Dodge Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems [Quick Solution]

If you’re looking at improving the handling of your truck and want to resolve the Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems , a good investment would be a leveling kit.

A good quality one at that, mainly if you constantly ply rough roads, as you need them to smoothen them out, offering you better ride quality and better control.

This is even more necessary if you have a set of massive aftermarket off-roading tires.

However, the sad thing remains that even great lift kits like that Ram 1500 can experience an abrupt breakdown or start exhibiting subtle signs of degradation.

This post addresses common problems you may face using Ram 1500 leveling kits and the way out.

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Does the leveling kit affect the ride of your truck?

Your ride quality may not be affected if you appropriately install leveling kits. However, cheap and low-quality leveling kits that aren’t adequately installed could impact your driving experience.

Most of the issues related to leveling kits affecting the quality of users’ driving are commonly associated with simple installation.

During installation, little mistakes that seem inconsequential at the time usually begin to cause a significant threat to your driving experience.

A good piece of advice is to seek professional help if you don’t find the DIY guide illustrated in the kit manual resourceful or attuned to your expertise.

Conversely, there’s a decent upgrade to your truck’s tires and wheels with the right lift.

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Different kinds of leveling kits for Ram

Leveling kits are primarily vehicle-specific accessories. These are some types of leveling kits that are compatible with Ram 1500.

01. Strut Extension

This leveling kit is designed to place spacers either on the top or bottom of the vehicle’s factory strut. This raises the vehicle’s suspension by a few inches.

Installing them on Ram 1500, you don’t necessarily have to change the truck’s struts. There’s also an option of removing the spacers if they don’t seem to improve the new state of your driving.

02. Torsion key leveling kits

Depending on what generation or model of Ram 1500 you’re using, the torsion keys in this leveling kit come with replacing the vehicle’s torsion bar keys.

The effect of this is that the vehicle is lifted on one side. The replacement keys are more rugged than the factory ones for these leveling kits.

03. Coil spring spacer leveling kits

Most 2014 and beyond Ram models use steel coil springs to support the truck’s weight. A leveling system like this one is suitable for such models.

This is because the kits add spacers to the spring seats. They’re also similar to strut extensions, with the difference being that the spacer is added to the spring rather than to a strut.

Common Ram 1500 Leveling Kit Problems

01. Issues with suspension

This issue commonly arises when you’ve not done due diligence in the installation process of the lift. The suspension’s primary duty is to keep the truck steady and balanced on the road.

Hence, the vehicle’s handling and responses to commands change by introducing changes to it.

The solution to a problem like this is introducing a new set of shock absorbers. They’re in direct contact with the impact, especially when the kit is installed.

A good shock absorber would take care of the suspension problems, and luckily, they don’t cost much.

Another way to avoid this problem from arising is regular maintenance. Nonetheless, if your shocks need replacement, this wouldn’t be of much help.

02. Issues with alignment

This is another problem that can arise from installation. While this problem may seem overlookable at first, if the leveling kits weren’t correctly installed, they would affect the rest of your Ram 1500 gear and damage it.

To avoid this problem, critical attention should be paid to the alignment during installation. This includes making sure that the front spacers are appropriately adjusted.

Failure to do this would create early tire wire and unsteady ride quality. Another way around this is to ask a mechanic to help you fix it.

Also, don’t forget that the sizable mode tires need more lift to compensate for their weight. Make sure your leveling kit can offer your truck the right lift height.

03. Bad Driveshaft

Driveshafts convert engine rotation as well as torque energy into motion. This, in turn, propels the vehicle. You may be forced to ask, what business has the driveshaft with the leveling kits?

Well, during the installation of the kits, many people flop with the angle. This is often a screeching sound when you attempt to shift your Ram 1500. This is just the driveshaft.

You also encounter shaking. The best and most reliable solution to this is to take your Ram truck to an auto mechanic to have them fix the driveshaft’s angle.

04. Tie rod breakdown

Tie rods are connected to the rack of the vehicle’s steering chain. This, in turn, is connected to the steering arm, which is an extension of the wheel.

Like the cases shown above, tie rod issues are linked to poor installation. Even in cases where they seem to be installed correctly, over time, they slip away.

The easiest solution is to reinstall the tie rods. It’s that simple. If the tie rods are worn out, you’ll then have to replace them.

Ram 1500 leveling kits before and after

Daystar 1.5″ leveling kit

This leveling kit spans a long year from 1994 to 2013. So, if you’re looking at giving not just a cosmetic upgrade but drive improvement to any truck within this year, Daystar is the lift to use.

After installation, it raises the front of your vehicle by 1.5 inches, providing enough alignment with your cargo bed.

Also, the ground clearance of your old Ram 1500 would never seem the same after mounting these levelers.

KSP Strut Spacers

If how the front of your Ram 1500 looked before seems to be a concern to you, KSP strut spacers would give it that desired facelift you want by raising the front level of your truck by 2.5 inches.

