Ram V6 vs V8 : What Are the Ram 1500 Engine Options?

You’ve decided to purchase a Ram 1500 pickup but need clarification about Ram V6 vs. V8, right? Well, you’re not alone in that viewpoint. For many Ram fans, deciding on an engine is the most challenging part of purchasing a new Dodge Ram truck.

Here, we’ll compare the Ram V6 and V8 engines so you can decide which is best for your vehicle.

What Are The Ram 1500 Engine Options?

The Ram 1500 isn’t an impersonal workhorse; instead, it’s a pickup that can be tailored to your specific requirements. You can give your Ram 1500 the power and economy you need by choosing from one of five powerful engines.

3.6 Liter Pentastar® V6 

For most Ram 1500 models, the Pentastar V6 is a standard engine option. But TRX trims and Tradesman HFE are the exceptions. Together with the eight-speed auto transmission, this engine is a technological marvel that gives your everyday drive a jolt of power without breaking the bank. As a bonus, the eTorque hybrid electric system provides 90 lb-feet starting torque. 

V6 3.0 Liter EcoDiesel 

The V6 EcoDiesel is an ideal option for Ram 1500 if you’re searching for a large amount of twisting force and excellent fuel economy in your vehicle. There is a lot of excitement in store for you behind the wheel, thanks to the engine’s rapid acceleration.

V8 5.7L HEMI® eTorque Equipped 

Instead of an alternator, this engine featuring eTorque uses a belt-operated M-G set. To prevent energy from being wasted, eTorque is a moderate hybrid system that can capture, retain, and put that energy to good use.

Efficient fuel use, increased towing capability and enhanced carrying capacity were just a few of eTorque’s many benefits. The motor generator not only has the ability to draw on the 48-voltage battery for extra thrust, but it also charges it. 

V8 5.7L HEMI®

If you need a robust and sturdy powerplant under the Ram 1500 hood, the V8 5.7 Liter HEMI is the right choice. Built with rigid block and aluminum alloyed engine heads, together with the multi-displacement design, this engine offers fuel-saving technology and adjustable valve timing adding to the engine’s impressive efficiency.

V8 6.2 Liter Supercharged HEMI®

Rigorous engine obstructions, forged crankshaft, and induction hardening bearings define this enormous engine, exclusively available on 1500 TRX and designed for adventure lovers. An adrenaline boost is guaranteed as the nearly immediate torsional elevates you from 0-60 miles per hour in under 4.5-seconds.

Ram 1500 Engine 2022 HEMI V8 5.7 Liter  HEMI V8 5.7 Liter with eTorque Pentastar V6 3.6 Liter  EcoDiesel V6 3.0 Liter  Supercharged 6.2 Liter HEMI 
Horsepower 395 HP 395 HP 305 HP  260 HP 702 HP
Torque 410 lbs-feet 410 lbs-feet 269 lbs-feet 480 lbs-feet  650 lbs-feet
Towing Capacity 11,610 lbs 12,750 lbs 7,730 lbs 12,560 lbs 8,100 lbs
MPG (Fuel Efficiency  22 hwy/15 city 23 hwy/18 city 26 hwy/20 city 33 hwy/ 23 city 14 hwy/ 10 city

Ram V6 vs V8 (Factors to Consider) 

What other differences exist between a RAM V6 and a V8 engine apart from the apparent difference in cylinder count? We’ll break down all distinctions between the two, in addition to some of the advantages of each, to help you choose the one that’s right for you.

Dodge Ram V6 Engine Facts

The configurations of V6 engines have been standard since the start of internal-combustion engines. Though they’re simple, the V6 engine is dependable, compact, and easy to transport.

Also, their production cost is less. The total of 6 cylinders made of two rows in this engine makes it superior to other engines with 4 cylinders. Here are some advantages of V6 engine.

Fuel Competence 

Due to its fuel efficiency, V6 is the most flexible option for Dodge Ram engines. It can generate enough power and allows you to have potential economic savings. When compared to a four-cylinder engine, a V6’s fuel economy is a clear winner.  

