What Is The Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost?

Whether you have to replace your Dodge Ram’s engine or swap it, both ways are important to enhance the truck’s performance, as the older engine is beyond repair. However, Dealing with engine issues is never pleasant. It can get worse with an entirely damaged engine that necessitates a complete replacement. 

Engine replacement expense depends on several factors like the type of engine, condition of the engine, truck model year, and a few others. The Dodge Ram engine replacement cost may vary between $1900 and $13,000. But, sometimes, the price can go beyond $20,000. 

We’ll discuss every detail regarding this here. Just read on without skipping. 

Overview of Different Dodge Ram 1500 Generations Engine Options

Named eight times as the “Truck Of The Year” in the Motor Trend magazine, Dodge Ram offers award-winning heavy-duty trucks of different generations. The recent 5th generation Dodge Ram 1500 has been the top truck since 2019. 

Let’s see the review of the different Dodge Ram 1500 engine options here:

Dodge Ram-1500 (2022) Engine

The 2022 Dodge Ram-1500 offers multiple drivetrain components. The standard (3.6 liter) V6-engine can produce 269 pound-feet torque with 305-horsepower. An auto transmission of 8-speed comes paired with this engine. 

The 5.7-liter V8 engine is another option that generates 395-horsepower and 410 pound-feet pressure. This alternative motor also comes equipped with auto-transmission of an 8-speed. However, both engines are accessible with one or the other four-wheel or rear-wheel. 

2021 Dodge Ram 1500 Engine 

Four distinct engine choices are available for the Ram 1500 2021 model year. The 3.6 liter V6 is the first engine that generates 269 pound-ft pressure and 305-horsepower. Producing 395 horsepower and 410-lb-feet torque, the V8 5.7 liter is the 2nd option.

And the third one is the turbodiesel V6 3.0-ltr engine that generates 442 lb-feet of torque and 260 horsepower. However, the supercharged V8 6.2-ltr would be the ultimate engine that generates 702 horsepower and 650 lb-feet of torque. 

2020 Dodge Ram 1500 Engine 

As offering a variety of engine choices, the 2020 model year of Ram 1500 includes a 3.6-liters V6 eTorque, a 5.7-liters Hemi V8, as well as an EcoDiesel V6 of 3.0 liters. Considering power and efficiency, the regular 3.6 liter V6 eTorque is the best engine. 

As an option, a diesel engine is available. However, if looking for a powerful alternative to the standard engine, the Hemi V8 of 5.7 liters gives more towing capacity. And the EcoDiesel V6 of 3.0 liter gives far more horsepower and hauling capabilities compared to gasoline engines. 

2019 Dodge Ram 1500 Engine 

Pentastar V6 of 3.6-liters, Hemi V8 of 5.7-liters, and the latest Ecodiesel (3.0 liters)- all these are available for this model year. Pentastar V6 is the solid choice if you prioritize sufficient power and high fuel efficiency.

On the contrary, the Hemi V8 can be the best bet if you need a powerful engine for towing or hauling heavy stuff around. Ecodiesel (3.0 liter) would be a fantastic option for minimal emissions and gas mileage. 

Purposes of Replacing Engine 

When it comes to the most trustworthy pickup trucks, the Dodge Ram 1500 is one of the names. Whether you use them for commuting, work, or both, they won’t give you major issues outside like a car.

According to research, the Dodge Ram 1500 has an average rating of 3.5 on reliability. But, still, there can be some common problems with the truck for which you may need to replace the engine. Like:

  • Engine and transmission issues
  • Sludge b building in the engine
  • Engine overheating 
  • Oil pressure drops 
  • Radiator bursting due to backpressure
  • Engine failure 
  • Leakage in engine components

To deal with all these issues, replacing the engine is more cost-effective in the long run when the truck is relatively new and other mechanical components are in fine condition. You can avoid the hassle of insurance and taxes of acquiring a new vehicle and sending a ton of money. 

Considering Facts For Engine Replacement Cost 

Based on the sort of engine you replace, the cost is mainly determined. Let’s assume that your Dodge Ram 1500 engine is off to repair or restoration, and hence you’re replacing it. In such a case, the engine will most likely be the same as the previous one. As a stock engine comes with fewer replaceable moving components, it’s more cost-effective. 

