What Is The Best Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500 With Rambox?

Some Dodge Ram trucks have a RAMBOX, including the Ram 1500, Ram 1500 Quad Cab, and Ram 1500 Crew Cab. A RAMBOX is a cargo management system installed into the truck bed. Drivers use it to store valuable tools for gardening, fishing, camping, sports, etc.

A Rambox may provide extra storage space but requires protection from thieves and weather elements.

Hence, you need the best tonneau cover for ram 1500 with rambox. Tonneau covers offer different designs, construction materials, colors, sizes, and more. We will review the top five tonneau covers for a Ram 1500 with a Rambox. Discover these next.

What Is The Best Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500 With Rambox?

Top tonneau covers for Ram 1500 with a Rambox in the truck bed include the following:

  • Tri-fold hard roll-up
  • Hard Folding
  • Soft Roll Up
  • Retractable
  • Soft Folding 

01. Best Tri-fold hard roll-up tonneau cover for dodge ram with rambox:

Do you live in or travel to an area with a high crime rate or bad weather? If yes, a tri-fold hard roll-up tonneau cover could fit you.

Our top choice for you is the BAK 80227 hard roll-up tonneau cover. As the BAK 80227 offers an industrial-grade vinyl fabric and aluminum slats, it is a reliable and durable tonneau cover.

We believe it can go well with any Ram 1500 truck color as it has a stylish matte black finish.

Another thing we like about this truck bed cover is its roll-up design. Use your hand to pull it down the tailgate cable to unlock it.

Then, roll your tarp tightly against the cabin and use the sturdy strap and buckle mechanism to lock it in place.

Due to its rotational locking mechanism, all sides of the BAK tonneau cover stay safe when closed. Tri-fold tonneau covers limit access to the truck bed, but the BAK brand is different.

If you want to get something from the truck bed, roll it up as it opens easily when unlocked. A USA-made product, the BACK Revolver X4s promises longevity and high performance.

Outcome performance benefits 

If you purchase and mount this tonneau cover on a Ram 1500 with a Rambox, expect a few benefits:

  • Weather protection – A textured vinyl top and an aluminum underside make this tonneau cover the safest around. If your area snows or rains a lot, this tarp will protect your things from damage.
  • Aesthetics – BAK’s hard rolled-up tonneau cover has stylish side seals and lovely rear corner caps.
  • Secure – You will not need to worry about thieves when you close the BAK tonneau as it has an advanced rotational locking mechanism.
  • Easy handling – When not in use, roll the cover forward and use the strap and buckle mechanism to hold it tightly against the cab. Unroll it backward, push it down the tailgate cable, and lock it into place.
  • Full access – BAK chose the best design for this tonneau cover because it gives you full access to the truck bed without blocking your rear-view mirror.


You can buy the BAK 80227 tonneau cover for a 2019 to 2022 Dodge Ram 1500 with a Rambox.

Q/A: Will the Rambox cargo storage system protect my things from water damage?

Yes, the Rambox is waterproof and sturdy. If you plan to travel to a place with bad weather, the Rambox will protect your things from water damage.

Also, the Rambox has an AllSecure remote security technology that could help keep your cargo safe.

Q/A: Do all Ram models have the Rambox?

No, only the most popular Ram models have the Rambox storage system. One of these is Ram 1500 and the Ram 1500 Crew Cab and Quad Cab.

Others include Ram 2500 Crew Cab and Mega Cab and Ram 3500 Crew Cab and Mega Cab.

02. Best Hard Folding Tonneau Cover for Ram 1500

We have discovered that many tonneau covers have a soft roll-up design. Hard roll-ups or folding tonneau covers are difficult to find and less of a preference to many users.

If your situation warrants a hard folding tonneau cover, we recommend the oEdRo OETETC-1044-VC01.

As the oEdRo OETETC-1044-VC01 cover is sturdy and robust, it can hold items on top of it. Specifically, it can withstand a maximum weight of 350 pounds.

As the construction material is the double aluminum honeycomb plates, this tonneau cover has the incredible weight-bearing capacity and UV light resistance.

Besides, the tonneau cover has an aluminum clamping mechanism that helps keep it stable when loaded. Whether the weather is bad or good, the oEdRo remains one of the most reliable tarps.

Although it has no warranty, the cover offers longevity. If you take proper care of it, you could use it for years. Unlike other comparable tarps, the oEdRo tonneau cover has a superior signal light bar with usable modes.

