Dodge Charger Shaking While Idle (Common Reasons and Repair Cost)

What’s common is Dodge Car shaking or vibrating while driving. So it looks all surprising when your Dodge charger starts shaking at idle conditions! This can be an alarming sign that something’s wrong with your vehicle.

There are many reasons that can lead to this problem, and they are mostly easy repairs but can be indicators of big issues at times. So there’s no need to panic. A quick note – before trying to figure out the cause of this problem, ensure the engine light is off.

Down below, we discussed all you need to know about a Dodge Charger shaking while idle and the best thing to do.

Common Reasons why Dodge Charger is Shaking While Idle and how to fix it

Here are some likely reasons why your Dodge charger is shaking at idle condition.

01. A Failing Engine Mount

Dodge Charger’s engine mount is what connects it to the chassis and functions to sequester engine noise and vibrations from the passenger compartment. Over time, this engine mount wears out, and the vibrations become more noticeable.

The vibration is mostly more apparent when the vehicle is idle in gear than when parked. It also causes random shakes as the transmission shifts through the gears. A faulty engine mount can lead to serious problems if left unaddressed.

02. Unbalanced Tires

One of the most common reasons why a Dodge charger might be shaking is unbalanced wheels. If the wheels lose balance, then your vehicle can start vibrating. Also, when the weight of your Dodge charger isn’t evenly distributed across the four wheels, it’s likely to shake both when it’s idle and when you’re driving.

03. Vacuum Leak

Another likely reason your Dodge Charger is vibrating while idle is a vacuum leak. The engine of your vehicle creates a vacuum when it’s running. The Power Control Module (PCM) knows the exact amount of air that enters the engine due today from the MAF sensors.

However, if there’s a problem somewhere and the air enters your engine without passing through the MAF sensor, your dodge charger can start shaking.

Some frequent locations of vacuum leaks include:

  • The intake gasket
  • Between the throttle body and the MAF sensor
  • The Brake booster line

04. Clogged or Dirty Air Filter

Your air filter can easily get clogged, especially during the winter. A clogged or dirty air filter causes the idle speed to drop drastically when letting off the accelerator. This can cause your Charger to vibrate while idle.

Consider turning off your check engine light, then check to see if the air filter is choked with dirt. It’s one of the easiest and super cheap problems to fix.

05. Ignition System Misfires

Your Charger’s ignition system burns the air-fuel mixture that passes through the combustion chamber. However, if your vehicle isn’t getting a good spark, it’s likely to shake as it tries to keep running.

Issues in different ignition system components can cause your Charger to vibrate while idle.

The spark plugs are one of the most common causes of the Charger vibrating. These plugs must be changed at intervals as their excess wear and tear can make your vehicle start to shake.

Spark plug wires can also be the cause of the shaking. Though only a few engine combinations feature these wires, if your Dodge Charger happens to have one and they go bad, your vehicle can start vibrating.

Another component of the ignition system that can lead to this problem is the coil pack. The powertrain control module fires them up to provide ignition timing. Once they start failing, your Charger is likely to begin shaking while idle.

06. Bad Engine Timing

If your engine timing belt has a lunged tooth, the crank, and camshafts will not be properly aligned. This can cause your Dodge Charger to Vibrate while idle.

07. Failed Fuel Pump

The fuel pump functions to deliver fuel to the engine of your charger. If it’s getting faulty, it won’t be able to deliver enough power to your engine, which can make the machine’s performance inferior, causing your Charger to shake while idle.

08. A Failing Fuel Injector

Like a failed fuel pump, a failing fuel injection also affects the amount of fuel delivered to the engine causing it to misfire, and the vehicle will start shaking.

09. Failing Catalytic Converter

Another cause of the Dodge Charger vibration at idle is a faulty catalytic converter that’s not strong enough to convert the engine’s transmission.

10. Faulty Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensors have the most complex job of all the sensors in your Dodge Charger. They work with hot exhaust, so it’s very easy to have them clogged with deposits that can leave them faulty. The high temperature of the exhaust can also burn the sensor’s wiring over time.

When an oxygen sensor is faulty, your engine runs too thin or rich. An extra thin running engine is likely to shake while idling.

Also, When the oxygen sensor of the Dodge charger begins to fail, the engine doesn’t get enough air which can cause your Dodge Charger to shake.

What’s the way Out?

There are several problems that can cause your Dodge Charger to vibrate while it’s idle, and the first step to fixing these is to know the source of the problem.

While you can do this yourself, it’s recommended you hire a professional to know the actual cause of the vibration.

If the shaking is due to simple problems with a dirty or clogged air filter, a faulty fuel injector, a failing air pump, or vacuum leaks, the solution may be repairing or replacing the component as suggested by your technician.

However, your Dodge Charger might be shaking due to more serious issues like a bad engine; here, the best thing is to replace the entire engine. While this might not be a budget-friendly repair, it’s best you address it early before the problem extends to other components.

Average Costs of Dodge Charger Shaking while Idle Inspection

The average cost of a Dodge Charger shaking or vibrating while idle ranges between $95 to $100. $95-$100 estimated for labor and $0 for parts. However, the costs might vary depending on your location and the technician you’re working for.

Final words

All around, having your Dodge Charger shaking while idle or when driving is always a sign that something is faulty. It’s recommended you check your wheels to see if they’re balanced, check the air filter to see that it’s not clogged and check the fuel pump. If nothing’s wrong, consider checking the engine levels, the engine mount, and the catalytic converter.

If you can’t figure out the problem, the best thing is to contact your mechanic for a proper inspection. While there’s no need to panic when your Dodge Charger is shaking, it’s good you address the problem as soon as possible before it becomes a bigger issue.