On the contrary, a designer or customized engine, such as one that you can use in a heavy-duty truck construction, can undoubtedly cost huge. The price of an engine is proportional to its horsepower, torque, quantity of cylinders, and performance. 

In addition, you’ll need to allocate extra money toward the completion of the replacement of the engine. Whether you replace a brand-new or remanufactured engine, both have a significantly low expense for installation. But, for optimum operation, you may be required to buy some extra supplies such as oil and cooling fluid. The combined cost of these items will be over $100. 

When you choose an older engine to opt for, it’ll require repairing all the damaged parts to get it running up again. However, you should be prepared to pay extra for the parts and labor while installing a reconditioned engine. The total expense will be estimated based on the severity of the damage and the mechanics’ hourly charge. 

Dodge Ram Engine Replacement Cost

The replacement cost for your Dodge Ram engine is directly related to these facts-

  • Engine brand
  • Size
  • Numbers of Cylinders
  • Fuel type
  • Complete assembly/ engine long block/ engine short block
  • Engine condition (new/ remanufactured/ used/ specific parts not working)

Considering your requirement, the Dodge Ram engine replacement cost may range from $1,900 to $13,000. Also, some replacement expense ranges can go up to $20,000 or beyond. 

For buying a new Dodge Ram motor, the budget would be over $9000. Without including the professional installation expense, the estimated cost of replacing the engine will be $10,000 or more. How much would you have to spend on installation? Well, it depends on whether you handle it all by yourself or take help from professional mechanics. 

While purchasing a used Dodge Ram engine may seem a money saver, you may spend much on buying other parts and labor. So, there is a possibility to spend more money on a remanufactured Ram engine rather than you’ll have on the same brand-new engine. 

Some engines are expensive to produce and complex also. That’s why vehicle specialists mostly suggest remanufactured engines. They come ready to go and need less tweaking. 

01. Can you replace a gas Dodge Ram engine with a diesel?

Well, gasoline and diesel are not compatible with each other. For a gas engine’s fuel pump system, diesel fuel is much thicker. And gas produces a large enough explosion to manage the diesel engine.

But you can install diesel engines where gasoline ones were previously removed. However, this process is a complex plug and play replacement. Also technically infeasible from the standpoint of economy. 

02. How long would an engine replacement take?

As engine replacing is a labor intensive and complicated task, generally it takes 10 to 20 hours to complete a project. If the engine parts are hard-to-find, the mechanic can quote for a much longer time. 

03. Does replacing the new engine include changing the odometer?

The odometer keeps track of the traveled mileage of all the parts rather than only the engine. So, while replacing the engine, it won’t get reset. In fact, resetting the odometer is prohibited since it doesn’t give an accurate reading of the vehicle’s other parts. 

04. How long does a vehicle generally last after replacing the engine?

Well, after replacing the engine, a Dodge Ram 1500 should run as long as the previous one. For instance, if you replace your engine at 150,000 miles, it can be expected to last for the same mileage after replacement. But, you should maintain the engine properly for the best performance. 

05. What other parts should be changed with the engine?

Along with the engine, you should also inspect other little components, such as brackets, sensors, and other bolts, for replacement. Check out the gaskets, timing belts, and seals if needed.

If there’s any leftover debris on the oil cooling system of the engine, it can damage the newly replaced engine. Take advantage of flushing out the cooler lines and replace the oil cooler. Also, replace the hoses, spark plugs, clams, and thermostats, as they’re not long-lasting. 

To Conclude

Fortunately, without going into debt, you can replace the Dodge Ram engine. Compared to the new or remanufactured engines, which are expensive, you can go for quality second-hand money-saving options. Additionally, you can save some more money if you do some DIY replacement. 

However, replacing a new engine is a complicated task and requires attention. After the replacement is done, you should keep an eye on the motor. Also, be attentive to the temperature and pressure gauges. Also, remember that the engine warranty doesn’t cover the damage caused by overheating. Otherwise, err can happen.