Dodge Ram 1500 Won’t Start Just Clicks [4 -Starting Problems Solved]

The Dodge 1500 is one truck people rely on to carry them around and do other forms of heavy vehicle duty. Unfortunately, this may sometimes not be the case, as trying to ignite it, you may experience that Dodge Ram 1500 Won’t Starting problems and some resistance from the engine. This unresponsiveness is one common problem many users of the vehicle face.

Why Dodge Ram 1500 Won’t Start Just Clicks

In short, after extensive research the most common problems associated with the Dodge Ram 1500 Won’t Start Just Clicks are battery draining  with loose connection, corroded battery terminals, faulty alternator and broken starter motor problems.

Pro Tips: if you find in you dodge ram a single click only, then there is a starter motor problem.

If you happen to be one of those people facing a similar issue of your dodge ram 1500 not starting but just clicking, we are here to offer you insight into what may be the causes.

It may be some pretty mechanical dysfunction. It could also be some severe damage. Whichever way, find out below and the solutions to why dodge ram 1500 won’t just start but click.

What would cause a dodge ram 1500 not to start?

Your dodge ram 1500 not starting may be caused by several reasons. Don’t panic! We’ve got you covered.

Your Dodge Ram 1500 not starting may be due to a faulty battery, a blown fuse, a bad alternator, or an ignition switch that needs to be replaced.

Also, bear in mind that the problem could be a combination of more than one of the listed common problems.

However, the good news is that there are ways to fix them. Keep reading to find out.

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Common Dodge Ram 1500 Starting Problems

01. Battery may be drained

When you’re trying to get the engine started, clicking noises often results from a drained battery. There may be some power in the battery.

It just doesn’t seem enough to ignite the starter. Battery drain themselves always results from leaving components like Park lights, interior lighting, or any other internal device that appears to consume power, like radio.

In cases where you’ve made sure to have everything turned off and still experience battery drain in your Dodge Ram 1500, an alternative cause may be a power leak in the engine, or a failed alternator, which just can’t be recharging the battery.


Use a battery booster or a jumper cable. Jumper cables are pretty cheap and reliable to offer your Dodge Ram 1500 a boost but require another vehicle.

Here is how to get it working:

  • Make sure the second vehicle is close to yours as possible and running too
  • Get the red cable connected to the positive terminal and the black one to the negative
  • Allow it idle for about two minutes before starting the vehicle
  • Now disconnect the wires. Negative cables go off first, then followed by positive.
  • Allow the Ram to keep running for about 15 minutes or more. This gives the alternator time to recharge the battery.

An alternative to jumper cables is car battery boosters. It’s simple. Whenever the battery drains, all that is needed to draw enough power required to start the engine is to place the booster pack on the battery top.

02. Terminals are corroded, and connectors are bad.

Bear this in mind; it’s possible, and, expected to have battery connector clamps that may seem fine and aligned correctly, but circuit breaks could come up if there’s corrosion between the terminal and clamp.

This may cause your Dodge 1500 engine not to start.


Remove the connectors,  and inspect for green dust and grain-like deposits on the connectors and battery terminals.

Clean them thoroughly using sandpaper, and reconnect the cables. Replace them if this doesn’t work.

03. Faulty Alternator

The duty of an alternator is once the engine begins to run, to take over from the battery and recharge it.

Failed alternators are hard to notice, and on many occasions, you may drive on power from the battery down to your destination without seeing anything.

It only becomes noticeable when you make attempts to restart the engine.


Change the battery alternator. This is, however, not a simple task, as it involves changing the serpentine belts.

To avoid wasting your time or causing more damage, we recommend you hand your vehicle over to a professional to get this done.

04. The starter motor is broken.

When the battery is charged, and every other accessory is working fine, the problem could lie in the starter motor or car solenoid. The solenoid is the relay of the starter.

A switch that starts the car engine. Starters typically last between 30, 000- 2,000, 000 miles. This, however, depends on the driver.


The solution would depend on how bad the starter motor condition is. A critical assessment would tell you if it needs just a repair or a replacement. You need to remove the starter and uncouple all the parts

to assess the damage.

You may need to repair the armature or field windings from the assessment. After this, you can now lubricate the new parts, fix them, and couple the starter motor.

Why does my Dodge Ram Crank not Start?

01. Fuel issues

For your Dodge Ram 1500 cranking without starting, fuel issues are one of the most common problems.

This is primarily due to bad filters, fuel injectors, or pumps that may not be getting enough fuel. This often causes your Ram to crank and don’t start.

02. Timing of engine

Engines have to fire the spark plugs at a specific technically-feasible time.

If you have a plug firing at the wrong time, or for some reason, the crankshaft is no longer synchronized to the camshaft; this inevitably would make your vehicle not start.

03. Issues with ignition

Ignition issues seem to be very common among several complaints or reasons why Dodge RAM won’t start. It’s simple. Without a spark, engines don’t start.

