Top 5 Best Exhaust for Dodge Charger V6: (Buyers Guide)

Undoubtedly, the exhaust syatem for Dodge Charger is expensive, especially if you want to give your car a lift. A Dodge Charger remains a powerhouse vehicle that helped Dodge become the undisputed ruler of the neighborhood thanks to its enormous success. You can reckon that the automobile is huge, imposing, and fierce.

Furthermore, it possesses all the qualities a fan of mustangs needs to soothe their desire for power. Dodge Charger’s 6th and 7th versions are HEMI-powered like its forerunners, making them a prime choice for performance upgrades such as aftermarket exhaust.

Cars that are quiet and rumbling are infamous for becoming alpha vehicles with the help of aftermarket exhaust systems. Because the Dodge Charger’s inherent power compliments the deep, harsh, and savage sound, which a quality exhaust system may produce, this modification is ideal for a tough vehicle of that nature.

Superior exhaust systems offer your automobile more torque and horsepower than a roaring exhaust tone. We put forth the effort to find the topmost Exhaust for Dodge Charger v6 that will match your car. Exhaust systems come in several designs and specifications, but those here will make your car sound better and louder.

What is the best exhaust for Dodge Charger v6?

Today’s Dodge Charger exhaust systems come in various depths and levels of assertiveness. In addition to their distinctive sound, these exhaust systems are well-liked because they can boost a car’s horsepower output. Here is the best exhaust for Dodge Charger truck.

  • Corsa Xtreme Sound
  • Flowmaster FlowFX
  • Borla 140125 Cat-Back
  • SLP D31040 Exhaust System
  • Flowmaster 817774

Top 5 Best Exhaust for v6 Dodge Charger

01. Corsa Xtreme Sound

You have no choice but to take things to the limit if you want to turn your Dodge Charger into the most boisterous howling beast on the road. Corsa Performance’s Xtreme Sound Level exhaust system can solve that issue for you.

Thanks to their unrivaled muffler technology, Corsa Performance’s drone busters have designed the best exhaust systems for you. Corsa Xtreme exhaust systems are non-restrictive and straight through.

They work in tandem with their revolutionary reflecting sound cancellation technology to filter out bothersome low frequencies that generate droning and replace them with a clear, clean sound.

Output Performance

At idle and at certain revs, the Corsa Xtreme Sound Level exhaust can produce a unique deep rumbling and a thunderous roar.

You cannot go wrong with this exhaust as it is the loudest exhaust system available from Corsa Performance. Therefore, to make your neighbors jump out of bed, you must get your hands on one of these.

If you are contemplating what features the Corsa Xtreme exhaust possesses to include it on our list of  exhausts for v6 Charger, then here is a glimpse of its features.

  • Increases in performance reaching 10 horsepower and 13 pound-feet
  • Drone removal with Reflective Sound Cancellation (RSC) technology
  • Pro-Series dual 3″ tips
  • Design of Clamp-On Tips
  • Reduction in weight (-9 lbs.)

You can fully appreciate how loud the exhaust can roar thanks to Corsa’s RSC Technology without the drone you have always detested. Because hearing any drone while driving is bothersome, the RSC Technology is a huge gain for automobile fans who do not want one in their vehicle.

Additionally, the parts of this exhaust system are constructed from premium-quality stainless steel, ensuring that none will succumb to wear and tear any time soon.


  • 2015 – 2020 Dodge Charger


  • Installation is easy
  • Clamp-On Tip Design
  • Powerful sound output


  • Fitting problems for some users

Q/A: Is the Corsa’s exhaust drone?

CORSA Performance is on the hunt to eliminate the drone with their unique Reflective Sound Cancellation technology, which is integrated into each muffler design.

Q/A: How much horsepower does the Corsa exhaust add?

Dyno testing showed a 20-horsepower and 15-pound-feet-of-torque improvement when the C7 Corvette Corsa exhaust system is paired with the X-pipe.

