Ram Rebel vs Laramie (What Are The Real Differences?)

Ram 1500 is built to last and is intended to change the way you go about your workday. Both Laramie and Rebel models are two well-liked Ram 1500 trim choices for motorists in the MO, Excelsior Springs, region. But which of the two models is best for you, despite having great features?

From a general point of view, the main difference between these two ram models is their engines. Ram Rebel is equipped with a standard 3.6-liter V6 Pentastar engine, while the Laramie comes with a standard HEMI 5.7-liter V8 engine.

In this article, we are going to look at the comparison of Ram Rebel vs Laramie , Specs, MPG and performances.

What Is So Special About the RAM Rebel?

Unlike other trim vehicles, the Rebel has a sportier vibe than your typical pick-up thanks to its exterior styling.

RAM Rebel has a distinctive grille as standard, powder-coated bumpers, sports performance hood, LED headlights and taillights with black bezels, LED fog lights, black wheel flares, and an additional black dual exhaust system as an option (including an optional HEMI V8 engine).

However, this is more than just a cosmetic upgrade; the Rebel is made differently.

Laramie vs. Ram Rebel: The Comparison Fields

RAM full-pickup truck line has always been among the top options on the market for customers who want the best off-road efficiency and engine power, whether as a member of the Dodge lineup or as an independent brand created by Chrysler.

And with the 2016 version of its most well-known model, the RAM 1500, the car may be better than ever. U.S. News & World Report, which compiles automotive reviews and ratings, ranked the 2016 Top Full-Size Truck for the Money.

01. Performance

Both Rebel and Laramie have powerful basic engines in them. Most ram engines are the 5.7-L HEMI V8, although the Rebel generates 395 hp and 410 lb-ft of torque.

Additionally, the 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 in the Laramie generates 305 hp and 269 lb-ft of power. You have the option of choosing the HEMI V8 in place of the V6 even if the Laramie does have the weaker of the two above-mentioned engines.

Furthermore, the Laramie offers a third engine option, a 3.0-liter turbo diesel that achieves the best fuel efficiency for the RAM 1500 at 21/29 mpg.

On the Rebel, that engine choice is not available. As if that was not enough, the HEMI V8 or the EcoDiesel V6 is the finest options if you have strict requirements for towing capacity, which can be upwards of 10,480 lbs.

02. Appearance

You have a good selection of body type configurations with the Rebel or Laramie. There is the four-door Crew Cab or Quad Cab, with a bed that is either 6’4″ or 5’7″ long.

On top of that, if you choose the Rebel, you can get the Regular Cab with two doors and a 6’4″ bed. Do not be deceived by the RAM 1500’s size; advanced technology is integrated into its impressively large shape.

Ram has an Active Air Grille shutter, which automatically closes to lessen drag and boost performance.

Moreover, you can choose to install a tonneau bed cover to further reduce aerodynamic drag, as well as tubular wheel-to-wheel side stairs for simpler access to the truck bed.

03. Safety

RAM 1500 is already powerful and durable, and it comes with airbags to protect you in the event of a collision.

On the Regular Cab, side-impact airbags are positioned on the seats, as well as front-impact airbags to protect both the driver and passenger and side airbags protect the head.

Extra side curtain airbags are available for the back row of seats on the Crew Cab body and the Quad Cab types. RAM 1500 also has a safety system as a crime deterrent.

A rearview video for backup surveillance, and electronic stabilization to help drivers regain control of the truck when in slick conditions.

If you choose the Laramie model, the security system gains an alarm as an additional layer of defense, and you can also add an automatic start to go along with the already common automatic parking system.

04. Pricing

On the price plan, Laramie grade costs about $42,000 at launch and is $10,000 more expensive than just the base vehicle, according to Ram.

Laramie is offered as a crew cab in addition to the quad cab with the typical truck bed and back-wheel drive. Additionally, a four-wheel drive is an option.

Talking about the cost, the Ram 1500 Laramie may be as high as $48,000, depending on the type you select.

While Ram 1500 Rebel, which has a base price of around $46,000, is positioned over the Laramie in the center of the lineup.

Ram rebel has the rear-wheel drive as standard equipment, just like the Laramie. However, a smaller bed and a crew cab are added.

Rebel also has quad-cab bodies, but only when coupled with the standard four-wheel drive. Presently, the initial price sky-rocketed beyond $49,000 if a four-wheel drive and a crew cab are chosen.

MPG of Ram Rebel and Laramie

01. Ram Rebel MPG

Ram Rebel 1500 diesel showed 26.4 mpg on the 107.2-mile route, which was a tad optimistic compared to my estimated mileage. 4.169 gallons of fuel, or 25.7 mpg, were consumed by the Rebel during the trip.

