Why Is My Dodge Ram Center Console Won’t Open? (Get Quick Fixes!)

Why is your Dodge Ram center console won’t open, and you are wondering why? Several things could cause this problem. In this article, I will discuss why the Dodge Ram center console is stuck, how to fix it, and more.

Center consoles are usually located behind your car’s gear shift and provide space for storing small items.

Why Is Your Dodge Ram Center Console Won’t Open? 

Your center console can be a very useful part yet quite often abused. It is usually filled with all sorts of stuff and can act as a cup holder or serve as a phone charging station. Additionally, it can help you organize other essentials that you may need during your drive.

Even though the center console can be super useful, it can face a few problems. The part is attached to your car using a plastic hinge. However, this can be a very weak point, which could lead to the center console not opening up or not closing.

Below, we will look at several reasons why your Dodge Ram center console won’t working .

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01. The bottom latch may be broken

Check whether the bottom latch Is in good condition. After many years of opening and closing the console, the latch can break. If the bottom latch of the center console is broken, it could cause the handle to be loose and it won’t open.

02. Something could be jamming the latch

Sometimes, something in the console could be causing it to not open. Maybe something is stuck on the lid making it hard to open.

03. Bad Design

Another reason why your console won’t open is because of bad design. The latch and the lid might be misaligned, which might affect how it should operate.

How to Take Apart Dodge Ram Center Console?

Fixing the center console part of your Dodge Ram is an easy process and can take up to 15 minutes.

Remember that the weak points of the center console are the hinges. The frequent opening and closing might make this part weak and lead it to fail.

However, replacing the console with a new one means that you will get a new hinge assembly. So no need to worry about the broken one. Here are the steps on how you can take apart the console.

Step 1:

For starters, unplug the connectors if you have heated seats and remove everything in the compartment where your rest your elbow.

At the bottom part, you will see a plastic cover, which you can remove using a pair of pliers. Pull up one of the tabs, where you will see four bolts, and remove them.

Step 2:

At the front of the console, you will see a rubber mat. Pull it up and you will see two screws. Remove them and the console will come out.

Step 2:

Next, take off the old hinge assembly if the console lid is broken, loose, or it came off completely. Check if there are any screws in place and remove them carefully.

Ensure that you keep the screws in a safe place to avoid misplacing them. By removing the screws, you will be able to separate the hinge and detach it from the base of the center console.

Step 4:

Once the lid is off, you can take the lower half off. This part contains the hinge. If replacing the console, consider saving the upholstered armrest section, which is usually on the top of the lid.

Taking this section apart is easy since all you need is to remove the Torx screws, then carefully remove it from its base. Try not to damage the top part since it will be reused.

Step 5:

After separating them, it is now time to attach the new console. Take the product and the hinge and reattach them to the armrest top section using the screws you removed previously. Be careful when reinstalling the screws and do not overtighten them.

Step 6:

Once you have reassembled the lid the next step is to attach the hinge to the console base. Make sure that all the screws are in place and that’s it.

Keep in mind that the process may vary depending on the car year. However, here is a simple video to help you remove the Dodge Ram center console:

Dodge Ram Center Console Upgrade

If you are experiencing problems with your Dodge Ram center console, maybe it is time for an upgrade. There are plenty of aftermarket products that you can try out.

The better part is that they come in different styles, so you can upgrade to a center console that meets your needs and preferences. A new console will increase the storage capacity of your Dodge Ram truck and help avoid messy spills.

Here are a few factors to consider for a Dodge Ram center console upgrade.

01. Universal or not?

You can choose to go for a product made specifically for your car model or go for a universal fit. Most universal center consoles can fit various car models and make.

Thus, if confused about whether to pick a universal center console or not, confirm first that the product fits your car.

02. What is the Intended use?

For example, if you love listening to cassettes or CDs, go for a console that has enough music storage. If you have glasses or love wearing sunglasses, get a product with a compartment for keeping them safe when you don’t wear them.

Or maybe if you travel a lot for business purposes, consider a center console with enough space for storing your documents.

03. Console divider

A console divider can help you keep everything inside organized especially if it does not come with several compartments. With the divider, you can store your electronics in one section, coins in another, etc.

So, confirm whether the divider is included in the package or not. You can always find it sold separately from the product.

04. Good storage

What essentials do you plan on putting inside the center console? If you are the kind of person that throws almost everything in there, then get a spacious center console.

