Dodge Ram A/C Issues : How to Deal With Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Problems

Nothing feels more exhilarating than stepping into your vehicle from the hot weather and turning your AC on while you drive.

Most modern cars come with an air conditioning system that regulates the vehicle’s internal temperature. Air conditioning systems do not only make driving more comfortable, but it is also a perfect panacea to scorching summers.

However, many Dodge Ram 1500 users have complained of the vehicle’s air conditioning problems.

This is why we have taken out time to examine some of the causes and how to solve Dodge Ram air conditioning problems.

Troubleshooting the Dodge A/C system?

If you are confronted with a malfunctioning air conditioning system from your Dodge Ram and wondering if troubleshooting would help, well, it does.

Here are a few tips for troubleshooting to clear out what the issue may be. Bear in mind that most of these procedures are DIY-based; hence, you may not need to see a mechanic carry them out.

  • Check your thermostat settings.
  • Check the circuit-breaker of your air conditioner
  • Inspect the air vents
  • Look to see if there’s a dry air filter
  • Inspect all outdoor units.

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How Does a Truck Air Conditioning System Work?

A truck’s air conditioning works following the following pattern, which involves high-pressure and low-pressure mechanisms.


  • It begins with an AC compressor running off a pulley attached to the engine’s crankshaft via a belt. They have to absorb low pressure and low-temperature gas, compressing it, hence producing high temperature and pressure gas.
  • The condenser then receives this gas with a lot of heat from being pressurized. The condenser captures the heat and passes it out of the AC system. The cooling mechanism of the refrigerant is that as air passes the condenser, it is cooled. This causes condensation to occur, converting the air into a high-pressure liquid again.
  • The next stop is a receiver/dryer. It has both inlet and outlet points. The inlet receives the high-pressure liquid from the condenser and passes it on to filters and desiccants.

This part concludes the high-pressure mechanism. The second half of the cycle is the low-pressure mechanism.

Low pressure

  • It begins with an expansion valve, whose function is to control the volume of refrigerant allowed to continue the system. This process is important to cool the refrigerant and reduce the pressure.
  • The evaporator then absorbs the heat and reduces the temperature to about 32 degrees. At this temperature, the refrigerant boils until it is converted back to the gaseous state. More heat is then absorbed. The gas flows back to the compressor and restarts the cycle.

Cold air reaches you by a fan blowing outside air on the refrigerant in the evaporator. The low temperature inside causes it to cool. This same air then gets to your cabin as the refreshing air you get from your AC.

Common Dodge Ram Air Conditioning Problems

01. Fuse is Blown

It’s a pretty frustrating experience trying to turn on your AC when it fails to come on.

If you’ve turned it on, and there are still no emissions of cool air from the system, it could be as a result of a blown fuse.

You can detect this from the humming sound you hear when turning the AC on.

Solution: Open the vehicle’s hood, examine it, and replace it

  • Pop your vehicle’s hood. Open the fuse box afterward. If you look closely, you’ll find the diagram. Use the chart as a guide to locate the F 62AC clutch and remove it.
  • After you’ve removed the fuse, examine the metal chip inside. If you don’t see any break in connection, that means your fuse isn’t the problem. But if it’s broken, then you need to replace it.

02. No Air is Blowing At All: Why your ram A/C Not blowing(Video)

Dodge Ram can pose some weird AC problems to a user. There’s just a possibility of so many things being the fault, making it difficult to spot the problem.

Some users can put up with the frustration, while others can’t. So, what could be the cause of the AC not blowing any air in this case?

Well, the evaporator might have gone bad. Your AC has a radiator whose sole responsibility is to supply cold air to the AC system. If it stops functioning, your AC won’t blow any air.

Usually, these evaporator leaks are due to corrosion. When this happens, the seals inside, with time, will break. This causes a leak.

Here is how to know if the problem is related to the evaporator:

  • If you have a leaking evaporator, you’ll perceive a sweet and somewhat harsh odor emanating from the AC.
  • Evaporator leaks also cause temperature fluctuations. However, this could also mean that it stopped functioning and needs replacement.

Solution: Have the Evaporator Replaced

The solution to this problem is to have the AC evaporator replaced. This could be difficult, but a good mechanic can handle the task.

03. Blower Motor Makes lots of Noise.

A noisy blower motor can really be frustrating and would make you shut the AC system off entirely. This is because the noise produced can be creepy.

A common reason is when you have fluffy debris or leaves stuck in the blower motor. So when the engine is turned on, it keeps hitting them, producing Noise.

Solution: Lose the blower motor and remove them

A solution to this problem could be to lose the blower motor to get the particles out.

But if it’s the fan that stops working, then it means the blower motor has gone bad completely and needs to be replaced. Here’s how you replace the blower motor:

  1. The blower motor is situated on the passenger side, where your seat is. You need a T20 Torx driver to remove the fan. You also need an 8mm socket.
  2. After you’ve pulled it out, remove the wire holding it together. Once it’s done, pick up the new one, fit it in, and screw up again.
  3. The last step is to connect the wire.

