Dodge Ram eTorque Problems – How eTorque Affects at Your Ram’s Performance?

The Ram eTorque is a revolutionary technology that has been used in the Ram 1500 trucks V8 engine to improve fuel economy and performance. However, despite its many advantages, the Ram eTorque system has had its share of issues.

This article will discuss some of the most common dodge Ram eTorque problems, including those related to the 5.7 Hemi eTorque and issues with the Ram 1500 eTorque system. We will also look at potential solutions for these problems to help keep your truck running smoothly.

What is Ram eTorque?

An electric motor in the eTorque engine distributes the vehicle’s torque, which boosts performance. By substituting an electric motor for the alternator normally found on a regular engine, RAM trucks (and some Jeeps) can operate in a partially hybrid fashion.

Essentially, an eTorque engine employs a coupled electric motor only for the purpose of producing torque, as opposed to the more conventional hybrid design that aids in the development of overall power.

Ram’s superior capability, efficiency, and stability are in part due to the pickup’s innovative use of electric power. Most trucks can’t function without torque since it makes even the longest, heaviest vehicles more maneuverable in congested urban environments. Heavy work, such as hauling a car out of the mud, also requires torque.

Electric motors in eTorque vehicles are not designed to enable the internal combustion engine to go farther on a single tank of gas. Not a hybrid or fully electric system, but rather a conventional engine with an electric motor to boost torque. The electric motor utilizes regenerative braking to generate electricity, which is then used to facilitate motion by way of torque delivery.

Among the eTorque system’s two primary features is an engine stop-start mechanism. When the truck is stuck in traffic or at a stoplight, this feature will automatically shut it off and restart it.

It’s easy to dismiss this feature as unnecessary, yet the truck’s stored energy makes a speedy restart possible. This feature has been designed to help reduce fuel consumption while parked.

The second purpose is to increase the crankshaft torque of the truck by up to 90 ft-lbs. This boosts power during acceleration and provides extra strength when hauling or carrying a large load.

What Are the Common Dodge Ram eTorque Problems?

Dodge owners are lucky because of ram with eTorque engine has its electric which delivers the engine torque. Though, this system enhance the ram’s performance, but these dodge ram models years 2019 dodge ram, 2020 ram 1500, 2021 ram 1500 and 2022 ram 1500 affected by eTorque issues.

The most common ram eTorques Issues are Automatic shuts off, failure of eTorque operator, incorrect battery voltage error, ram software problem, ram electric motor problem, ram battery drain problems, cold weather resistance etc.

01. Automatically Shuts off

While operating a Ram pickup, you may experience a sudden deactivation of the eTorque system followed by a change to adaptive cruise control (ACC) in the ignition settings. This is less likely to cause accidents than it sounds.

Although the truck won’t come to an abrupt halt if the ACC engages, the unexpected reduction in velocity could be unsettling if you’re traveling at really high speeds. When this ACC system detects an engine stall, it automatically engages the cruise control to keep you moving until you can safely pull over.

For this problem, it is best to park the vehicle, turn off the engine, and wait at least 30 seconds, but ideally a couple of minutes. Start the car up and give it a spin around the parking lot to double-check that everything is in working order.

In some cases, you may need to go through this procedure multiple times in a row before you can go forward normally. In order to prevent future occurrences of this problem, you may want to schedule a visit for your mechanic to inspect the truck’s system once you’ve gotten it back on the road.

02. The eTorque System Abruptly Fails to Operate

If you turn the key, but the truck won’t move, it could be because the storage battery is malfunctioning. This is especially typical in older trucks or those that have been sitting idle for a while.

Damage to the battery can occur if, for example, a truck is parked in the garage without being moved for a month with the battery still attached. It’s possible that everything will be alright at the beginning of the journey, but the eTorque will stop functioning at some point later on.

It would be easy to fix this problem by simply charging the battery or replacing it before each short trip.

03. Incorrect Battery Voltage Error

Another typical problem is an error message that states “Incorrect Battery Voltage.” The system reports that the voltage is too low for normal operation. You should take care of this as soon as possible because it has the potential to become a significant issue.

