5.7 Hemi Oil Capacity (Recommended Oil Type & Capacity)

Most engines require between 5-8 quarts of oil. The Hemi 5.7 engine being in the league of big high-performance engines, takes up 7 quarts of oil to maintain its impressive high-octane performance.

This is not much of a surprise as it’s expected, since, in return, the Hemi 5.7 engine has power, exceptional torque, and towing ability to offer a user.

Being that 5.7 Hemi engine is often deployed for heavy-duty operations, the oil capacity of 5.7 hemi is 7 quarts. This means the oil tank of your 5.7 Hemi engine would gulp up to 6.5 liters of motor oil. Apart from being a heavy-duty engine, there are other factors that influenced this engine’s oil capacity, of which most are related to operational mechanism and size as well.

Hence, find out every other thing you need to know about the 5.7 Hemi oil capacity as you keep reading.

Overview of 5.7 Hemi Engine

The 5.7 Hemi engine was introduced by Chrysler in 2003 as part of its third generation of Hemi engines. The 5.7 Hemi is a replacement for the 5.9 V8 LA/Magnum engine.

It is designed, using the cast iron cylinder block with a 90-degree angle around the cylinder banks. Other design features are high-end metal connecting forged rods and skirt-coated pistons.

Most interestingly, it also features MDS technology, meaning excessive fuel consumption isn’t a problem.

How Much Oil Does a 5.7 Hemi Take?

The 5.7 Hemi has a 7-quarts oil capacity. This is regardless of the vehicle type it’s in. The 7 quarts of oil simply means you’ll be turning in about 6.6 liters of oil to fill the oil tank.

This shouldn’t come off as a surprise, as they are big engines, and consume a lot of oil to turn in an excellent delivery for the user.

What kind of oil does a 5.7 Hemi take?

The 5.7 Hemi seems to have a special engine. Hence, it doesn’t run on conventional motor oil. Only synthetic oil is suitable to power the engine.

This is because, for a high-performance engine, synthetic oils are always the suitable options to go with their productivity level.

Another reason why they are the suitable oil kind for 5.7 Hemi is their viscosity, which happens to be a big decider on what kind of oil is compatible with different engines.

Ram 1500 5.7L Oil Capacity and Oil Type

Modern-day motor oil is categorized, using a rating system developed by SAE( Society of Automotive Engineers). This body rates oil by viscosity.

Oils that perform at a wide temperature range like that of Ram 1500 are called multi-grade viscosity oil.

An example of such oil is OW-20. O symbolizes that it can withstand cold temperatures, while W stands for winter.

The number 20 is the viscosity rating of the operating temperature.

Ram 1500 of the 5.7L engine type uses the 5W-30. This is the viscosity grade, which is otherwise known as oil weight.

Its oil capacity is 7 quarts and the recommended oil to use is Pennzoil or Shell Helix. They are big engines, hence heavy-duty oils are the only suitable oil for them.

Synthetic Oil

Ram 1500 5.7L engine runs on synthetic oil. This means the oil the engine uses as opposed to other motor oils is made using chemically modified materials.

These materials are often petroleum components. However, the base material used for their production is often distilled crude oil.

If you’re wondering why the Ram 1500 uses synthetic oil rather than artificial conventional oils, it isn’t far-fetched.

The reason is on one note, synthetic oils do better in providing wholesome engine protection and better performance, compared to the conventional types.

Moreover, the base oil used in the manufacture of synthetic oils is of way higher quality than that used in conventional oils, which use lesser-refined base oils.

These are the reasons why Ram 1500 uses synthetic oil:

  • They have the higher chemical stability
  • Lesser chances of acidification and oxidation
  • Lesser chances of breaking down and losing desired qualities

There are of course other reasons why it is a preferred oil type for big engines like 5.7L 1500 Hemi. They include:

Greater engine protection

Being that vehicle engine parts seem to always be in close contact with each other and also move at high speeds, under extreme weather conditions, these parts have a tendency to wear down.

This is where the duty of a good motor oil like the synthetic brands comes into play.

They are now the only engine material providing protective elements between these parts that are always in frictional interchange.

Unlike hybrid oils or conventional ones, pure synthetic oils won’t break down and would provide longer protection to your engines.  It can go as long as a lengthy 250, 000 miles.

Higher viscosity

The awesome thing about synthetic oils is that at both low and high temperatures, they still retain a better viscosity and are more stable than conventional oils.

Pure synthetic oil is made to have a faster flow during winter weather, and keep extreme heat under control.

Hence, your truck performance doesn’t bend to the demand of the weather season, hence they run smoothly the whole year.

Cleaner engine

During the operation that causes your motor oil to circulate through the engine of the vehicle, certain materials are formed as deposits.

For conventional oil, sludge is formed from this deposit as time goes on. This reduces the lifespan and efficiency of the engine. Synthetic oils contain way lesser impurities and are resistant to sludge formation.

How Many Quarts of Oil does the 2019 Dodge 5.7 Hemi Take?

The 2019 Dodge Ram 5.7 Hemi takes 7 quarts of synthetic motor oil. The oil viscosity is 5W-20 and the engine filter used is the Mopar 04892339AB.

In case you’re not very familiar with the quart gauge of motor oil capacity. It’s pretty simple. An engine oil dipstick that is full up to an empty mark is about a quart.