This is enough to align it with the truck bed, offering your vehicle a more confident look.

DynoFit 3″ front 2″ rear leveling lift kit

If you’re looking at leveling the front and the rear sides of your truck, this truck is ideal for getting the job done.

It is compatible with all Dodge Ram of 2009-2018 models and raises your truck rear by 2 inches and front by 3 inches. It also provides an impactful increase in ground clearance.

How to install a leveling kit the right way

The section above pointed out what the wrong installation can do to your truck.

Installing the level kit properly will prevent future Ram 1500 leveling kit problems, which are a big problem to handle most of the time. So here is a step-wise guide on a leveling kit the right way.

Tools needed:

  • A drill
  • A wrench
  • 2-floor jacks. This will be used to lift the vehicle to make installation possible.
  • Vice grips. They’ll be used to grip the bolt and hold them onto the sway bar’s bolts.

Now here is a step-by-step procedure to install the leveling kit;

Step 1: Jack the truck

The first thing to do in the installation procedure lifts the truck. You have to be careful here because if you don’t raise the truck in a good spot, they could fall on you, and if you don’t use the jacks properly, too, they could give you a hard time lifting the truck.

Step 2: Loosen the bracket of the brake line

The next thing to do is to loosen up the bracket of the brake line. The reason for doing this is to prevent any form of tension. Do this to the passenger side too.

To do this step smoothly, get some illumination under your truck. The next thing to do is drill the shock bolt on both sides of the truck.

This step may appear a little bit technical if you have never installed a leveling kit before. The idea is basically to drop the truck’s sway bar.

To do this, you need a vice grip, hold onto the nut and take it off. This has to be done on both sides.

Step 4: Remove the shock

After the brake lines have been removed, the next thing is to face both the shock on the top and bottom sides.

You have to remove the bolts located on both sides to do this. This can be done using a wrench.

Step 5: Take out the coils

At this stage, the angle at the front side needs to be lowered. This will allow you to remove the coil springs. Then remove the coil springs.

Step 6: Mount the spacer

Use the coil springs to support the spacers to keep them steady. Then mount them.

Step 7: Put back the spring isolator

It gets a bit technical here too. You have to mount the spring back on the passenger’s side, accordingly, then do that on the driver’s side. To get things working, get the new spring and fix it again.

Step 8: Couple the rest

This is the last step. All you have to do is to put everything back on. Once that is done, you’re ready to hit the road again.

Dodge Ram 1500 Leveling Kits Pros and Cons


Solves sag-to-flat issues

Installing a leveling kit takes care of the heavy sag at the back of your truck. This is especially necessary if you haul items with your truck.

It relieves a good amount of weight that is often deposited on the front part of the car. Hence other areas of the vehicle receive less stress.

It minimizes the pressure from brakes during an abrupt stop.

When the back part of the truck is lower than the front, the higher rear can constitute a problem with unloaded handling. This can create resistance to stopping when you’re in an emergency.

Truck leveling kits create more balance by reducing the brakes and front suspension load.

Even though this creates some extra stress on other truck components, the truck’s cornering weight will be improved.

There is improved handling.

This seems to be the most noticeable advantage of installing a leveling kit. Handling allows you to lift the nose of your truck around corners.

There is also a noticeable and significant difference in how the vehicle feels when driving empty.


The overall appearance of the truck doesn’t change

Most products offer you at most 2 inches of clearance; hence there is no noticeable change in the truck’s outlook. Most of it is about operational and driving impact.

If you need an extra height, you’ll have to get a lift kit.

Your truck’s suspension may wear out sooner.

Leveling kits could place pressure on suspension components. The modification could create additional stress that causes them to wear out quicker than usual.

For four-wheel-drive Ram, the front CV joints have unusually heavier stressors.

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People Also Ask

Do leveling kits improve your Ram 1500 power?

This must be clear; certain performance abilities like hp, torque, and speed are not affected by mounting a leveling kit on your truck.

It is thus safe to say; that leveling kits don’t make your vehicle more powerful. They make riding it comfortable, though.

Does leveling trucks affect MPG?

Yes, you experience decreased fuel economy by leveling your truck. The added components increase the vehicle’s surface area, creating more drag.

Additionally, adding larger tires also impacts fuel economy. Even though these reductions can be little by just mild leveling, a more drastic leveling affects them greatly.

How much lift would a leveling kit provide?

The amount of lift a leveling kit offers a vehicle depends solely on the vehicle model. Every vehicle has its specific amount of brake instances.

Big trucks like Ram 1500 models require slightly more lift than many others. The generally available range is nonetheless 1-2.5 inches.

To Conclude

Leveling kits provide a lot of relief to several parts of your Ram 1500 truck. They also improve the drive quality, as the vehicle now has better handling and cornering ability.

However, several problems are associated with installing a leveling kit, and for big trucks like Ram 1500, it isn’t any less complicated. This post addresses such issues and workable solutions to them.