Cylinder 6 Misfire: (Detected p0306 Code Dodge Ram, What to Do?)

Is your automobile acting up, and therefore are you having difficulties controlling it? There might be a number of causes for your car’s engine to be misfiring. It’s possible that your problem is a P0306 error engine code.

Well, you can diagnose and fix mechanical issues with the error-code system that today’s modern automobiles have. When the onboard Diagnostics-2 displays the P0306 error code, it indicates that one of the cylinders isn’t firing correctly. 

However, here we’ll explain cylinder 6 misfire and discover the causes and solutions to this problem. 

What Is Cylinder Misfire?

To propel a vehicle, individual engine cylinders provide the required mechanical energy through the ignition of fuel and air. In this way, a vehicle creates the motion energy it needs to speed up and turn the wheels. 

But, when the engine’s cylinders fail to operate appropriately, a cylinder misfire occurs. Misfiring in a cylinder may cause a loss of power proportional to the number of cylinders failing to fire. This malfunction throws the engine out of balance, sending a jolt of trembling through the car’s frame and severely reducing the engine’s production of total power.

Engine misfires, or, often said, cylinder misfires, can happen due to several potential causes. As older models are designed for a lifespan of 12,000 miles, one of the common causes of misfiring in them is spark plug failure. But, the newer models come with improved quality spark plugs and a superior engine control system, even though a faulty plug can cause misfiring. 

Another possible reason for misfiring can be the car’s bad fuel injector. Often carbon or fuel is gathered within this part, causing hindrance to gasoline spraying into the engine efficiently. Additionally, if there is no fuel present, just air is present in the combustor, resulting in a misfire.

  • Deficiencies in the emissions system
  • Air escapes through vacuum seals
  • Ignition coil failure
  • Defective sealing or gasketing, resulting in leakage
  • Malfunctioning catalyst converter

A vehicle usually includes four to eight cylinders based on how much power it requires. The vehicle’s computer transmits a code that identifies the misfiring cylinder when this faulty situation occurs when the Engine Control Module (ECM) displays error code P0306 when the engine’s cylinder 6 has a misfire. 

Why Is Cylinder 6 Misfire p0306 Code Detected On Your Dodge Ram? 

Nowadays, vehicles with four, six, or eight cylinders in the auto industry are mainstream. Nevertheless, the P0306 signal indicates a malfunction on 6 number cylinders and is thus specific to engines including more than six cylinders. 

Suppose cylinder 6 of the engine misfires. Misfires happen when your car’s ignition timing is incorrect, which prevents the combustion process from taking place in the cylinder. When this occurs, the signals from the engine’s crank sensor (crankshaft position sensor) will fluctuate, as will the engine’s speed.

Your vehicle’s ECM (Electronic Control Module) will log a misfire code if it senses a change in the signal and turn on the Check Engine Warning Light. The vehicle’s Powertrain Control Module or  Engine Control Module detects and registers this code.

Showing this error code is very prevalent in Dodge Ram. This OBD-II code is unique in that it pertains to the combustion process inside the engine itself. Ignoring misfires may be costly for Ram’s catalyst converter.

Moreover, raw gasoline also leaks out of Cylinder 6 through the air intake because the engine isn’t using all the fuel. With P0306, your Ram’s gas mileage might also be suffering. In all circumstances, the P0306 code is a reason for alarm since it might affect your Ram’s ability to be driven safely.

Common Symptoms of p0306 Code 

  • When the P0306 error is detected, the light of Ram’s check engine is flashing, blinking, or bright soon. 
  • The engine is harsh, jerks, or hesitates while accelerating based on the misfire’s severity. In most cases, the following symptoms will show up in tandem with an error number P0306: 
  • Particularly at lower rpm, the vehicle could vibrate too much.
  • There is a risk that the Ram might backfire. Gas mileage might go down. The exhaust coming out of the tailpipe might smell like raw gas.

 What Are The Causes Of p0306 Error Code?

The most prevalent causes of error P0306 are listed below:

01. Worn-out spark plug

Due to insulation flaws or fouling, cylinder 6 may not correctly ignite with the faulty spark plug.