02. Flowmaster FlowFX

Another on our list is this product from FlowFX. A reputable name in the industry, the Flowmaster is designed for muscle car owners who do not want their exhaust to be too loud.

If you own a muscle car and would rather have a quiet exhaust than a loud one, you need to lay your hands on this system.

Mandrel-bent 3.00-inch stainless steel tubing for optimal performance and tone is incorporated into the Scavenger Series X-pipe cross-over, and it then flows into two of our new FlowFX “straight-through” exhausts for a rich, powerful sound.

Your car will look like it came from the factory thanks to the huge tips that exit beneath the rear bumper valance.

Output performance

Notwithstanding the slightly loud-mouthed sound it makes, this exhaust system has a lot of good things to unleash. Flowmaster will reassure you that the FlowFX is among the best improvements you can need for your Dodge Charger once you see how much it improves performance.

Looking through the amazing FlowFX Exhaust features, you can see why it is the best exhaust for 2018 dodge charger v6 cars. Yes, you have an improved torque and horsepower of 18.7lb and 14.6hp, respectively. Furthermore, the tips are made of stainless steel covered in ceramic.

Interestingly, the Scavenger pipe offers maximum power and a deep sound from the exhaust. For a price that is not too high, you can get an exhaust, which makes a soft, deep sound and gives you almost 14.6 horsepower.

Not all quality exhaust systems can offer such, which is why the FlowFX exhaust is part of the finest exhausts for the Dodge Charger V6 and works with most charger trucks. For a good reason, Flowmaster is a big star.

They have been making renowned exhaust systems and catalytic converters for decades, and now they offer performance air intakes, headers, and catalytic converters to complement the famous Flowmaster sound.


  • 2015-2019 Dodge Charger


  • Excellent design that improves system durability
  • Simple installation process
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable
  • Factory exhaust valves are used


  • Not suitable for most cars

Q/A: How much horsepower is added by a Flowmaster cat-back exhaust?

You should expect a 2–5% increase in fuel mileage, horsepower, and torque overall.

Q/A: What effect does FLOW exhaust have on sound and performance?

Straight-through BORLA® exhaust systems enhance exhaust gas velocity and circulate more air through the engine. Since there are no constraints, exhaust gases vacate the cylinder fully, allowing for a higher power. In addition, it improves engine torque and exhaust tone.

03. Borla 140125 Cat-Back

It is hard to avoid mentioning Borla Exhausts. Undeniably, among the industry’s forerunners in the United States in manufacturing exhaust systems. Interestingly, the auto enthusiast community adores their exhaust systems, especially those with a Dodge Charger V6 car.

Output Performance

They developed this S-Type exhaust system for the Dodge Charger, a system with unique features exclusive to Borla. In addition, the exhaust system comes with several features to guarantee excellent performance.

When riding, you can hear a distinctive exhaust tone as the system is manufactured from stainless steel, a material used in aircraft.

Furthermore, the three main muffler categories offered by Borla are S-Type, ATAK, and Touring. Designed by highly professional engineers, they install the exhaust in the Charger to provide the car’s well-known exhilarating and powerful exhaust sound.

Whether you like it or not, they should also be commended for their original core technology, which liberates your car’s latent horsepower.

Lastly, it finishes your car and makes it stand out. When it comes to putting in a Borla exhaust system, it is easy. You just have to fasten the metal O-rings to put this in your car. Note that the package comes with all the connectors, hardware, and clamps you need to put it together easily.


  • Dodge Charger 5.7
  • 2007 Chrysler 300C


  • Improved vehicle efficiency
  • Quality material build
  • Uses core technology


  • Very pricy
  • Compatibility issues

Q/A: How much additional horsepower does the Borla Cat-Back add?

Overall, it offers between 8 to 12 horsepower. Borla exhaust systems are engineered with the ideal diameters and minimal flow restriction to maximize scavenging.