On its rear edge, this hardtop cover has an LED light strip that can respond to your driving actions. For instance, it will illuminate when you press the brake pedal, turn left or light, run, etc.

Regarding handling, the oEdRo tri-fold hard tonneau is easy to install and use. You do not need to drill or cut any part of it to ensure proper fit.

As this tonneau cover comes with an adaptor for connecting the factory socket and a seven-way trailer connector, you can manually install it.

Besides, you can follow what the manual says. Like several other tonneau covers, the oEdRo one has a tailgate lock mechanism. Not only does this lock protect the truck bed from the falling snowflakes but also dust and rain.

Outcome Performance Benefits

  • Maximum protection – Tampering with a hard tonneau cover is hard for a thief. Also, the oEdRo hardtop cover has a LED ceiling light at the bottom on each side to ensure maximum protection and convenience. 
  • Durability – As the oEdRo tarp consists of sturdy material, it may last longer depending on how you care for it.
  • Road safety – Increasing your visibility and safety on the road when covering the truck bed can prevent accidents. Luckily, the oEdRo designers had thought of your safety when they installed a LED chip on the rear side. When you trigger signals, use this LED strip for visibility.
  • Easy to fold – There is a front nylon strap with buckles for securing the tonneau cover without removing it.


Those with a Dodge Ram truck from 2009 to 2018 or 2019 to 2022 model years can choose this tri-fold tarp.

Q/A: Why should I select a hard folding tonneau cover? 

As you might have learned from our review above, a hard tonneau cover has a sturdy top. Thus, it can carry extra materials on top.

A hard tonneau cover does not rip easily. Choose it for an area with a high crime rate. Moreover, it can resist weather elements while remaining stylish and beautiful.

Q/A: Can old trucks use a hard rolling tonneau cover? 

In most cases, old trucks cannot use a hard tonneau. Trucks that existed before 1990 will hardly use a Rambox and a hard tonneau cover.

A rolling truck bed cover is usually the only option owners of these old trucks have. Besides, if your budget is small, a soft folding cover makes a better alternative.

03. Best Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover:

If black is one of your favorite colors for truck accessories, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 92424 tonneau cover might meet your needs.

Unlike our first two options, this is a soft folding cover for Ram 1500s with a Rambox. One of the most adorable qualities of this tonneau cover is its simplicity.

One look at it is enough to convince you to buy it. Also, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 cover is very easy to install and use.

As it has EZ-Lock clamps at the tailgate, the tonneau cover can stay safe when closed. Using these clamps is easy because you should pull them down and then fold the tonneau cover two times.

After that, buckle up the cover to the cab and finish. As they pre-assemble the soft-folding tonneau cover at the factory, you should place it on the truck bed and tighten it up to the cab with the two clamps.

If you want to tow a heavy with your truck, remove the whole cover first. Removing the tarp is not difficult, but it can take longer than installing it.

Regarding the construction materials, the Trifecta 2.0 consists of a leather-grain fabric. Besides resisting water, this sturdy fabric cannot fade or rip down.

As the USA-made soft tonneau cover, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 92424 is among the most believable products you can find online. Besides enhancing utility, it will also ensure convenience and aesthetics for your Dodge Ram 1500.

Outcome Performance Benefits 

If you choose the Extang Trifecta 2.0 92424 cover, you might notice these performance benefits:

  • Installation ease – As noted earlier, installation of this tonneau cover works faster than the removal.
  • Durable – A leather-grain fabric is soft but lasts longer.
  • No wetness – Cargo can stay safe in the truck bed because the tonneau cover is waterproof.
  • Safe – As the tonneau cover locks with two advanced EZ lock clamps, your possessions can stay safe.
  • Affordable – If you want an affordable soft folding tonneau, the Extang Trifecta 2.0 92424 can offer value for your dollars.


Choose it for 2019 to 2023 Dodge Rams.

Q/A: What differentiates a soft folding cover from a hard folding tarp? 

One of the things that differentiate a soft and a hard folding tonneau cover is the construction material. A soft folding cover usually features materials like vinyl, polyester, or vinyl.

On the other hand, a hard folding tonneau cover will consist of heavy-duty aluminum and composite materials.

Hence, hard folding tonneaus can withstand heavy weight on top and have a more rugged appearance. Soft tonneau covers cannot support weight on top and have a smooth texture.

Q/A: How secure is a soft folding tonneau cover? 

A soft folding tonneau cover is not as protective as its hard folding cover counterpart. If your area is unsafe, or you often drive to insecure areas, choose the hard folding cover.