02. Ignition Coil Problems

Cylinder 6 may cease firing if the ignition coil has cracks in open circuit or the insulation. 

03. Cracked or frayed spark plug cable

There might be a problem with cylinder 6’s firing if the ignition spark is leaking to the ground from the spark plug or plug boot.

04. Cover for Valve That Leaks

Cylinder 6’s spark plug combustion can get shorted if oil were to seep from the valve cover through into the holes of the spark plug.

05. Low-Level Compression 

Misfires may be caused by low cylinder compression due to defective rings or valves.

06. An Injector for the Fuel System; Either Clogged, Dirty, or Broken

A misfire may occur if there isn’t enough gasoline inside the cylinder. Having low cylinder pressure is an indication of a defective fuel injector.

The Outcome Diagnosis of p0306 Error

Start the diagnosis process by checking the wire harness and connections to see if there’s any damage. Do a quick visual check of the fuel system, combustion coils, and associated wiring. Use a dependable OBD-2 scanner to capture all error engine codes.

Secondly, check for frayed or damaged wires and dangling connections. Swap the ignition coil with another cylinder to see if the issue persists. After cleaning the engine as well as ETC codes, take a driving test of the vehicle to determine whether the P0306 issue reappears. 

Followed by checking the ignition system by looking at it closely. Additionally, examine for signs of breakage or corrosion, and fix if necessary. If the misfire occurs even after replacing the sparker in one cylinder, try replacing it in another. Investigate cylinder 6 for any signs of vacuum leakage.

Next, you should examine the cylinder 6 fuel injector to ensure there isn’t any leakage. Given that no issues have been found so far, the P0306 code is definitely the consequence of a mechanical error.

Possible Repairs and Expenses 

If you take professional help regarding the P0306 error code solution, they can charge you between $75 and $150 per hour of diagnostic work. Based on the cause of the cylinder 6 misfire, this is a partial list of what your mechanic may recommend:

  • Change out the malfunctioning ignition components, such as the spark plug, coil, or plug wire. Basically, it would be wise to replace all the sparkers at once. 
  • Repair the leaky valve cover.
  • Fix the air leak. 
  • Alternate Fuel Injector Replacement
  • Gasoline pumps and fuel pressure regulators should be replaced.
  • Remove and replace the PCM if it is defective.

The following are some approximate figures for the most common P0306 maintenance, including labor costs:

  • Spark plugs- range from $62 and $250.
  •  vacuum leaking- between $100 and $200.
  • Cables for ignition coils: $200-$300
  • fuel pressure controller- from $200 to $400.
  • Combustion coil: $230-$640
  • ECM repair: $200-$1,200
  • Fuel pump: $1300–$1700
  • Fuel injector cost: between $1500 and $2000

People Also Ask

01. Can I still drive with a p0306 code?

Although technically, you can drive in the condition of having a p0306 code error in the engine. This error code represents a fault either with the combustion coil in cylinder 6 or the spark plugs.

Though the engine may still produce some power even after a cylinder misfires, it’s not enough to meet the driver’s acceleration requirement. So, engine damage can worsen if you continue driving in such a situation. 

02. How Critical Is the P0306 Symptom?

The P0306 error code should be taken very seriously. Accidents are possible, and the other cylinders, including parts of the engine, might be damaged by continuing to drive with a malfunctioning engine. In addition, you’ll notice a decline in fuel efficiency due to increased use. Consequently, it is necessary to identify and fix the problem without delay.

03. How to avoid the P0306 code for your vehicle?

Well, still, there are a few steps in your hand to follow which can help to avoid this error issue from reappearing, like:

  • Getting the correct sparker for the vehicle. 
  • Make sure the spark wires and plugs are in good working order. 
  • Clean the air filter and replace it if needed. 
  • And lastly, check out the fuel injectors to see if they’re working correctly. 

Final Thought 

However, it would help if you also were careful of the common blunders that people often make while solving P0306 code Dodge Ram. Sometimes, you may skip checking the connection between the cylinder and the coil.

You can reveal this by swapping the coil to different cylinders. Also, most people ignore examining loose or broken electrical connectors. You can locate the faulty part and replace it by changing each part of the cylinders.