As a result, the computer readout is within 3% of the estimated mpg. That fuel mileage gave the 33-gallon gasoline tank a range of over 850 miles, which was sufficient to travel the entirety from North to South of California.

Except for the driver, there were no other goods in the vehicle at the time of this examination.

Notably, the split tailgate, Ram Boxes, and numerous other conveniences that increased weight and lowered payload capacity were completely loaded on this specific Rebel. Ram truck has a little bit more than 1,000 pounds of cargo capacity.

02. Ram Laramie MPG

Ram laramie 4×2 has a fuel efficiency rating of 20 mpg in the city and 24 mpg on the highway, while the four-by-four is 19 mpg.

Despite the EcoDiesel being a $4,000 option, the EPA values the HEMI V8 Ram at 17 city mpg and 21 highway mpg. However, I recorded 13.6 mpg due to a severe right foot as well as some truck tracks.

Ram Rebel vs Laramie Specs

Are you wondering what to expect from either vehicle? The table below will give you an idea of what to expect from the 2022 RAM Rebel or Laramie.

From the interior to the exterior, every piece is carefully designed for complete comfort.

RAM Rebel Laramie
Engines Engines


5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT eTorque 5.7L V8 HEMI MDS VVT eTorque
3.0L Turbo Diesel 3.0L Turbo Diesel
3.6L V6 Pentastar Gas 3.6L V6 Gas
Transmission Drivetrain Rear-Wheel Drive Four-Wheel Drive
Transmission 8-Speed Automatic 8-Speed Automatic
Torque 269 lb-ft – 4800 rpm 269 lb-ft – 4,800 rpm
Horsepower 305 hp – 6400 rpm 305 hp – 6400 rpm
Steering Type of Steering Rack-Pinion Rack-Pinion
Turning Diameter 46.2 ft 46.2 ft
Tires Front Tire LT275/70RR18 P275/65SR18
Rear Tire LT275/70SR18 P275/65SR18
Spare Tire Full-Size Full-Size
Wheels Wheels Type Aluminum Wheels Aluminum Wheels
Front Wheel Size 18″ x 8″ 18″ x 8″
Rear Wheel Size 18″ x 8″ 18″ x 8″

Fuel & MPG


Fuel Economy Combined 22 MPG 21 MPG
City 20 MPG 494.00 mi
Highway 25 MPG 624.00 mi
Fuel Tank Tank Capacity 26 gallons 26 gal
City 520 miles 460 miles
Highway 650 miles 575 miles
Battery Range & Charge Times Battery Size 0.43 kWh 0.43 kWh
Emissions 15K mi/year 8.0 Tons/yr 8.0 Tons/yr

Dimensions and Measurement


Exterior Dimensions Length 232.9 in 228.9 in
Max Width 82.1 in 82.1 in
Height 77.5 in 77.6 in
Wheelbase 144.5 in 140.5 in
Interior Space Seating Capacity 5-seater 6-seater
Front Seat Leg Room 40.9 in 40.9 in
Front Seat Headroom 40.9 in 40.9 in
Front Seat Shoulder Room 66 in 66 in
Front Seat Hip Room 63.4 in 63.4 in
Rear Seat Leg Room 45.2 in 35.6 in
Rear Seat Headroom 39.8 in 39.2 in
Rear Seat Shoulder Room 65.7 in 65.7 in
Rear Seat Hip Room 63.4 in 63.4 in
Weight and Towing Curb Weight 5,127 lbs 4,899 lbs
Maximum Towing Capacity 7,410 lbs 6,640 lbs
Cargo Box Dimensions Box Length (Floor) 67.4 in 76.3 in
Box Width (Floor) 66.4 in 66.4 in
Box Width (Top, Rear) 66.4 in 66.4 in
Box Width (Wheelhousings) 51 in 51 in
Box Height (Area) 21.4 in 21.5 in
Tailgate Width 60 in 60 in
Cargo Volume 53.9 ft³ 61.5 ft³
Entertainment AM/FM Stereo (Optional) Auxiliary Audio Input


HD Radio (Optional)


MP3 Player (Optional)


HD Radio (Optional)


Satellite Radio (Optional)


Premium Sound System (Optional)


WiFi Hotspot (Optional)


Smart Device Integration (Optional)


Apple CarPlay


Android Auto


Heating & Cooling Climate Control (Optional)


Dual Zone A/C (Optional)


Navigation & Communication Navigation System (Optional)


Hands-free onboard communications system Standard
Lighting System Headlight LED LED
  Taillight LED LED


Ride Quality of Rebel and Laramie

Laramie offers more comfort, convenience, and technology. Once the four-wheel drive is added, the rebel, on the other hand, boasts off-roading ability and the characteristics to match, including a locking distinction, skid plates, tow hooks, off-road-tuned suspension system, hill descent control, a 1-inch factory boost, and incorporates 33-inches tires from “Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac” in its standard equipment list. When it comes to a better deal, Laramie stands out, however, if two packages are not a concern for you.