Due to the complexity of the system, it is quite doubtful that you will be able to resolve the issue on your own, and not all mechanics will be equipped to help. The best course of action in such a situation would be to take the truck to a Ram dealership and have the technicians there take care of the problem.

The system only functions without AC and ventilated seats.

Unfortunately, this is a common problem with 2020 Ram eTorque systems. When the air conditioning and ventilated seats are on, the eTorque system is disabled, and vice versa. Hence, if the air conditioner is on, you will get a notice on your screen stating that eTorque is not operational.

If you aren’t familiar with the inner workings of an air conditioner, you should probably have a professional look at it. A systemic problem for which there is no simple solution

04. eTorque Weather Resistance Problem

The dodge ram owners have also reported that this hybrid eTorque system does not work in the cold weather temperature.Due this issues batteries do not get charged properly.

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The Most Common Issues with Ram Etorques for 5.7 Hemi Models

When people learn of this change, they naturally want to know why it’s happening. The eTorque system is unnecessary, as this engine runs just fine without it. But, in order for Chrysler to meet modern EPA emissions requirements, etc., the Hemi engine was modified to operate as a hybrid.

Many issues have arisen as a result of this conversion, and it has not been successful.

It’s Complicated

Fixing it if it breaks is going to be a major hassle. Because it uses cutting-edge technology, only a few service centers will be familiar with fixing it if anything goes wrong. That could cost a lot of money to fix if it breaks.

Parts Procurement

Spare components for this engine, which Chrysler produces in large quantities, are not inexpensive. For the sake of keeping your car on the road, you have to shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a single component.

No Highway Advantage

Its hybrid powertrain is limited to the urban environment. Neither fuel efficiency nor speed will improve if you take it on the highway.

Major Servicing is Required

It’s unlikely that you’ll have to spend a lot of money on repairs in the first three years, but you might have to start doing so in year 4.

There Is An Increase In Price

It costs about $1,200 more than a standard 5.7-liter Hemi. You may not have much of an option, however, if the normal Hemi is indeed phased out of production.

How to Diagnose eTorque Problems?

Diagnosing Ram eTorque is an important task for any mechanic. It requires a thorough understanding of the system and its components, as well as the ability to accurately diagnose any issues that may arise.

With the help of advanced diagnostic tools, mechanics can quickly and easily identify problems with the Ram Etorque and get them fixed quickly. By understanding how to use these tools properly, mechanics can ensure that they are providing their customers with the best possible service.

Dodge Ram eTorque Reliability

Owners have reported that this system functions best in urban environments. You probably shouldn’t count on it outside of that radius.

In the event of an emergency or when you need to move quickly, the engine’s reliability and ample power will come in handy, as attested to by previous owners. Do not count on the eTorque technology for long-term reliability, though.

If you want to power your car the old-fashioned way, use a conventional engine. Many will attest to its veracity, while others will insist it’s not.

The best way to find out is to give one a try. The trial run won’t tell you how reliable it will be in the long run, but it will show you whether or not it’s worth investing in. Some drivers and technicians claim they have never experienced any issues with this setup.

While they might not have succeeded, that doesn’t imply you can’t. The device is not cost-effective enough to install in any motor, so dependability is not the main problem.

What Are Some of the Potential Repairs Needed for Your Ram Etorque?

The Ram Etorque is a powerful and efficient pickup truck that provides a smooth ride. However, like any other vehicle, it needs to be serviced regularly in order to ensure that it runs at its best.

Some of the potential repairs needed for your Ram Etorque include regular maintenance checks, tire rotations, brake inspections, and more. By understanding the necessary repairs needed for your Ram Etorque, you can keep it running smoothly and efficiently for years to come.

My Final Thoughts

The eTorque is an efficient and useful device that reduces fuel consumption and boosts the performance of your truck. Even if it’s excellent, problems can develop, and you may need to get it fixed. Repairs to this system are, as one might expect, not cheap.