How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key: 7 Steps Method!

Unlocking an ignition cylinder without using a key could be very tricky and difficult. Thus, read closely to the end to identify how to remove ignition lock cylinder without key.

Removing the cylinder lock can be simple with the right assistance. So, delay no more and grasp the precise insights to complete your work with utmost ease.

Further, using accurate methods is required to get fine outcomes and prevent damage to your automobile.

Be safe and use top-notch measures to complete your task perfectly. So, read on and gain every detail on removing the ignition lock correctly.

How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder without Key: Simple Method with 07 Steps

remove ignition lock cylinder without key

In general, completing this task isn’t very tough. All you necessitate is the correct steps and guidelines to finish the process with utmost ease.

The article will assist you throughout the process and on every step to gain positive results. Follow it closely to get precise outcomes.

1. Disconnect Battery and Remove the Steering

Safety is a must, so before you begin, ensure you disconnect your battery plugs to prevent shocks and other issues.

It is the first and foremost task to complete as it will assure you better safety by avoiding shocks and circuit issues while fixing your automobile.

Disconnecting is pretty easy as well. Thus, remove the negative end and detach the plugs completely for a few hours. Reconnect it once the process is finished.

Next, detach the steering from your car. You will easily access the ignition cylinder by removing the steering from its prior position.

To extract it well, you will necessitate the aid of precise steps. Loosen the screws completely to extract the column’s topmost and inferior cover.

After this, hold the steering and lift it after extracting the mid cover.

You must also disconnect the horn’s wire connections and ensure you further sustain and preserve the nuts and bolts to use after the task is finished.

Now pull the component from the staff to extract the steering properly and entirely.

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2. Remove the indicator, wiper switches, and sleeves

Extracting all the switches is a must for the process to be completed. Locate the position of the indicator switch in the components closely.

Also, check for the wiper along with this. Extract the parts from your steering and continue with the further process.

Next, extract the sleeves from the wheel. You will easily locate the spacer supports as clearly noticeable from the wheel’s connector.

Later you extract the indicator and wiper switch, and shift them upwards.

3. Turn all the electrical connections off

After locating the position of the ignition switch and its screws, extract them, and remove the switch outside.

You may also find some wires near the cylinder switch’s rear position. After finding them, all you must do is disconnect them.

Loosen the respective tabs properly as it assists you in removing the switch smoothly.

4. Remove mounting bolts and check them

In this part, you will have to extract the mounted nuts and bolts placed on the switch. Use certain tools and flat screwdrivers to complete the process with ease.

It can be tricky to locate the assembly and housing comprising the lock cylinder to extract their bolts. However, on looking closely, you will easily find it.

Almost all automobiles include a lock cylinder, and they are identical. First, grab a pin, and then put it inside a pinhole.

By doing this, you will prompt the ignition cylinder’s mechanism and then instigate the release.

5. Put in a straight clip

Take a paper pin and straighten it to use it smoothly. Now insert this inside your ignition cylinder component and twist it towards the left.

By doing so, you do not just stop the cylinder but also ignite it. The task is not simple. However, try it patiently to get your task done.

Do not rigorously try to move the pin to ignite the car, as it can damage the internal parts of your vehicle.

6. Take a flat screwdriver

Please take a good flat screwdriver and insert it into the ignition cylinder. Now turn it towards the right once it is inserted inside the lock cylinder.

In the beginning, do not briefly insert it but try to insert it entirely leaving no space.

Once you identify the screwdriver is inserted well, recognize that it’s time to move the paper pin you inserted toward the right.

7. Remove the lock

Now move the respective switch from the original location. It is for sure your lock pipe will be removed if you use the correct methods and techniques mentioned.

Get the finest outcomes by following the guidelines closely.

Ignition Lock Cylinder: What and Why?

It is a component of your car where the key is put in to ignite a vehicle.

It’s located in your ignition switch and is the electrical part that seizes the ignition and verifies the anti-theft code in the key to permit the car to start.

Often worn-out keys or other issues can damage the inside of this part of your car.

At such times you may have to replace this lock cylinder to give your automobile a perfect ignite. Without doing so, it is impossible to start.

Begin the process by removing and replacing it correctly. Damaged keys can ruin the pins in your lock cylinder so that the key fails to switch or turn, thereby preventing the unlocking.

Also, with time these wafers can get damaged. Thus, ensure you replace the cylinder for the best outcomes whenever this occurs.

Further, if it is tough to turn or the key is not inserted and coming out smoothly, the issues might be with the key, so consider replacing it first.

Moreover, there are various kinds of ignition locks. So, check which is the most suitable one to complete the task.

How to Replace Ignition Switch without Key: the Easiest Way

how to replace ignition switch without key

Replacing the ignition lock pipe is also simple. Follow these steps to get a precise view of the entire process.

1. Disconnect Battery

The foremost phase of your process is disconnecting the battery. So, open the hood and remove the negative terminals to get started.

You will finish the replacement easily and without any trouble, if you observe the wires closely.

2. Locate The Ignition Switch

The following step involves extracting the decorative strip present around your steering. Carefully remove it and ensure that you don’t scrape or ruin it.