Also, if you are a parent, you may need enough room for holding toys or snacks. Check whether the item has parts for glasses, GPS devices, and chargers.

05. Additional cup holders

If you have kids, find a center console that has additional cup holders to accommodate those who are at the back. This can be a great help and help prevent spills on the seats, especially during a sudden stop.

06. Carpeted Bottom

A carpeted bottom will protect your car sears. Some aftermarket center consoles also come with extra mats for keeping the inside clean and to make cleaning easier.

07. Easy to install

Purchase an easy-to-install product to save time and money. Confirm if it also comes with detailed instructions, which can help you mount the product.

08. Interference

Most importantly, go for a product that does not interfere with the manual or automatic transmission or general operation of the vehicle.

09. Size

Make sure to check if the item fits your Dodge Ram truck before buying one. Note that aftermarket center consoles are made for specific car models and years.

10. Phone Holder

A phone holder can make charging easier and keep the phone within reach whenever you need it. If your console comes with a smartphone holder, you can browse things such as maps when you are driving. It also gives you a chance to answer and dial calls as you drive along.

11. Locking storage compartment

Find a console that comes with a locking storage section, where you can store private documents without worrying about potential theft.

12. Attractive Finish

You certainly should go for a center console with an attractive textured finish that will surely complement your Dodge Ram interior design.

Luckily, aftermarket consoles come with a variety of designs, styles, and colors to match everyone’s taste.

13. Custom Console Cover

There are also console covers that come with different patterns, colors, materials, and designs. So if you want to upgrade your center console, also consider getting a cover to enhance the look.

Moreover, confirm whether the console is designed to rest on the floor of the vehicle or the bench seat. Some of them have special bottom mount straps that keep the console in place.

Also, check what other users are saying about that specific product. Does it have positive or negative reviews? The more ratings, the better the item is. These are just some vital factors that you should not miss when you want to upgrade to a new console.

Benefits of Upgrading your Truck with a New Center Console

So, you may be wondering, are there any benefits of enhancing your truck with a new center console? Let’s check out some of them:

Specialized storage:

With an upgraded product, you will get to enjoy plenty of storage room dedicated to cups, pens, keys, electronic devices, wallets, documents, etc.

Lockable areas:

A new console can have special lockable areas where you can store your valuable items.

Enhanced driving comfort:

Some consoles come with a cushioned or padded armrest, which will make sure your arm is comfortable when driving.

Access to power outlets:

Other consoles come with power outlets that are easily accessible even to those sitting in the back seats.

Dodge Ram 1500 Center Console Replacement

Even though center consoles are made of metal or plastic, they can cost a little more than expected depending on the size, design, shape, and more.

It will also depend on whether you will have a professional fix it for you or not. Installing the piece by yourself can be easier depending on the product and can save you some money.

Dodge Ram 1500 center console replacement cost varies from one product to the other. You can find products such as an organizer tray for less than $30.

On the other hand, you can find full consoles costing $100 and up to $400. Therefore, note that the cost also depends if you want to purchase a specific part like a cover, divider, tray, or the entire console unit.

What should I store inside a center console?

Whatever you store inside the center console will depend on what kind of items you need for your drive. Some prefer storing snacks, wet wipes, tissues, coins, sunglasses, hand sanitizer, surgical masks, pens, note pads, a phone charger, etc.

Can you replace a center console?

Yes, you can replace a center console. There are lots of aftermarket accessories that you can choose to match your needs. Besides, the mounting process can be simple depending on the specific model.

Make sure to check the instruction manual when purchasing a new console to confirm if it offers easy installation.

How to fix a center console that won’t close?

If your center console lid keeps popping up when you close it or when you hit a bump, then it could the problem could be a misaligned lid, or you could have broken the alignment pin.

Try to adjust the latch and lid by pressing so that they would fit perfectly. If that does not work, a trip to the dealer will solve the issue at a small price.

Can you add a central console to a truck?

Of course. You can add a central console to a truck using an aftermarket product. This will not only provide additional storage but also help keep your truck organized. You can either choose a console made specifically for your car model or buy a universal one that is sure to fit.

My Final Thoughts

With this guide, you are now aware of why your Dodge Ram center console won’t open, how to fix the problem, and how to do a console upgrade. Your center console is a vital part of your car as it holds all your essentials, keeping them closer.

So, when it won’t open, it can be very concerning since all your stuff is locked in there. However, fixing this issue is a no-brainer and can be done in a few minutes.