Q/A: Does an exhaust with a cat-back sound better?

Cat-backs usually improve performance by making the exhaust flow more efficiently through upgraded parts such as better-flowing mufflers and larger diameter tubing. They also make the car sound better and make it lighter.

04. SLP D31040 Exhaust System

A race-proven performance exhaust system for a race-worthy vehicle: the SLP performance exhaust system can make your Dodge Charger sound like a pro-racing vehicle.

With its PowerFlo and Loudmouth II mufflers, the system overflows the Dodge Charger’s factory exhaust, significantly altering the car’s sound, particularly at high RPMs. In addition, this exhaust system’s straight-through design with ceramic-coated perforated core outperforms the Charger’s factory exhaust.

Output Performance

These systems offered appreciable performance improvements and were created using innovative modular technology. As a result, you have the option to adjust the noise level and performance features to meet your changing personal needs by switching from our Loudmouth II mufflers to the Loudmouth II resonators, which are quieter.

Each system has an integrated PowerFlo-X cross-over pipe that will bolt to the factory downpipes and unique exhaust tips that keep the factory exhaust bezels built into the rear fascia. SLP’s lifetime warranty is offered, along with easy bolt-on installation instructions and all necessary hardware.

The innovative modular technology of Loudmouth allows you to change the exhaust’s noise level and performance level. You can use the bullet-shaped resonators or the gentler mufflers.

Which one you choose depends on how you like to drive. Generally, this is stands out as the best exhaust for 2011 5.7L dodge charger RT on the market today because it gives you so much freedom in a performance exhaust system.


  • 2011-2014 5.7L Dodge Charger RT


  • Innovative modular technology
  • High performance
  • Wholly made of stainless steel


  • Not suitable for most cars
  • A bit expensive

Q/A: Is it worth it to buy this exhaust?

Yes, especially if you want to minimize backpressure and increase airflow in your car. SLP exhaust system offers quality performance with improved fuel economy.

Q/A: Is the rubber hanger included in the exhaust?

Metal l-shaped hangars are included. There should be rubber bushings on the vehicle. If not, you will have to buy it.

05. Flowmaster 817774

Driving a potent 4-door performance car such as the Charger frequently means standing out from other cars on the road. This vehicle has a sinister appearance as you drive around.

Flowmaster knew about this, as evident in this flawless exhaust system. They developed this exhaust system, a new exhaust system specifically for the Dodge Charger.

Output Performance

For most car owners, buying an exhaust system is something essential. If you are among these, the first thing to do is look through the features.

Interestingly, it provides an aggressive exterior and interior sound with outlaw mufflers. Moreover, the X-pipe provides a deep exhaust tone with maximum power.

You get more than you bargain with the stainless-steel construction. Top of all, it offers a lifetime warranty for your Dodge truck. One of the most appealing aspects of this exhaust system is the manufacturer’s lifetime warranty.

Mounting this exhaust is a little more complicated than installing other exhaust systems. You need to trim it in a few key spots to make it fit precisely on your car. It is preferable to seek professional assistance.

You undoubtedly want to know what makes the Outlaw different. The solution is simple – it is loud (really loud!), while the FlowFX is quiet.


  • 2015-2017 Chrysler
  • 2015-2016 Dodge Charger
  • 2018–2020 Chrysler


  • Moderate sound
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • A lifetime warranty is included
  • Dyno-Tuned Performance


  • Not easy to install
  • Not compatible with some Dodge trucks

Q/A: Will the product continue to shine since it is stainless steel?

Yes, it is possible. Various premium cleaners and polishes on the market are secure and effectively remove dull oxide coatings.

Q/A: Do Flowmasters boost fuel economy?

While most fast vehicles can pass sedans, Flowmasters allow you to pass practically any other moving object on the road. You can bypass a lot of things thanks to the exhaust system. In addition, it helps improve gas mileage.

How to Install Catback Exhaust System In Your Dodge Charge(Video)