Dodge Ram Fuel Tank Replacement – When to Repair Dodge Fuel Tank?

The fuel tank holds the fuel that enables your Dodge Ram to run. These tanks are either made from aluminum, steel, or high-density plastic.

Fuel tanks is a car part that rarely needs to be serviced or replaced. With proper care and routine maintenance, your Dodge ram fuel tank can last as long as your car. However, there are times when the need to replace your fuel tank arises.

Wondering whether it’s time to repair your Dodge Ram fuel tank? Today’s piece got you covered on dodge ram fuel tank replacement and its repair cost.

What Is a Fuel Tank?

The fuel tank is the vehicle component that houses the engine fuel. It is mainly located at the front and rear bottom of cars and can be made from plastic, steel, or aluminum.

It is the part of fuel delivery system and the evaporative emissions control system of your Dodge.

How Does a Dodge Ram Fuel Tank Work?

A Dodge Ram has a fuel fill spout from the outside through which the fuel tank is filled. This fill spout is attached to the fuel tank filler neck with a release valve to push fuel into the tank while replacing the air inside. Once your tank is complete, and there’s no more air, a pressure signal the fuel pump to stop sending fuel.

Also, as the fuel enters the tank, adjustments will be made to the mechanical float showing the fuel level.

The fuel pump then propels the fuel from the tank through a fuel filter to the fuel injector; from there, the power goes to the cylinder chamber for combustion.

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What Are The Signs of a Defective Fuel Tank?

A failing fuel tank never fails to show some warning signs. Down below are some symptoms of a defective fuel tank to look out for:

01. Excessive Corrosion

A corrosive and rusted car tank causes your vehicle to run poorly. It’s tough to detect corrosion inside the car tank. A trick to knowing if your fuel tank is rusted is checking the fuel filter for contaminants.

If you found any, it will likely be the fuel tank rusting. When left for a long time, corrosion can cause perforations on your fuel tank.

02. Fuel Leaks

About to start your Dodge Ram in the morning, then you notice some fuel leaks under the vehicle? There’s likely a hole in your fuel tank. This is mainly caused by loose connections of the fuel lines and can lead to severe damage.

03. Dented Fuel Tanks

A fuel tank can get damaged during an accident causing it to crack or bend. It’s recommended you replace a dented fuel tank immediately, or else it will cause damage to the fuel pump. Damages due to accidents also expose your fuel tank to leaks.

04. Strong Gasoline Smell

A strong gasoline smell around your vehicle can be a warning sign of a defective fuel tank or other fuel system parts. You should contact your mechanic immediately to get an answer whether the problem is from the fuel tank or not

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Dodge Ram Fuel Tank?

The average cost of replacing a Dodge Ram fuel tank ranges between $1345 and $1391. Labor cost is estimated between $ 178 and $224, while the cost of parts is estimated at around $1167. However, this price may vary depending on your location and your mechanic.

Once your fuel tank starts showing symptoms of failure, you should replace it before the problem extends to other parts of the fuel system, which we know what that means — more spending!

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Dodge Ram Fuel Tank?

Sometimes you don’t have to change your fuel tank if the problem isn’t a big one. Mostly, if it’s a small perforation causing leakage, technicians can often wield or patch it up.

However, if the tank has a big hole or is leaking due to corrosion or damage from an accident, repairing the fuel tank isn’t the best idea.

The cost of repairing a Dodge Ram fuel tank depends on the type of damage, the prices of parts to be replaced, and your location.

Can I Drive With a Bad Fuel Tank?

It’s hazardous to drive a vehicle with a faulty fuel tank. The rust, debris, and dirt inside the fuel tank will be flushed further into the fuel system, causing severe damage.

In case of a leaky fuel tank, the leakage might continue while driving the vehicle, and that can cause a fire incident. Therefore, once you notice your fuel tank is faulty, contact your mechanic to replace the fuel and filter immediately.

How Often Should Fuel Tanks Be Replaced?

Fuel tanks can last for decades if properly maintained. How easily fuel tank damage depends on the type of vehicle, the material used in making the fuel tank, and environmental differences.

Talking about the type of vehicle, we’re 100% assured that Dodge offers the best and that your fuel tank will last as long as your car with proper care.

Also, the environment plays a role! If you reside in an environment with harsh weather conditions, extreme humidity, sand, or deep water, your fuel tank will be exposed to damage by rust and corrosion.

However, there are now plastic tanks that are made from a strong polyethylene and are not exposed to corrosion.

The Best Fuel Tank for Dodge Ram

Titans Fuel Tanks are the best for your Dodge Ram. The Titans offer highly durable fuel tanks completely coated with stainless steel mounting straps.

Their tanks feature a low fuel trap design, so almost every gallon can be used. What more? Titan fuel tanks come in different sizes and with a lifetime warranty.

Wrapping Up

Once your fuel tank starts giving warning signs like leakage, rust flakes floating in the fuel, difficulty starting your engine, and low fuel economy, then it’s time to get it replaced. When choosing a fuel tank for your Dodge Ram, consider going for a high-quality and durable one sold at a budget-friendly price.