Reduced Maintenance Costs 

The V6 engines let you experience less abrasion and wear since it has fewer mechanical components. Even if you need to replace or repair the broken components, the initial purchase price or fixing rate is often lower. Whether you’re pulling a trailer, taking the family on trips, or any combination of these activities, this engine is a perfect fit. 

Lighter Smaller Design 

The V6 engines are usually lightweight and compact. Therefore, it provides better handling with excellent stability. 

Latest Technology

The V6 engine may be supercharged to provide quite respectable outputs in terms of power. For those times when you really need to put the pedal to the metal, these upgrades may make the engine into a powerhouse. In order to fine-tune the V6 base engine, the enabled eTorque technology delivers increased torque power up to 90 lbs-feet. 

Dodge Ram V8 Engine Facts 

Equipped with eight cylinders, you can find V8 engines commonly in large SUVs, sports cars, and trucks. As these engines provide superior power and speed, it’s often installed in the vast majority of muscle vehicles.

These steady and powerful engines are best for your automobile if you’re using them mostly for towing and hauling. We have pick some pros of V8 engines.

Elevated Limit of Power 

Though V6 engines now come up with technological developments, still in terms of power, V8 is one step ahead. If you need to produce the maximum power, a V8 engine is the most effective. You can carry more cargo and pull more weight. 


And, you can get going quickly with speeded up when you have more muscle. If you want a car with more power, high performance, a longer range, and superb off-road experience, V8 engines are terrific. 

Fuel Efficiency 

V8 engines are well-known for their better gas mileage and smoother acceleration. All the credit goes to this remarkable gas engine designed with VVT and MDS technologies. 

Better Acceleration and Speed While Hauling 

While the engine continually hauls and pulls, the V8 provides the finest performance with the most significant power. You’ll experience less strain when towing heavy loads with V8 engines. Ram pickups can do more often towing with more weight and less wear and tear than before with V8 engines. 

High Horsepower

The V8 engine is the most potent choice since it can produce a maximum of 702 horsepower and deliver a moving capacity of 0-60mph within 4.5 seconds. Thanks to its built-in supercharger that can produce 650 lbs-feet of twisting force at 14,600 rpm. 

Ram V6 vs V8: Detailed Comparison 

Choosing between V-style engines like V6 and V8 can be challenging. V-engines are far more weightless and concise compared to other engine configurations. As a result, they provide superior balance while also reducing fuel consumption.

If you ask, the main distinction point that differentiates V8 from V6 is the number of fuel-intake cylinders. Based on this fact, both engines offer different levels of power and efficiency.  

01. High Mileage and Low Fuel Consumption

What do you consider first about a car engine? Well, most people give importance to the number of miles per gallon an engine can get. 

Generally speaking, the V8 engine alternatives still provide decent fuel economy. The EcoDiesel engine offers the best fuel efficiency, with 22-mpg within the urban area and 32-mpg throughout the expressway, whereas the powerful 6.2 liter HEMI V8 provides substandard fuel economy.

Conversely, due to the compact size and fewer number of cylinders, a V6 engine offers substantially greater fuel efficiency and gas mileage than V8 engines. 

02. Hauling and Towing 

One of the main reasons behind purchasing pickup trucks is lifting and carrying loads. Though trucks are perfect for this job, they have a capacity limit.

You can tow some severe weight with V6 engines, but if you need higher pulling capacity and heavier lifts, V8 engines are the right option. The following table shows how much each engine can pull:

Engine Type  Technology  Auto Transmission  Pulling Capacity  Lifting Capacity 
V6 3.0 Liter EcoDiesel TorqueFlite-8-Speed 12,560 lbs 2,060 lbs
V6 3.6 Liter Pentastar with eTorque TorqueFlite-8-Speed 7,700 lbs 2,300 lbs
V8 5.7 Liter HEMI With eTorque TorqueFlite-8-Speed 12,750 lbs 1,850 lbs
V8 5.0 Liter  HEMI TorqueFlite-8-Speed 11,610 lbs 1,940 lbs
V8 6.2 Liter  Supercharged  TorqueFlite-8-Speed  8,100 lbs 1,350 lbs


03. Overall Performance 

Engine performance depends on its torque and horsepower. V-style engines have enough speed and performance for both off-road and highway driving. Though the V8 engines have tremendous horsepower, the V6 engine is not too far behind. The V8 engines offer you increased power for heavier applications. 

