Dodge Ram 5500 Towing Capacity (The Detailed You should Know)

Dodge RAM 5500 is one of the best towing vehicles that is much better than other ordinary trucks. Towing trucks have a huge fan following because of the extra weight carrying feature they offer whether it’s about carrying an RV or pulling a car to the petrol station, you will be amazed to see the towing capacity of Dodge RAM 5500.

But was the Dodge RAM 5500 towing capacity the same a few years back?

The answer is no because, with each revised version, Dodge RAM 5500 brought new features and increased towing capacity.

If you want to know how much weight a RAM 5500 can tow and what the towing capacities were in the previous years, then you have landed at the right article.

Dodge RAM 5500 trucks are known for their high-weight towing capacity without giving much strain to the engine. The best thing is that you will not have to take your truck for frequent services because of malfunctioning after a heavy-weight towing.

So let’s know more about the towing capacity of Dodge RAM 5500 to analyze if it’s worth it or not.

Dodge Ram 5500 Towing Capacity

Dodge RAM 5500 is available in the market with four trim packages with a 4 × 4 drive train. All the trim levels, including Limited, Laramine, SLT, and Limited, are available in crew cabs, with varying towing capacities.

If you are choosing Dodge RAM 5500 with an upfit you need to be very careful about its payload capabilities, ranging from 10,700 to 11,450 lbs. On average, the approximate towing capacity of Dodge RAM 5500 can range between 34,290 to 34,800 lbs depending on other factors that you choose, like the engine, upfit, and trim level.

When the 2022 Dodge RAM 5500 is equipped with the 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel 16 engine, it bears a towing capacity of 35,220 pounds and a payload capacity of 12,510 pounds.

If you are interested to know the Dodge RAM towing capacity changes over the years, move to the next part of our article and look at the different towing capacities of this amazing and high-speed truck in different years.

Dodge RAM Towing Capacity Changes Over The Years

Dodge RAM 5500 towing capacity has increased over the years from 2008-2022 and is expected to increase further in 2023. The company has completely changed the meaning of towing capacity over the years.

Initially, the first launched version of Dodge RAM 5500 was probably designed only to tow a small car. However, the 37,000 pounds towing capacity that we will have in 2023 is enough to tow even a truck.

Looking at the comparison table, you realize the changes and improvements Dodge RAM had made in the previous years, making it obvious that you will see more improvements in towing capacity and other features in the upcoming versions.

Yearly Towing Capacity Comparison of Dodge RAM 5500

RAM 5500 Year Towing Capacity (approximate) GVWR


2023(expected) 37,000 pounds 17,000-25,000 pounds
2022 35,220 pounds 15,000-18,000 pounds
2021 32,500 pounds 10,001-16,500 pounds

Factors Affecting Towing Capacity of Dodge RAM 5500

Towing capacity of a truck can be more or less because of several factors including cab to axle length, transmission, and engine type. If you are planning to buy a Dodge RAM 5500, it’s important to know what factors can affect the towing capacity so you will better be able to decide if you should buy Dodge 5500 over any other Dodge truck.

01. Type of Transmission

Knowing the needs of variable truck drivers, Dodge RAM has designed this truck with two transmissions including the automatic and manual transmission. Talking about towing, an automatic transmission is more helpful than the manual one.

The reason is that a manual transmission truck heats up when loaded with heavy weight. This ultimately lowers the towing capacity.

This does not happen in the automatic transmission, where everything is streamlined from the gearbox so you can tow more heavyweights without dealing with the heated clutch. We suggest investing in an automatic transmission Dodge RAM 5500.

02. Length of The Cab To Axle

The length of the cab to axle greatly affects the towing capacity of any vehicle, including the Dodge RAM 5500. You may know that a weight is lifted easily when the object’s length is less, so the same is the case here.

There are 4 cabs to excel lengths available with Dodge RAM 5500, which are; 60, 84, 108, and 120 inches. The shorter available length provides more towing capacity.

Have a look at the below table to know how much towing capacity decreases with an increase in cab-to-axle length.

Towing capacity comparison according to cab to axle length

Cab to axle length Towing Capacity Payload Capacity
60 inches 34,800 pounds 11,450 pounds
84 inches 34,670 pounds 11,320 pounds
108 inches 34,530 pounds 11,180 pounds
120 inches 34,450 pounds 11,100 pounds


The cab to excel length is the total distance from the central line of rear Excel moving to the cab’s back. This length helps to know the size of the body to be towed. That is why you need to be careful while choosing the cab to excel the length of the Dodge RAM 5500. You should choose the

03. Engine Capacity

The engine’s capacity determines how much weight your towing truck can bear. A more powerful engine can help with pulling a more heavyweight, while less powerful engines are less capable of doing so.

Dodge RAM 5500 has two types of engine options including

  1. 4 V8
  2. 7L Cummins 16

The V8 engine provides more output giving a higher towing capacity than the Cummins engine.

Dodge Ram 5500 Towing FAQ’s

01: Is there a difference between Dodge RAM 4500 and Dodge RAM 5500?

These are almost similar in functioning and towing capacities, yet the main difference lies in the Gross Combined Weight Rating(GCWR).

Comparing the value of GCWR, we can say that Dodge RAM 5500 is better than the other one. So if you are looking for a towing truck with more working efficiency, you can choose Dodge RAM 5500.

02: What’s the Dodge RAM 5500 truck weight?

Dodge RAM 55oo is a heavy vehicle bearing almost the following weight:

  • Front curb: 5,247 pounds
  • Rear curb: 3.142 pounds
  • Front axle: 7,000 pounds
  • Rear axle: 13,500 pounds

03: What is the horsepower of Dodge RAM 5500?

The 6.7L engine of the Dodge RAM 5500 offers a maximum of 360 hp, while it has a torque of 800 lb-ft.

Wrapping Up

To make a purchase of RAM 5500, you must put an eye to every detail about it including Dodge RAM 5500 towing capacity. Because not every towing truck is suitable for your requirements just because you want to drive it with your RV.

With a change in need, you must focus on different versions of the vehicle to get the best results. Different factors also affect the towing capacity of a vehicle so do not believe in the figures only instead give your own analysis of the Dodge RAM 5500 features.

You can choose any towing truck with previous year versions of the Dodge RAM 5500 or the latest version whatsoever it all depends on why you need the Dodge ram 5500.  Still, we suggest choosing the latest versions to enjoy the advanced technology that Dodge company is adding to its upcoming vehicles.