Dodge Dart Key Fob Not Working – What to Do?

Are you struggling with your Dodge Dart key fob not working? Don’t worry, you are not alone! Small, wireless remote controls called “key fobs” are becoming increasingly popular. You may use them to secure and unlock your Dart, set off the alarm, and even start the vehicle.

Transponder keys, which include a microchip inside and communicate with the car’s computer when inserted into the ignition, are by far the most common type of key fob. Your car will unlock and be ready to start when you send this signal.

In this article, we will discuss the causes of why your Dodge Dart key fob may be malfunctioning and what steps you can take to fix it. We will also look at potential use cases for a new key fob and the benefits of replacing your old one. So, stay with us as we explore the world of Dodge Dart key fobs and their various uses!

Common Causes of Key Fob Failure

The Dodge Darts’ inability to recognize a key fob is typically caused by a dead battery. Secondly, water damage is a common cause. If you have access to both key fobs, you can use the one that works to make sure the car can read the other.

01. Dead Battery In The Key Fob

Remove the battery from the key fob remote first. If the battery in your Dart’s key fob dies, you’ll only be able to start the car from very close range, and the door locks won’t be powered.

02. Water Damage

Water can cause the batteries and wiring in key fobs to corrode, which can be a serious problem. The key fob of a Dodge Dart can withstand being submerged in water without malfunctioning. When they get wet, that’s when problems can arise.

If the key fob has been submerged in water, you should probably replace the battery. It may be necessary to replace the entire fob if the circuit board has been damaged. Place it in a dry rice bag to absorb any excess moisture.

If you happen to have two key fobs for your Dart, try using the other one. If that’s the case, the inactive key fob likely has either water damage, a wiring problem, or a dead battery. Considering that a dead battery is both the most likely and easiest cause, that’s where you should focus your attention first.

03. Poor Battery Connection

Dart’s keychain includes metal clips that hold the battery in place and complete the circuit. It’s possible that the remote won’t get power if the clips aren’t tightly closed. The remote’s battery should be securely fastened so that it does not shake loose. The battery terminals should be clean and free of corrosion and dust.

04. Signal Interference

The signal from a Dart remote control can be garbled if there are metal objects, bad weather, or other transmitters operating in the same frequency range as the car. The remote key might open the car when you’re close to it, but it might not when you’re further away. The remote’s functionality could be severely compromised in the presence of strong interference.

Unprofessionally installed satellite systems are another potential source of interference signals, in addition to nearby radio masts and towers.

Defects and aging effects in electrical devices and radio systems are a major source of radio interference, which manifests as excess emissions, radiation, and effects on power and communication networks. You should notice that your Dart key fob begins functioning normally once more once you’ve left the impacted region.

05. Faulty Receiver Module

The Dodge Dart’s keyless entry receiver picks up radio signals from the remote. It’s conceivable that the receiver module has malfunctioned if none of your key fobs are working and you can’t re-program the keys.

There’s a chance you’ll need to do more diagnostics to zero in on the problem. It’s possible the keyless entry antenna is broken, or the module isn’t talking to the rest of the car’s electronics. In such a circumstance, an OBDII scan tool can be used to see if the security module is receiving and processing the commands.

How to Start a Dodge Dart With a Dead Key Fob Battery

This is one of those things that happens to everyone, usually at the worst possible time. In the middle of the night, far from home, the battery in the key fob that allows you to enter your vehicle and start the engine suddenly dies. You’re temporarily unable to even unlock the car, let alone start it.

A Dodge key fob is a time-saving device that allows you to quickly lock and unlock the car, as well as start the engine. Should the battery die, however, you can easily get back inside your automobile by following these steps:

Flip the key fob over to activate the latch on the top back. Pull the silver analog key out of its housing by sliding the latch to the side.

Use the key to unlock the car door.

  • When you get inside, use the key fob to activate it by pressing the START button. Start the car by pressing the key fobs’ start button while your foot is on the brake. The key fob will still work with the vehicle even if the battery has died.
  • Return the analog key to its storage slot within the fob. Then, change the battery as soon as you can.
  • Keep these guidelines in a notebook or on your phone.

New Dodge Key Fob Programming: Step-by-Step

How to program a Dodge keyless entry remote:

  • Get into your Dodge from the driver’s side and use the remote key fob to lock the door within 10 seconds.
  • Put the key in the ignition and turn it to the “RUN” state while holding down the driver’s door’s “UNLOCK” button.
  • Simply press and hold both the “UNLOCK” and “PANIC” buttons at the same time, and then let go of both at once.
  • Then, simultaneously push and release the “UNLOCK” and “LOCK” buttons.
  • Repeatedly hit the “UNLOCK” button.

In theory, your Dodge should now recognize your key fob. You should exit the car and try entering it with the key fob as usual, just to be sure.

Dodge Key Fob Battery Information

To complement your knowledge of how to program a Dodge key fob, you should also be aware of the signs that indicate it’s time to swap out the remote’s battery.

To power your Dodge key fob, you’ll need a small CR2032 battery, which can be found at most Jersey Village hardware stores and supermarkets. Having a backup key fob on hand is smart in case the battery in your primary one ever gives out.


There can be a number of reasons why your Dodge Dart key fob isn’t working. The most likely and easily fixed cause is a dead coin battery, so that’s where you should start investigating. After that, you can try to reprogram as explained above.