04. Vibration

This is a common menace. The vent commonly causes it. Your blend air door damper may be bad. It takes some effort and time to repair.

Solution: Change the blend air door damper

A replacement isn’t too expensive. Nonetheless, you have to remove the dash. Afterward, recharge the AC. This takes a lot of time to do; hence, the idea is to take your car to a professional to fix this fault.

05. Air ceases when accelerating.

The cause of this problem is most complicated to find. This particular problem could be a result of a vacuum leak.

You can tell if this is the case when your AC stops working as soon as you press down the pedal.

Most Dodge Ram owners have reported coming from the vacuum line connected to the cruise control.

Solution: Replace the broken line

Finding a vacuum leak takes some effort and a lot of time; nonetheless, if you care about having a fully-functional AC once again, you’ll make time to find it.

The line is located under the battery of the truck. Your truck AC should come back on after changing the broken line to a new one.

Why My Dodge Ram 1500 Blowing Hot Air

There are only a few things worse than turning on your AC and expecting a chilling refreshing breeze, only to be greeted by an angry flush of hot air.

If you’re searching for answers to “why is my Dodge Ram 1500 blowing hot air?” then this section is all the information you need.

The most common cause of your Ram 1500 blowing hot air is that the system may have run out of refrigerant. Another problem could be your condenser.

Others are bad compressors, issues with the electrical system, or damaged cooling fans.

Let’s examine them briefly:

01. Leaking refrigerant

You may have to recharge your refrigerant if there’s a leak somewhere. The first sign of a leak in your AC system is that it begins to blow hot air.

As stated earlier, identifying a leak could be difficult in that once it reaches a low-pressure area, it cycles back to its gaseous state, which is more like disappearing.

For small leaks, an AC leak sealer could suffice. If it’s more complicated, please see a mechanic.

02. Malfunctioning Condenser

If you have a malfunctioning condenser, your truck would only produce warm air. Since the condense lies behind the front grille, there’s a huge possibility the road debris had blocked it.

Removing a blockage may seem easy, but repairing it isn’t.

03. Issues with cooling fans

The condenser also has two cooling fans whose functions are to reduce the heat of the refrigerant while it’s in the cycle. If they get broken, the AC will malfunction.

They could stop working due to one reason or a combination of more than one reason, including a blown fuse or electrical system issues.

Road debris could also damage them. In this case, they have to be wholly replaced.

04. Expansion Valve is Faulty

In cases where your air conditioner keeps switching between hot and cold air, there are chances the fault is from your expansion valve.

The work of the expansion valve is to distribute the needed amount of refrigerant to the AC evaporator.

If the valve is clogged, the refrigerant flow would be met with obstruction.

This restriction would cause the expansion valve to become so cold that frosts begin to accumulate at the hardware’s exterior.

The result is that the AC blows warm air on the inside and blows cold on the expansion valve.

If you notice fluids dropping under your truck, it’s likely a pointer to a bad expansion valve. Your radiator could also cause this, so you need to have your truck taken to a mechanic to examine.

How Much Does Dodge Ram AC Replacement Cost?

Experiencing Issues with your Dodge Ram AC is quite common. The good news is that some of the problems can be fixed by yourself.

However, if you lack the technicality or precision needed to fix the AC problem your truck has, you can have a mechanic attend to it.

Compressors often cost nothing less than $250 to purchase a new one. The labor required to fix it on your truck could range from $100-$150.

However, your AC’s problem might be more complicated than that, and you may need to have the evaporator flushed with all the lines since they’re contaminated with acid.

If your AC is in such a deep mess, you most likely may get a quotation of about $1700 to get the job done.

Top Questions (FAQs)

How can I make my Ram 1500 cooler?

One way to make your car colder even when your AC is turned on is to apply a sun-blocking shade on the vehicle’s windshield when you park the vehicle.

This is because the car glass absorbs heat that gets trapped inside the car, making it hot over time. You then have to deal with this heat when you get back inside and turn the truck AC back on.

An alternative is to close all the passenger vents in the truck to redirect cold air your way.

How does my Ram 1500 Ac system get leaks?

AC systems usually experience leaks from two or more factors, which are most commonly age and moisture.

Over time, rubber seals and gaskets degrade, allowing the refrigerant to leave while moisture enters the AC system.

Why is my truck’s AC on but not cooling the truck?

A common reason for your truck’s AC  being on but not cooling is that the condenser may have broken down or clogged. This needs to be replaced, or the system will stop working altogether.

Conclusion of Dodge Ram A/C Problems

There are many reasons why your Ram 1500 air conditioning system can stop working.

If you’re looking for the reason for that, always begin with a close inspection of common, less technical reasons, which a leading cause in this regard is always a low refrigerant level in the system.

Regardless of what you find to be the cause, it is advisable to visit a professional to help you fix the problem, especially when you’re not skilled in dealing with it. Happy driving!