Who Makes Carquest Oil? – Check Out the Real One!

The engine is obviously the most vital part of the vehicle, and Carquest oil is a great option to keep it cool, clean, and in optimum condition. As an attentive owner, it makes sense to know who makes Carquest oil and from where it comes. This little piece of information can give you a whole idea about the capability and consequences of using the oil.

Carquest oil is blended and packaged by Amalie Oil Company while manufactured by Ashland Petroleum.

The following is some brief information about the manufacturing and distribution of Carquest oil as well as some pros and cons of the oil.

Who makes Carquest Oil?

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Plenty of brands participate in the blending and packaging process of Carquest oil, so customers often get confused. According to the Dexos database, some Carquest oil is made by Amalie while some is produced by Coastal/Irving. Even Warren Distro is included in the list.

Let me be clear, the Amalie Oil Company blends and packages the Carquest oil, while its original manufacturer is Ashland Petroleum. The same brand also produces Valvoline, but many people by mistake believe Valvoline is the maker of Carquest oil.

For better understanding, you can identify the real information by yourself as well. Carquest synthetic oil comes in the same container as Amalie. It means a grey bottle along with a red cap. Does it sound silly?

No problem. A proven method is that the private-label oil that the Amalie Oil Company blends and packages has an AOC mark on the jug or bottle bottom side.

So simply turn upside down your Carquest oil container and you should find the “AOC” on there that states the oil is made by Amalie Oil Co.

Amalie Oil Company is an American company founded in 1903 in Pennsylvania. The company is mostly known for producing high-performance motor oils, transmission oils, and synthetic oils for a variety of vehicles and automobiles. Apart from Carquest, the other companies they supply are Walmart, Advance Auto Parts, and O’Reilly Auto Parts.

Benefits and Downside Of Carquest Oil

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Carquest oil is an effective solution for any vehicle’s engine to maintain high performance even in tough conditions. The following are a few key benefits and downsides of using oil:

The benefits of Carquest oil:

  • Carquest oil contains fewer additives than other conventional oils while still protecting the engine from wear.
  • This oil is effective in both low and high temperatures, making it perfect for use throughout the year.
  • The conquest oil ensures greater mileage without drying out the car’s engine.
  • Using conquest oil, the vehicle owner doesn’t need to change the oil frequently, making it a cost-efficient replacement.
  • The conquest oil boosts the engine’s fuel efficiency.
  • This premium-quality oil is suitable for any high-end vehicle to deliver top performance with minimal issues.

The downside of Carquest oil

  • The conquest oil is considered pricier than other alternatives.
  • Its fewer additives can also cause some difficulties after continuous use.


1. What brand is Carquest?

Carquest is owned by Advance Auto Parts. They operate Carquest through independent retailers connected to the network.

2. Is Carquest oil made in the US?

The Amalie Oil Company manufactures Carquest oil, and they have a plant in Florida. Even in the southeast states, Carquest oil is made by Amalie. So it can be said, Carquest oil is made in the US.

3. Why is Carquest Oil preferable for car engines?

Though Carquest oil has fewer additives, it ensures greater protection against wear. The motor oil also helps u003ca href=u0022https://madisonrising.com/will-engine-run-with-broken-head-bolt/u0022u003eu003cstrongu003erun the car’s engineu003c/strongu003eu003c/au003e at maximum capacity, making it preferable for car owners.

Final Words

That’s all for who makes Carquest oil. One impressive thing about Carquest oil is that the companies related to Carquest oil for manufacturing, blending, and labeling are all US-based companies.

So they don’t need to collect any stock base from outside the US while suppliers are across the world. It means Carquest maintains a higher quality standard than many other typical motor oils. Hence, it maintains optimum engine condition and lets it perform superiorly even in harsh conditions.