Lightning Bolt Dodge Ram Warning Light Symbol Guide (Importance of Light Symbol)

Every dodge owner must have knowledge about the dashboard lightening symbol system.This article will provide a comprehensive guide to lightning bolt warning light issue in Dodge Ram electronic throttle control system.

What does the lightning bolt symbol mean on a Dodge Ram?

In short, a Lightning bolt dodge ram warning light symbol indicates a defective throttle body, throttle body sensor, or throttle body control motor, which controls the opening and shutting off the throttle body as vehicle’s motor requires more fuel, could be a cause for this signal in dodge ram.

Our recommendation to check why your dodge ram won’t start just a clicks.

What does it mean when the lightning bolt warning light?

A “lightning bolt” warning light tells you that there is a miscommunication between your vehicle’s gas pedal and your vehicle’s electronic throttle control, which are connected by wires or with throttle sensors.

When throttle pedal is pushed, eventually throttle body will open, which means that you are allowing an increase in air levels to enter your vehicle’s engine.

Throttle body is a component of air intake system of fuel-injected engines that regulates desired quantity of air flowing into an engine in response to driver’s accelerator pedal input.

In current times, to gain fuel economy and good engine performance, new cars are manufactured with enhanced air-to-fuel technology.

Nevertheless, if a vehicle’s whole system of electronic throttle control (ETC) fails, due to a failure of a sensor or an actuator.

These warning lightning bolt lights are very useful for keeping a close eye on entire system and electronic throttle control inside vehicles and allowing you to take necessary corrective action quickly without further delay or engine damage.

Lightning Bolt Dodge Ram Warning Light Symbol Guide:

Below details provide you with a complete guide about lightning bolt Dodge Ram warning light symbols.

‘Lightning bolt’ warning lights are “ON” when your car detects a problem with its electronic throttle control system in the vehicle or even due to faulty throttle sensors, faulty accelerator pedal sensors, or throttle body struck sensor.

Pedal sensors monitor accelerator pedal positions and send information to ETC (Electronic Throttle Control) system to make necessary changes to its engine speed.

If system finds any anomaly in that information, resulting in an ETC error, and hence lightning bolt warning light illuminates.

There may also be saved diagnostic issue codes that can help locate exact problem. Being an electronic system, sometimes with a restart, you can reset it.

But when its system and lightning bolt warning do not reset with a restart, you can continue of your driving, but as soon as possible, an authorized system service must be done, since it is not safe to neglect this warning signal without attending.

If there is a situation while driving your vehicle that misbehaves and you feel any abnormal operations, you can park your vehicle in a safe place and call for roadside assistance immediately.

Dodge Ram Lightning Bolt Symbol Won’t Start

Now, let us see why your vehicle is unable to start with illuminating lightning bolt warning light A faulty throttle body can create a variety of issues for your vehicle and engine.

Including an inability to start your vehicle when you turn on ignition. Failure or corrupted throttle position sensor may also be a reason.

Yes, a faulty throttle body can prevent a vehicle from starting for two reasons.

To begin with, throttle body is not letting an appropriate quantity of air into combustion chamber, which results in there being no spark to initiate ignition.

Secondly, throttle body sensor could be broken, which would keep latch inside throttle from opening and letting enough air through.

As said above, Dodge Ram with lightning symbol won’t start mainly due to throttle body issues, which are caused due to following reasons.

01. Dirt and contamination:

A throttle body that is fully covered with dirt and contaminants due to a considerable level of dirt, pollen, and particles in air.

Air gets polluted more in environments like winds blowing heavy dirt, place of new construction raising more dirt, etc.

Nevertheless, air filter does its job by filtering these particles before reaching throttle, it cannot filter at 100% and is unable to catch tiny particles where it is too dirty.

02. Damaged Throttle due to an accident:

Throttle or butterfly valve within your vehicle could have been damaged if your vehicle was involved in a collision. It would be unable to open and close properly due to physical damage.

It’s more difficult to remove a dent from an engine element than it is from a vehicle’s body. As a result, it’s possible that changing throttle is only your alternative.

03. Throttle sensor problems:

We can now discuss throttle sensor problems. A vacuum leak may be a source of sensor difficulties.

Having a vacuum leak in your vehicle’s throttle body implies that air going into engine is not passing through throttle valve.

Air is supposed to enter through air filter box, past throttle, and into engine manifold, and throttle sensor controls how much air passes through entire intake.

Instead, air bypasses throttle and makes its way into a manifold.

This indicates that there is more air in engine than what sensors allow, causing air-fuel mix to be thrown off and creating problems in combustion process.

04. Symptoms of a dirty throttle body control:

When throttle body becomes clogged with debris, it has a direct impact on engine’s ability to function smoothly.

A rough idle, jerky or poor acceleration, low fuel economy, and stop running are all signs that there is a problem with vehicle.

Another imperative symptom caused due to dirt and grime cause faulty or unnecessary corrections to air-fuel mixture, which may cause the vehicle to enter a secondary-power reduced mode until it can be examined by a service mechanic.

Dirt and debris buildup on throttle body can be easily removed by using a product designed for cleaning the throttle body.

Process requires numerous phases to be completed to get to a point when the powerful spray can be applied securely.

