base model.

Subaru offers a broad selection of vehicles to cater to individual tastes. There are sports cars, sedans, SUVs, and station wagons in its lineup of vehicles, and each one has its unique set of features. Subaru has a substantial manufacturing presence in the United States and makes several well-liked models locally while importing a select few. Many variants are exported to various markets.

Do Subaru And Toyota In Partnership?

Yes, Subaru and Toyota have had an ongoing partnership since 2005. Subaru Corporation announced that it had completed its acquisition of Toyota Motor shares per their agreement’s terms. In September of the year (2019), Toyota increased its investment in Subaru from 16.83 percent to 20 percent, solidifying the company’s commitment to a long-term partnership with the automaker.

This partnership has resulted in several collaborations between the two companies. One of the most notable examples is the jointly-developed Toyota 86/Subaru BRZ sports car, first introduced in 2012. The two companies worked together to design and develop the car, which features a Subaru boxer engine and a Toyota-designed chassis.

In addition to the 86/BRZ, the two companies have collaborated on hybrid powertrain technology, with Subaru providing its expertise in all-wheel drive systems and Toyota contributing its experience in hybrid technology. This has resulted in the development of hybrid versions of several Subaru models, including the Crosstrek Hybrid and the Forester e-Boxer.

Subaru In The USA Market

Subaru of America was founded in Camden, New Jersey, in 1968 as the North American subsidiary of the Japanese carmaker Subaru. Malcolm Bricklin, an entrepreneur, saw an opportunity for Japanese automobiles in the United States and came up with the idea for the firm. When Subaru first came to the American market, it only offered a few models: the 360, 1100, and 1300.

The iconic Impreza, Impreza WRX, Outback, and Forester were introduced by Subaru in the 1990s, turning around the company’s fortunes in the American market. Subaru’s reputation in the United States grew rapidly because of the success of these models.

Almost 6K+ people are now employed by Subaru of America, making a major impact on the U.S. economy. Subaru of America, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Japanese carmaker Fuji Industries, is a shining example of the reputation for quality and dependability that has helped propel the Subaru brand worldwide.

What Makes Subaru A Reliable Brand?

are subaru reliable

Subaru is known for its reliable cars, and several factors contribute to this reputation. Here are some of the reasons why Subaru is a reliable brand:

All-Wheel Drive System

Subaru’s all-wheel drive system, known as Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive, is a major factor in the brand’s reliability. Unlike other manufacturers who offer all-wheel drive as an option, Subaru includes it as standard on almost all of its models. This system provides better traction and stability on the road, which can help prevent accidents and reduce wear and tear on the car.

Boxer Engine Design

Another key factor in Subaru’s reliability is its use of a boxer engine design. This engine type has a lower center of gravity, providing better balance and handling. It also helps reduce vibration and noise, contributing to a more comfortable driving experience. Additionally, the boxer engine design is simpler than other engine designs, so there are fewer parts to break or malfunction.

High-Quality Materials

Subaru is known for using high-quality materials in its cars, which can contribute to their reliability. For example, many Subaru models feature aluminum cylinder heads, which are more durable than cast iron. The brand also uses high-strength steel in its cars, which can provide better crash protection and durability.

Advanced Safety Features

Subaru prioritizes safety in its vehicle design and offers its customers a range of advanced safety features. Its EyeSight driver-assist technology suite includes features such as adaptive cruise control, pre-collision braking, lane departure warning, and lane-keeping assist. 

These features help to reduce the risk of accidents and make driving safer and more enjoyable. Subaru’s safety commitment is evidenced by many of its vehicles receiving top safety ratings from organizations such as the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). 

Additionally, Subaru offers its driver-focused design philosophy focused on improving visibility and reducing distractions, leading to a safer and more secure driving experience.

Thorough Testing And Inspection

Subaru is known for its rigorous testing and inspection processes. Before releasing a new model, it undergoes extensive testing to ensure it meets the brand’s high safety, reliability, and performance standards. Additionally, every new Subaru car is inspected before it is sold to ensure that it meets the brand’s quality standards.

Subaru’s Global Impact

Subaru has significantly contributed to the automotive industry through its innovations and technologies. One of the company’s significant contributions is its development of the Boxer engine. The Boxer engine is a unique design that positions the engine’s cylinders horizontally, providing a lower center of gravity that improves vehicle stability and handling. The Boxer engine has become a hallmark of Subaru’s performance-oriented vehicles, making them popular among car enthusiasts worldwide.

Another contribution made by Subaru is its pioneering work in the field of all-wheel-drive (AWD) technology. Subaru’s Symmetrical AWD system provides better traction, stability, and control in all weather and road conditions, making it a preferred choice for drivers living in challenging conditions.

Subaru’s commitment to environmental sustainability is another significant contribution to the automotive industry. The company has been working towards reducing its carbon footprint by developing eco-friendly technologies and processes. Subaru’s green initiatives include:

  • Developing electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • Reducing emissions.
  • Using sustainable materials in vehicle production.
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More Questions And Answers

1. Where The Subaru Cars Made?

Subaru is a Japanese automaker known for producing durable and reliable vehicles. Subaru Corporation, previously known as Fuji Heavy Industries, owns the company. Subaru’s parent company is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.

2. Where Is Subaru From?

Subaru is a Japanese automaker that was founded in 1953. The company’s headquarters are located in Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan. Subaru’s parent company, Subaru Corporation, has a long history of producing aircraft, buses, trucks, and cars.

3. What Country Makes Subaru?

Subaru cars are primarily manufactured in Japan, but the company has production facilities in several other countries. Subaru has plants in the United States, Canada, China, and Europe, producing Subaru vehicles for local and international markets.

4. What Makes Subaru Cars Unique?

Subaru vehicles are known for their unique features that set them apart from other cars. Some unique features of Subaru cars include their all-wheel drive systems, boxer engines, and high ground clearance. These features give Subaru vehicles exceptional handling and performance in various driving conditions.

5. What Is Subaru’s Commitment To Sustainability?

Subaru is committed to minimizing its environmental impact and has implemented several initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint. These initiatives include using eco-friendly materials in production, implementing efficient manufacturing processes, and developing hybrid and electric vehicle technologies.

6. What Is Subaru’s Impact On The Automotive Industry?

Subaru has made significant contributions to the automotive industry, particularly in safety and performance. The company has been recognized for its advanced safety technologies, including its EyeSight driver assist system, which uses cameras and sensors to monitor the road and prevent collisions.

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Final Verdict

Subaru is a remarkable brand with a rich history and a team of talented individuals responsible for producing these exceptional vehicles. Subaru Corporation, a Japanese multinational corporation, is the maker behind Subaru automobiles. The company’s commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction has enabled Subaru to become a leading automotive brand worldwide.

It’s no wonder that Subaru has become such an iconic brand, with a team of experts dedicated to producing some of the most reliable and high-performing vehicles on the market.