Is the Ram Rebel Upgrade Worth It?

For people who desire the convenience and comfort of a typical full-size truck along with a capable off-road vehicle, the Ram Rebel is an excellent choice.

The Rebel is the complete package, and you can get one secondhand for a fair price. As at the time of this post, the most recent Ram is a fantastic update that builds on the achievements of the Ram 1500 line throughout the years.

Is Ram Rebel Performance Good on Gas?

Ram Rebel could be the ideal car for you if you are searching for a dependable and gas-economical car. Ram Rebel offers the best-in-class 44 fuel efficiency and one of the most significant fuel economies across the model line.

When properly outfitted, this vehicle can achieve up to 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the interstate, so you may obtain exceptional gas mileage without compromising capability. Ram Rebel gas economy is exquisite with best-in-class 44 efficiency.

Is the Rebel Better Than the Laramie?

Ram Rebel is the clear pick if you engage in frequent, intense off-roading in your free time.

From a value perspective, the Laramie is superior and just as suitable for light off-roading with 4WD. Both models provide drivers with the necessary power thanks to the broad range of available engines.

Both trucks, unlike several of Ram’s rivals, may also be equipped with a V-6 diesel. With RWD, it gets 22/32 mpg in the city and on the highway, while adding 4WD barely reduces the economy.

Even though it has just 260 hp, it offers an incredible 480 lb-ft of power for towing and smooth power delivery.

Choosing a good vehicle insurance policy has never been simpler, even though it may be difficult to choose between these two fantastic tracks.

I was able to undertake all the legwork involved in obtaining affordable estimates from the most well-known insurance providers and purchasing new auto insurance.

What Has Changed for 2022 Ram Rebel 1500 G/T & Laramie G/T(Video)

Ram increases the selection of ways customers can purchase its half-ton pickup for 2022.

A sporty G/T option for both Laramie and Rebel, a hardy Backcountry Edition, and an even more opulent variation of the top-tier Limited called the 10th Anniversary Version are among the new additions to the portfolio.

A cold-air intake, paddle shifters, distinctive exhaust pipe, and a controller shifter distinguish the G/T.

The BackCountry Edition is an off-road package for the Big Horn and Lone Star vehicles, which are valued for their affordability.

As you can clearly see, the 10th Anniversary Version further enhances the Limited type with even more luxurious interior finishes, a blue paint shade that is only offered, and unique badging both inside and outside.

Questions Pop Up on My Head

The 2022 ram 1500 weighs how much?

What is the weight of a 2022 RAM 1500? depends on the trim level you choose. But the 2022 RAM 1500 is the vehicle you should use if you wish to tow and through the city.

As a result, the weight of the 2022 RAM 1500 is divided into several categories, such as the 2022 RAM 1500.

Is the ram 1500 a reliable pickup?

Yes of course! It is a fantastic pickup I must say. But you have a choice of powertrains with V6, V8, or diesel engine alternatives, depending on your demands.

Ram offers strong carrying and towing capacities, composing management, and a ride so comfortable that you will not even realize you are in a truck.

Specifically, in Crew Cab variants, Ram’s two seats’ compartments are wide and comfortable. The best inside of any full-size truck is found in this vehicle. Although there is not a long list of typical features, there are lots of technology.

How many passengers can the ram 1500 hold?

Ram has six-person seating in both the Crew Cab and Quad Cab variants, and the front seating is roomy, supportive, and comfortable. Drivers also have good sight.

Crew Cab offers the roomiest rear seats and is significantly above its smaller sibling. You can also see how spacious the Quad Cab`s back seats are which is enough for several people. Large doors on the Ram make entering and exiting the cab simple.

Final Thoughts

Few changes are made to the 2022 Ram 1500, because Ram does not want to modify the formula that helps this truck consistently place in the top half of our full-size truck rankings.

Whatever you want in a truck—pleasant seats, strong engines, a comfortable ride, or adequate towing capacity—the Ram delivers. And to sum up the comparison of ram rebel vs laramie, Ram’s cabin quality is on par with some high-end models.