Check Gauges Light Dodge RAM 1500 Appearing – What to Do?

There are several reasons why the “Check Gauges” light will illuminate your Dodge Ram. But then you should know that it’s always a sign of malfunction – a loose gas cap, an overheated engine, low levels of engine oil, or so.

You might get nervous when you notice the check gauge light illuminating while you’re on the road. Is something terrible going to happen to my vehicle? Is my car breaking down? Am I running out of gas? These are a few questions that will come racing into your mind.

There’s no need to panic, as a check gauge light has different meanings, and some are more dangerous than others. Below, we discuss what you need to know about the Check Gauges Light Dodge Ram.

What Does the Check Gauge Light Mean?

A check gauge light can indicate anything from a simple coolant leakage to severe engine damage; as such, there isn’t a general answer to the cause of gauge light shining.

However, it might be a strong indication one or more of the vehicle’s gauge readings is sending an alarm.

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM) system is responsible for setting off the alarm whenever there’s an issue with the vehicle’s design. It monitors the gauges that control the fuel level, battery performance, engine oil, and fuel levels.

Once the PCM notices that the gauge reading is off, it will turn on the check gauge light of a specific gauge that, gives you an idea of what’s the problem.

For a better understanding, take PCM to be like your vehicle’s instrument panel. The precise layout of the PCM depends on the make and model of your car; however, the symbols and colors are similar across every vehicle.

There are three primary colors – Amber, orange and red and each shows the severity of the problem, with amber being the least severe and red being the most dangerous. Depending on how severe the issue is, you may need to contact your technician immediately.

What Causes the Check Gages Light to Appear on my Dodge Ram

Down below are the main problems that made a check gauge light appear on your Dodge Ram 1500

01. Broken Seal and Gasket

The seal and gaskets of the exhaust system tend to damage over time due to exposure to damage due to overheating engine and lack of proper maintenance.

This damage worsens over time and reaches a level where these items need to be replaced. This can lead to your check gauge light illuminating.

In that case, call your mechanic to open the exhaust manifold and investigate the gaskets and seals, then decide the best thing to do.

02. Faulty Electric System

Most gauges are electrically powered, and they work effectively without many issues. However, changes in the electrical passage can cause electrical surges. This will cause the failure of the voltage regulator to work efficiently.

Also, the terminals of the connectors accumulate dirt and debris, forcing the check gauge to light a warning. This can also happen due to fluctuations in electrical passages and requires cleaning and repair simultaneously.

Once you notice the warning check gauge light, consider checking the electrical circuit to see if it’s dirty; clean the connectors, and change the voltage regulator immediately.

03. Falling Oil Pressure

There are many causes of failing oil pressure in Dodge Ram 1500, die as clogged oil tubes, broken pipelines, broken oil pumps, or dented internal parts.

To resolve these issues, try to maintain the oil pressure instantly. Also, consider replacing or repairing the damaged component and carry your truck to a professional for routine maintenance.

04. Clogged Filters

When the fuel filler starts losing, dirt and debris penetrate, clogging the filters and stopping them from working effectively.

Furthermore, this directly affects the oil pressures taking them down to a dangerously low level. In addition, the constant sputtering doesn’t allow the free flow of oil to other parts of the system.

This decreases the speed of your dodge ram and reduces the engine performance drastically. Because of these issues, the check gauge light appears, warning you there’s a severe problem and that you must make some replacements.

05. Battery Drainage

The Dodge Ram 1500 has one of the best and most durable batteries that can go years without any problem. However, there are a few cases where the battery starts draining due to bad electric wiring, frequent withdrawal of current, or lack of maintenance.

This leads to the powerhouse losing its efficiency and starts draining drastically. Once this drainage passes the standard capacity, the gauge light will illuminate the dashboard while you’re driving.

Also, as the internal fluid pressure goes down, and causes a warning lightly, indicating a problem with the battery. Ensure you fix this problem quickly and maintain fluid pressure and the battery charging.

06. Engine Overheating

Another problem that causes the check gauge light is excessive engine overheating causing it not to be able to work effectively.

This happens if the radiator leaks or the coolant is not circulating efficiently through the system. In addition to the check gauge light, an overheating engine causes the coolant to deplete quicker and emission of a burning smell.

If the cause of your Check gauge light is shining because of an overheating engine, it’s recommended to pull over as soon as possible. If you’re to repair this yourself, you must be highly cautious. Allow the motor to cool down, as extreme pressure build-up might occur in the cooling system when the engine is still heated.

Once your Dodge Ram Engine temperature is back to normal, you can add more coolant or contact your technician to replace the damaged parts.

What is the Location of a Check Gauge Light on my Dodge Ram

Generally, the gauge light is located on the dashboard of the instrument panel of the Dodge Ram 1500. However, this varies depending on the vehicle’s make, dashboard type, and other features.

This light is connected to different gauges and shows different colors in response to a specific problem. These images are controlled and are identification tools connected to the oil pressure, battery, and engine performance.

What To Do When the Check Gauge Light of my Dodge Ram Shows Up

A Check gauge light is a warning sign of a faulty engine or a draining battery, but there’s no need to panic. If you’re on the road, park your Dodge Ram 1500 in a safe place. Carefully check the gauges, the fuel level, the oil pressure, and the engine. We recommend you use your truck manual as a guide to know what might be the underlying issue.

Consider how severe the technical problem is. It might be as simple as low gas levels or a faulty engine that needs to be attended to immediately. If you fail to fix the issue, contact a professional mechanic to see the actual problem and what needs to be replaced.

Wrapping Up

Check gauge lights are always an indication that there’s an issue with your vehicle. Please don’t joke with those warnings; quickly contact your mechanic to fix the problem before it extends to other components of your Dodge Ram 1500.