Engine  Torque  Horsepower 
V6 3.0 Liter EcoDiesel 480 lb-feet 260 HP 
V6 3.6 Liter Pentastar with eTorque  269 lb-feet 305 HP
V8 5.0 Liter HEMI 410 lb-feet 395 HP
V8 5.7 liter HEMI with eTorque 410 lb-feet  395 HP 
V8 6.2 Liter Supercharged HEMI 650 lb-feet  720 Hp 


04. Comfort and Sustenance 

It’s possible to feel safe and relaxed behind the wheel of a vehicle powered by either a V6 or a V8. While moving slowly on the edges, speeding, or driving in general, the V6 engines are more noticeable to offer comfort, like less noise and stability. 

05. Applications 

Smaller vehicles, such as crossovers and sedans, are preferred hosts for V6 engines. The V8 engines, on the other hand, are commonly seen in more oversized vehicles like SUVs and pickups. As the V6 engine doesn’t have the muscle to move a bigger car, V8 engines come with the power required to propel a large vehicle. 

Which Dodge Ram Engine Is Reliable? (V6 or V8 Engine)

The issue is that Ram V6 vs. V8 isn’t actually a win-or-lose competition. So, which one is better? This doesn’t have a clear-cut solution. It depends on your preferences as well as what you need from your vehicle. 

Considering the SUV owner’s requirement, the V6 engine is optimized for occasional trailer pulling and low fuel consumption. You can choose compact to midsize SUVs equipped with V6 engines for your family. 

On the other hand, for those who are looking for a substantial amount of power and twisting force as well as towing capacity, V8 engines are designed for them. Larger trucks and SUVs often come with V8 engines at their disposal. 

People Also Ask

Which trim level of the Ram offers the most powerful performance?

The top Ram models available are the Rebel and TRX trims, which are equipped with class-leading, rugged components suitable for off-roading and everyday driving. The V8 Hemi engine is standard on the Limited trim, while the V8 supercharged engine is standard on the TRX trim. 

Is the V8 Hemi in the Ram better than the V6 Pentastar?

The V6 Pentastar engine works well and provides enough power when it relates to pulling and lifting. However, the V8 Hemi engine is better than the Pentastar and EcoDiesel V6 powertrains.

How Fast Is a V6 Engine?

Today, a lot of faster cars on-road have V6 engines. These fast V6-powered vehicles include powerful luxury automobiles, premium sedans, and sporty and even real supercars. Based on their maximum speed, or how fast they can run from 0-60 mph, defines how fast V6 engines are. 

Is the V8 HEMI 5.7 engine good?

The successful long history of V8 5.7-L HEMI is full of satisfaction of its many satisfied customers speaking out about the quality of this engine. Without any issues, it can travel over 200,000 miles. With 395-hp and 410 pound weight of twisting force, this V8 engine is the most potent choice for the Ram 1500 powertrain.

My Final Thoughts 

If you’re open to using a diesel powertrain in your pickup, then the V6 3.0 Liter EcoDiesel can be a great option. You will have a comfortable driving experience for on and off-road traveling with excellent fuel efficiency.

The V6 Pentastar can also be a dependable option with remarkable efficiency in fuel consumption. But, if you require a powerful engine for your large car, you should consider the V8 HEMI. Models with this engine offer more torque and horsepower.

But it will cost more to install a V8 engine. On the contrary, the standard V6 Pentastar engine performs well in all respects.