If the engine in your vehicle is making strange noises, one possible solution is to examine the throttle body condition to see if it is clogged with dirt or grime.

Regular cleaning of the throttle body can assist in maintaining a higher level of performance in the vehicle and help prevent difficulties that can occur when a part becomes clogged with dirt and debris.

Usually, it takes at least an hour to clean the throttle body controller.

05. Bad electronic throttle control – Causes:

  1. Rusting formation on throttle body.
  2. ETC system damages.
  • Problems in electrical connections or loose sensors.
  1. Leakage of air filter or vacuums.

Can I Drive with the Throttle Control Warning Light On?

Yes, but can drive directly to a service place and not too long. Since then, throttle control warning light has illuminated, indicating a potential problem with system.

Driving with an electronic throttle control light on is not safe. You can notice a loss in fuel efficiency or acceleration, if sensor readings continue to be off, a situation can gradually worsen.

Throttle body regulates required amount of air that has to enter engine, and if your vehicle’s ECM can’t maintain accurate track of this, your engine will quickly become out of control.

If your electronic throttle light is illuminated, you risk damaging your engine, which could result in even more costly repairs when you take it to a mechanic.

Even if you don’t detect any substantial changes in throttle response or vehicle performance, this is true.

This is because air-to-fuel ratio isn’t quite right, which might result in premature engine wear over time.

How Do I Fix My Electronic Throttle Control?

  1. Fixing electronic throttle control can be done in four ways effectively, as below.
  2. Throttle body – Cleaning
  3. Replacing the Hose
  4. Throttle system – Resetting
  5. Throttle system – Replacing
  6. Step-by-step process— fixing an electronic throttle control:

Step 1:  Locating throttle control position

Upon opening engine hood, you can find it at top of engine, where air filter is connected.        

Step 2:  Removing part cover

Using a screwdriver, unscrew bolts and remove its part cover. This should be done carefully, to avoid further damage to other nearby parts.

Step 3: Detach electrical connection and remove throttle body

Once throttle cover is removed, next disconnect electrical connections located on left side before removing throttle body.

Step 4: Place new throttle body control

Set your new throttle body in gas kit. System will thereafter be reassembled in same manner as it was when you disconnected it.

Reconnect electric connection and reinforce it with hose pipes once you’re done.

Step 5:  Starting engine

Start engine once you’ve finished, and make sure that you’ve done everything correctly. If you accomplished everything correctly, warning lights and fault codes must be reset.

Here is helpful tutorials to know more about Lightning bolt dodge ram warning light symbol guide.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair ETC?

Cost to replace it might range from $300 to $1,500 including labor charges, depending on where you live and how long it takes to perform this task.

If a throttle body is damaged and needs to be changed, prices may be similar.

Main reason for high expense of repair is that when elements of the ETC system are replaced or wire harness is detached, a unique “re-learn” procedure is necessary on some vehicles.

It’s probably a good idea to get any problem you’re having properly diagnosed so you can be sure correct components are being replaced to fix real problems.

  1. Resetting throttle body: To reset electronic throttle body controls follow below steps.
  2. Without starting engine, place vehicle’s key in ignition slot and turn it ON.
  3. Please be patient and wait for approximately three seconds in between each time you press and then release pedal for a period of five seconds.
  • Wait another ten seconds before pressing pedal for another ten seconds. Engine light should begin to blink at this point. Blinking indicates that Diagnostic Test Mode II has begun.
  1. Wait another 10 seconds before releasing pedal. Press throttle pedal once timer has passed. Engine light should be gradually blinking at this point. Erasing ECU Memory is indicated by gradual blinking.
  2. Finally, let go of throttle pedal and turn off ignition. You’ve now successfully reset your vehicle’s throttle body.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can cold weather affect electronic throttle?

A:  Yes, cold weather affects electronic throttle. Temperatures in the fall are ideal for anything electrical, whereas temperatures in the winter are less than ideal.

You may need to wait a few minutes for it to warm up before you go behind the wheel.

Q: Can throttle sensor cause overheat?

A:  Coolant temperature will have absolutely nothing to do with throttle position sensor in any way, shape, or form. This issue may be with coolant temperature gauge.

If this is not the case, prevailing issue may be with vehicle’s system as a whole. Either thermostat was temporarily jammed or there was an air pocket in this case.

Thermostat reopened normally after it cleared, and flow of cooling system resumed.

Better to get system checked out to make certain that coolant is at an appropriate level and that everything is operating appropriately.

If you do decide to get this addressed, you should go for a mechanic because qualified technicians can detect problems in a cooling system and make any necessary repairs.

Q: How long do throttle bodies last?

A:  Even though you should clean your throttle body at least once every 75,000 miles, if you take proper precautions, a throttle body can easily last 150,000 or even 200,000 miles if it is properly maintained.

This is due to the fact that it is a mechanical component, and it typically takes a considerable amount of time for mechanical components to become worn out.

My Final Words

Lightning bolt Dodge Ram warning light is beyond your control and will land you in great danger if it is ignored at initial stages itself.

You are suggested to keep this Lightning bolt Dodge Ram warning light symbol guide.

Having this guide would be useful when you are facing first time this lightning-bolt Dodge Ram warning light. Still, if it is not working better go for professional support.