A  bottle of oil is about 6 quarts, even though this measurement is not always precise. So your 5.7 Dodge Ram may gulp up to one full bottle and more.

When do I need to change the oil of my 5.7 Hemi?

All Ram 1500 models users with 5.7L engines type should ensure they change their engine’s oil when it has covered about ten thousand miles.

More so, if your vehicle is mostly used off-road or you frequently ply rough terrains, it is recommended you change your engine oil every thousand miles.

You can perform your oil change with the right tools. All you need are listed below:

  • Funnel
  • 13mm socket or 13mm wrench and ratchet
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Pliers
  • Oil drain pan( needs to be at least 7 quarts capacity)
  • A rag

Before you introduce the new oil into the engine, you need to get the old one out. Here is a procedure on how you can do that.

Steps to follow Removing the old oil:


First of all, you have to look underneath the motor to locate the drain pan. The drain plug is always located at the bottom of the drain pan.


The next step in getting all the oil out is to place the pan below the motor to allow the oil to drain into it. The pan must be able to hold up to six quarts of oil since that is the capacity of the tank.


You need to use a wrench to open the drain Take out the plug completely.


After taking out the plug, allow the engine oil to drain into the pan. While the oil is draining, locate the oil filter beneath. Unscrew the oil filter, using an oil filter wrench.


Place the filter in the pan containing the dirty oil, then fasten the drain plug back to the motor, using the crescent wrench. Do not tighten the plug too much, as overtightening can strip the threads.

After the oil drain is complete, the next step is to put the new oil into the now empty oil tank.

Steps to follow Adding the new oil:

Step 1:

Apply motor oil to the new filter This is important, as it lubricates the filter and makes installation and removal easy when next you want to carry out any of the two. After you’ve done this, fill the filter with motor oil.

Step 2:

Use your hand to tighten the oil filter to the oil filter housing. It is advisable not to do this tightening with a wrench. They may strip the thread in the housing or in the filter.

Step 3:

To access the engine, open the hood. You will find the oil cap in the crankcase. Its color is yellow. After locating it, unscrew the cap of the engine compartment and pour six quarts of oil into it.

You can monitor the oil level by pulling out the oil dipstick. The dipstick is next found next to the crankcase.

Step 4:

The next thing to do is to pour the oil gradually, in half quarts till it fills. You can use the dipstick to check after you’ve poured the oil crankcase.

After this, start the vehicle engine and leave it to run for a few minutes. Leaving it on will circulate the oil in its compartment.

After this, turn the motor off and wait for about 10 minutes. Check the motor oil again, to ensure it’s at the proper level.

People Also Ask

How can the oil change indicator system of my Dodge Ram be reset?

Every Ram 1500 model comes with an engine oil indicator system. You can see the Oil Change Required” bleeping in the EVIC display when the lifespan of the engine oil has elapsed. To reset this indicator, follow the procedure below:

For vehicles that use keyless Enter-N-Go

  • Press the vehicle’s start/stop button without pressing the brake pedal. Then roll the ignition to ON. Don’t start the engine.
  • Press down the accelerator pedal slowly. Do this 3 times, all within ten seconds.
  • Then hold down the start/stop button of the engine to revert the ignition to the off/lock state. Do this without depressing the brake Pedal.

For vehicles that don’t have keyless Enter-N-Go

  • Turn the ignition switch, but do not start the engine.
  • Slowly press down the acceleration pedal three successive times.
  • Revert the ignition switch to the off/lock position

You will notice that the oil change indicator will not reset if it illuminates when the engine is turned on. This procedure can be repeated if necessary.

What happens when my truck runs out of oil?

If the engine of your truck runs out of oil, this will increase the friction between the components of the engine, due to lack of lubrication.

This may cause the engine to seize up, or come to a grind. These are the most noticeable symptoms of an engine that lacks oil:

Engine noise:

If your engine oil is low, you may begin to experience rumbling sounds coming from the engine. This is because there is no motor oil to lubricate the parts.

Exhaust smoke:

It is normal for your truck to emit translucent vapor. If you notice that what is being emitted is black smoke, that calls for a change of motor oil.

Dark-colored oil:

You can always tell if you have healthy motor oil in your engine. Clean motor oil is translucent and has a slightly faint-looking amber hue.

Over prolonged usage, the color turns dark due to contaminants that have been collected over time. If you notice your oil now has a dark coloration, it’s time to change it.

Does synthetic oil last longer than conventional motor oil?

Yes, on a general note, takes a long time before needing to be changed. This, however, depends on the oil brand you use.

Certain brands require you to have your motor oil changed every 3,000 to 5000 miles. Others encourage you to change them every 7,500 to 20,000 miles.

Other factors that may influence the duration of oil change are road conditions and driving style.

Final Thoughts

Ram 1500 5.7L engines are powered by heavy-duty highly viscous oil that can withstand an extreme range of seasonal temperature changes.

Its 7 quarts oil capacity is a testament to its massive power and size. It also runs on synthetic oil, little wonder vehicles that make use of it have better performance and flawless engine protection.

Looking to know the Ram 5.7L Hemi engine oil specifications and required duration of an oil change, this post is all you need to get all the full information you need, including a guide on how to change the Ram 1500 5.7L Hemi engine oil.