RAM 4500 Towing Capacity- Know How Much Can Your Chassis Cab Can Tow

Have you recently purchased or considered purchasing a RAM 4500 and are worried about its towing capabilities? We can understand your concerns, so we are here to guide you. Why is it important to know the towing capacity?

Knowing your vehicle’s towing capacity is important when you need to tow your vanity van or help someone who needs their car towed.

Because towing affects your vehicle from the engine to breaks, you don’t want that. Knowing the towing capacity will help to put less strain on your vehicle, causing less damage.

Putting a weight more than your vehicle’s capacity will make you pay. No panic because this article will guide you about the RAM 4500 Towing Capacity in detail. Ready? Let’s start.

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Dodge RAM 4500 Towing Capacity

RAM 4500 is one of the leading cabs preferred for heavy-weight towing as it possesses efficient features supporting the towing function. Researching on the internet for towing capacity of RAM 4500, you must have found variable results confusing you, especially if you are new to buying a towing cab.

Don’t frustrate your mind with varying towing capacities because there is a reason. RAM 4500 towing cab is renewed every year, improving its towing capacity. Each new version presents a different towing capacity.

Want to know the exact towing capacity of different years? Move on to the next heading to find the comparison and towing capacities.

Comparison of RAM 4500 Model 2020, 2022, and 2023

The company has been releasing RAM 4500 revisions in the previous years with new features and increased towing capacity with each new release. Moving from the 2020 RAM 4500, we only had a towing capacity of 19,040 lbs which seemed enough, yet now the expected 2023 RAM 4500 will have a 37,000 lb towing capacity.

Isn’t it amazing? Now you can tow even higher weights comfortably without damaging your vehicle.

To help you out, we’ve compiled the data in a table form so you can have a comparative view of the towing capacity, torque, payload, and horsepower of 2020, 2022, and expected 2023 RAM 4500.

Comparison Table of 2020, 2022, and 2023 RAM 4500

 Performance Parameter 2020 RAM 4500 2022 RAM 4500 2023 RAM 4500
Towing Capacity 19,040 lb 20,490 lb 37,000 lb
Torque 429 lb-ft 800 lb-ft 1075 lb-ft
Payload 9690 lb 5140 lb 8000 lb
Horsepower 370 hp 360 hp 370 hp

Features of Ram 4500 Helping With Towing

Towing is not a particular feature of a single part of RAM 4500. It’s a collective result of different vehicle parts, including the engine, foundation, and shock absorbers. Before buying an automobile with special towing equipment, it is essential to check other features.

01. Engine

An engine is the main and featured part of any vehicle to start, run, work smoothly, and tow anything you need. There are two types of engines available in the market for RAM trucks.

  • Gas engine with a 6.4-liter displacement and 370 horsepower, capable of towing 19,040 pounds.
  • The 6.7-liter Gasoline engine with high output option produces 370 horsepower with a towing capacity of 14,500 pounds.

02. Foundation

A strong foundation ensures the handling of heavy-duty towing jobs. RAM 4500 is built with a rear steel frame having a strength of 50,000 psi. This foundation strength makes RAM 4500 capable of towing heavy weights without straining the vehicle’s structure.
Thus if you are considering towing a weight of more than 19000 lb, this vehicle can be your no. 1 choice to buy.

The strong foundation makes the towing function easier by putting less effort into the engine, as the frame is capable of towing the heavy weight without putting more strain on the engine.

03. Shock Absorbers

All previous versions of the DODGE RAM vehicle were available with a factory coil spring system to bear the off-road shocks and jumps while carrying bulky things towed. But now there’s no worry because RAM 4500 has a built-in front air suspension system to release your stress about the jaw breaking and bouncy jumps.

You can carry the heaviest loads while having this brilliant advanced technology vehicle. The air suspension shock system is designed for heavy vehicles because there is a risk of vehicle destruction and accidents while driving, especially on bumpy roads and work sites.

04. 360-Degree View Camera

Towing requires you to have a look at your surrounding, so you do not hit a car with the towing weight on your cab. Of course, you can’t keep on looking in the back mirror while driving. The makers of RAM cabs know this; that’s why they have introduced a 360-degree view camera for the driver.

The camera is designed to give you a clear 360-degree view to help you know if there is any passing by the vehicle. This feature is most useful in crowded work sites and heavy traffic roads.

05. Tire Pressure Monitor

RAM 4500 tire pressure is crucial to successful towing. Even a slight difference in tire pressure can cause a huge accident. Towing puts a lot of weight on the vehicle making it prone to move unevenly on the road, but perfectly filled tires maintain this issue. However, in situations where the tire pressure is not ideal, it causes issues for the towing vehicle.

RAM 4500 has a built-in pressure monitor on the Driver Information Digital Display. The driver has access to the exact tire pressure throughout the journey. This helps to avoid uncontrolled situations.

5 Things To Know Before Towing RAM 4500

Knowing about the towing capacity of any vehicle is not enough. You need to focus on some important factors before working with RAM 4500. Professionally handled vehicles will give better and smooth towing.

Here are five things you need to know before towing.

01: Method of Towing

In order to move goods, apartments, or other vehicles in a safe, easy manner, a good towing method is crucial.

Different vehicles have different towing methods. But the simplest method is towing your weight behind the car by carrying it on a trailer which should be in good condition and well connected with your towing car.

Ensure a strong connection between your vehicle and the other one, especially if you are moving with extra heavy weight.

02: Experience and Practice

Towing a car needs practice because it’s a difficult job. Before you start the real game, give yourself a few chances to explore and enhance your skills. Without practice, you won’t be a perfect candidate for towing, regardless of your driving skills.

Find an empty area with no people to practice towing a heavy weight on your car.

03: Having Information About Laws

Every state has its laws regarding towing a car or other vehicles. The reason is that towing puts an extra burden on the roads, destroying the infrastructure of the state or country. To avoid getting caught in any kind of problem, you must know the legalities of the place regarding towing.

Some areas will present stricter laws on the licenses, allowed weight, and brake system. Being aware of the laws and towing according will save you from

04: Drive Wheel

Towing a vehicle requires uplifting the drive wheels for a successful journey. Because if the drive wheels touch the road, there is a high chance of accidents. This requires you to know which of your vehicle’s wheels are the drive wheels so you can lift them easily.

Remember, you must be experienced, knowing how to lift the drive wheel while maintaining a smooth drive. Still, you don’t need to worry if you don’t have the experience because some accessories like drive shaft couplers can help tow keeping the drive wheels up.

05: Towing Capacity

You cannot drag your tow vehicle on the road with an unknown weight. You must know the exact towing capacity of your vehicle to avoid losing it in an accident. Ensure you don’t exceed your truck’s towing capacity, or you may lose it completely, damaging its structure.

Is RAM 4500 Worth Buying?

Yes, it is worth buying if you need a heavy towing capacity vehicle to carry high-load weights easily. RAM 4500 towing capacity makes it an irreplaceable vehicle for hauling another vehicle or hefty load due to its efficient engine, quick brakes, and powerful shock system.

Whether you need a towing vehicle for professional use or personal use, RAM 4500 can be your top hit. We recommend investing in it immediately to get a high-end, heavy-capacity vehicle to help with towing. Then what are you waiting for? Contact your nearest RAM dealer and get this powerful towing vehicle.