In the case of your Dodge Ram, you may have codes related to misfires such as P0300, P0301, and so on. A lot of things can cause ignition issues, such as:

  • Bad spark plugs
  • Faulty plug wires
  • Faulty or degraded coil packs

2019 dodge ram 1500 turns over but won’t start

Consider a couple of potential engine issues when your 2019 dodge ram 1500 turns over but won’t start. Check them out below:

01. Fuel tank

Before troubleshooting your truck after you’ve turned it over and they refuse to start, you should look at the fuel tank.

This may sound cliche, but the truth still remains that your dodge ram engine won’t start if you have an empty tank.

In some cases, your fuel gauge may indicate you still have some fuel left. This may be misleading if there’s also a problem with the fuel gauge meter.

Therefore, adding more fuel to your tank may be worth a solution, hence taking care of fuel gauge issues.

02. It may be your security systems.

This is exclusive to modern vehicles. Modern car manufacturers keep including several features that offer users more comfort and flexibility.

This includes the addition of several security systems. One of them keeps you away from thieves by disabling the engine.

Starting your vehicle would be a task if there’s any fault with the digital key or the security system.

Therefore, always check your security systems before looking for air repair.

03. The fuse may be bad

Suppose you’ve considered the possibility of 2019 dodge ram turning, but not starting being the aforementioned two. It’s time to check your fuse.

Little issues with your fuse may cause your Ram to bend and not start.

You have to locate your fuse box; once you’ve done that,  check for signs of a  blown fuse or some loose connection that can cause your truck to turn but not start.

Note that to be able to locate your fuse, you have to refer to the owner manual of your 2019 dodge ram for how to do this.

2020 ram 1500 push-button start problems

The 2022 ram 1500 features one of the most exciting automobile technologies, which is keyless ignition, otherwise known as a push-button start.

However, with every new technological advancement comes new problems peculiar to it.

If you’ve noticed your engine’s failure to crank when the start engine button is pressed down, you may be experiencing one of these issues:

The key fob is dead

A keyless start system won’t ignite the engine unless it’s able to detect that your key fob is inside the vehicle.

If your key fob’s battery is dead, the system might fail to recognize the fob inside the car, causing the engine to fail to start.

The solution to this is placing the fob on the start engine button and holding it down.

This is practical enough to start your 2020 ram 1500. Nonetheless, if the fob battery needs replacement, you shouldn’t hesitate to get it done to curb the issue of your push start button not starting.

The car battery may be dead.

If your Ram 1500 fob is fully functional, but your engine won’t crank, the culprit may be your vehicle’s battery. A helpful tip is to use a voltmeter to confirm the battery voltage.

If your battery has a voltage as low as 12 or 11, your battery would need more voltage to start the engine. Either connect it to a charger, or you can simply jump-start from another vehicle.

Faulty starter

A bad starter would fail to crank your engine. If you suspect a terrible starter, you should try to jump it directly.

After having done this and your 2020 ram still refuses to start, a starter replacement may be your best shot, or you may need to replace the solenoid, relay, or module.

Non-functioning brakes

The push start system only ignites the engine when the vehicle brake is pressed down. You may be wondering how your 2020 ram 1500 knows your brake pedal is pressed down.

Well, it comes with a brake light switch at the brake pedal. If your brake light doesn’t work, you may have to check the light switch and the electric circuit.

Top Questions

How do I temporarily fix my dodge Ram 1500 starting problem?

If you’re caught up in a situation where you urgently need to get your car to performance, this trick may help.

Many users who use the dodge ram 1500 have tried this, and it worked.

However, this is not to say that there’s a certainty that it always works or that the reason why it works is yet mechanically explainable.

All you have to do is insert your keys into the ignition, turn it over and hold it on for a few seconds. Your truck should start in a couple of seconds.

This usually takes about 15 seconds to work, but in some cases, it could take as much as 30 seconds or more.

Do I need to repair my dodge ram turning over but won’t start?

If your vehicle rescues to crank after turning over, this may be related to a long list of problems.

With this in mind, deciding if this is enough reason to repair your truck depends on many other factors.

For example, if your truck only needs a quick, easy fix, you definitely can repair that without doing much mechanical work on the car.

However, if the repair cost seems high, you may need to consider the following:

  • Your vehicle possibly having other issues related to engine or transmission
  • Your vehicle has high mileage or other problems that may arise soon
  • The possibility of the repair impacting the value of your RAM 1500

Final Words

Everything you need to know about the dodge ram 1500 won’t start; it just clicks. In this article, we have highlighted the top reasons you may face this problem and how to fix it.

This includes issues relating to cranking but not starting, dodge ram turning over but won’t start.

In all, it’s always a frustrating experience, beginning to turn on your truck, but it won’t start.

Most of the solutions provided here are simple DIY. If you notice a more complicated issue relating to your Dodge Ram 1500 not starting, we advise you to see a mechanic.