A soft tri-fold cover will keep most of the truck bed hidden, but it is easier to cut through. A rotational locking mechanism on the tailgate may add to its security though.

04. Best Retractable Tonneau Covers:

The Roll N Lock LG401M might be the best choice for someone who uses their Dodge Ram 1500 with rambox for the delivery of goods.

If you must access the truck bed severally throughout the day, the Roll N Lock can make your work easier. In addition to protecting your cargo from elements and robbers, this retractable tonneau tarp facilitates access to the truck bed. One thing we like about it is the tough aluminum and vinyl material.

Besides being hard to cut, aluminum is hardwearing while vinyl provides a low gloss profile. Installation work might take at least an hour because you need to assemble the unit correctly.

We also understand that as a delivery person, promptness matters to you. Roll N Lock gives you a retractable tonneau cover you can open and close fast and drive away.

A torsion spring within the three-inch aluminum casing makes this work.

As a time-saving tonneau cover, the Roll N Lock will perfectly suit the logistics of your delivery job.

As it sits about seven and a quarter inch deep, this M-series tonneau cover will save the truck bed’s cargo space. Due to the contoured hinges, no thief will manage to get his way inside the truck bed.

Outcome Performance Benefits

Installing the retractable Roll N Lock tonneau cover with bed rails is a good decision. You can expect these advantages:

  • Classic design – An aluminum material with a vinyl top provides a classic appearance.
  • Saves time – As you can open and close this tonneau cover fast, you can save time for other things
  • Protection – If you park your car to do a delivery, this tarp will discourage any thief from tampering with your cargo.
  • Saves space – Roll N Lock provides the most compact retractable tonneau covers.


Choose this model for your 2019 – 2020 Dodge Ram 1500, 2500, or 3500.

Q/A: Why does a retractable tonneau cover so reliable? 

One excellent thing about a retractable tonneau cover is that it saves space. Their unused portion can roll and collapse into itself near the cab.

Thus, it can expose only the area you need. Also, some retractable covers can work manually or electronically via a push button on your key fob.

Q/A: Does a retractable tonneau cover keep the truck bed safe? 

A retractable tonneau cover is a stylish and lovely product. However, it will be less secure if its construction material is a soft fabric.

A soft material is easy to cut and may not be waterproof. Hence, choose a hard composite or aluminum plus vinyl retractable cover to ensure safety. Also, a locking mechanism is a perfect security option.

05. Soft Folding Tonneau cover: 

USA-made auto accessories tend to have good quality depending on the brand. The durability of this cover is a must because it has dual-coating and construction materials.

Offering 240z marine-grade vinyl material and aircraft-grade aluminum frames, the TYGER AUTO TG-BC3D1044 is durable. As the name suggests, this is a soft folding tonneau cover requiring no drilling for installation to work.

Installation is easy because you need to use idiot-proof stainless-steel clamps. These will last longer because of the stainless-steel metal. Furthermore, you will receive hardware to make mounting such bliss. 

Unless your vehicle has an over-the-bedrail Bedliner, you will not need to cut tiny holes to ensure the clamps fit tightly. If you have an under-the-bedrail Bedliner, you should not cut anything.

Horizontal crossbars for support come pre-assembled to easily fold up with this tonneau cover. Hence, the setup provides full access to the truck bed.

Outcome Performance Benefits

  • Longevity – Although a soft folding cover, its vinyl material has double coats for longevity.
  • Pre-assembled – As the crossbars arrive ready for mounting, the installation task is quick.
  • Waterproof – You run no risk of things getting wet with this TYGER AUTO TG-BC3D1044 as it is waterproof.
  • Secure – Unless you work or live in a very unsafe area, this soft-folding tonneau cover should offer basic security to the truck bed.


One can choose the TYGER AUTO TG-BC3D1044FAQ if they own a Dodge Ram 1500 that emerged from 2019 to 2022.

Q/A: How can I select the best soft-folding tonneau cover? 

Consider the use of the tonneau cover. Do you want it to cover the entire truck or a section of it? Also, focus on the locking mechanism, mounting ease, price, and appearance.

Q/A: When can I select a retractable tonneau cover? 

If you want your Dodge RAM 1500 truck to have a uniform-looking truck bed, a retractable design is the best. Also, if you do a job that requires using the truck bed, a soft retractable tonneau cover is the best.

How to Install Tyger Auto Soft Roll Up Tonneau Cover On Ram 1500(video)