To ensure precise disassembly, also take the assistance of a user’s manual.

You may necessitate a steering removal also to complete this process. Thus, opt for the right ways and locate the switch carefully.

3. Remove the Ignition Switch

It is a vital step. Here you need to extract the ignition switch to replace it. Also, you may need a wrench to complete this process with ease.

But, if you do not wish to, you can also use some drills, paper pins, and other tools.

To begin, take an electric drill and create a space in the car’s ignition slot. Ensure you drill it big enough for a screwdriver to enter it.

Now, clear out all the dirt on the inside and clean the surroundings. Next, straighten a paper pin and use it for the further process.

Insert the clip inside this hole and turn it towards the left of the ignition. The ignition will not commence because of this process.

Next, take a flat screwdriver, place it into the hole and hold it on the side of the paper pin. One can twist the flat screwdriver towards the right before it comes to the top.

Now use the screwdriver and the paper pin together, and then smoothly move the switch out. By doing so, you will easily remove the switch without any trouble.

4. Install a Fresh Switch

By now, the entire switch is ruined by scratching and inserting, so you will have to change it.

So, please get a new compatible ignition switch for the car and insert it into the automobile.

5. Test the Switch

You must inspect the ignition switch before reinstalling everything. Doing so will assist you in saving time and give you precise outcomes.

Also, after testing, ensure you reassemble everything correctly for it to work well. Do not miss any bolts, screws, or any other part to keep your ignition cylinder in place.

How To Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder Without Key: A To Z

FAQs on How to Remove Ignition Lock Cylinder without Key

What does an ignition replacement lock do?

The ignition lock is a component of your ignition cylinder that helps individuals start their car. It is the primary part where the key is inserted to get ignition.u003cbru003eSo, if you consider replacing your lock entirely, you may also have to u003ca href=u0022 target=u0022_blanku0022 rel=u0022noreferrer noopeneru0022u003ereplace the locks for your doorsu003c/au003e and hood.u003cbru003eThus, while replacing the component, also note this. Damaged keys can ruin this part, so prefer not to use them for long.u003cbru003eTake a quick key replacement to avoid major issues.

What do you mean by ignition switch?

The switch is a complex and critical part of your automobile. This part helps you in reading and securely opening your car.u003cbru003eIt helps in scanning the anti-theft code for you to use your car. Also, it is present right inside your ignition lock and thus, is not known by many.u003cbru003eThe code further activates the electrical systems of the vehicle. Moreover, this enables the car to shift from its park to drive mode for use.

What are the variations between the ignition cylinder and the switch?

The ignition lock pipe and the switch are very different from one another. Many individuals consider them to be the same and often get confused.u003cbru003eBut one must know the variation to work on it precisely. The lock cylinder is a mechanical component that looks like a tumbler that holds your key or inserts the key.u003cbru003eOn the contrary, switches are electric parts that direct power to start the automobile.u003cbru003eMoreover, in most cars, the two parts can be replaced and repaired separately to use. So, the parts have varied aspects and look distinct.

What indicated a poor ignition switch?

Certain prominent aspects highlight a bad ignition. Some usual issues of these are as follows:u003cbru003e1. The car fails to start, or the engine is not ignitingu003cbru003e2. The automobile stalls while in use. It is a foremost sign that people must not ignore.u003cbru003e3. Difficulty in inserting, turning, or using the keyu003cbru003e4. The car ignites and instantly stallsu003cbru003e5. The accessories fail to poweru003cbru003eIf you notice any of these, identify your vehicle needs a replacement. You need to change the lock cylinder and give it a perfect reinstallation to function well.

Which are the four primary positions of the switch?

Surprisingly, the ignition switch has four varied positions. Every driver must know them to get a perfect idea about their automobile parts. The four positions are:u003cbru003e1. Locku003cbru003e2. Accessoryu003cbru003e3. Onu003cbru003e4. Startu003cbru003eEach of them has a varied function. Thus, know its functions precisely to use them correctly. Also, all of them are vital and used quite often daily.u003cbru003eSo, know everything about it, and then replace your ignition cylinder accordingly.

What can happen if you hold the ignition for an extended time?

Holding the ignition for quite a long time can damage your starter motor. It can begin by overheating your starter motor, which can start simply within a minute.u003cbru003eSo, even if you hold it for a minute, your motor will start overheating and damage. So, avoid doing this and give your engine a perfect start.u003cbru003eThese little issues can damage your car instantly. Thus, check on them closely.

What is the use of ACC?

The ACC on your ignition means the accessory. It is a component that permits you to use your regular accessories like wipers, radio, and similar features.u003cbru003eSo, to utilize them, you do not necessarily require to ON your engine. However, you may not be able to operate everything using it.u003cbru003eBefore operating, all four positions have restricted features and perks that you must consider.

Final Verdict

Knowing how to remove ignition lock cylinder without key is essential to fix your car anywhere and at any time.

Every person must have basic knowledge when they use an automobile. These handy tips save your time and also your valuable cash.

To avoid heavy technician expenses, try to make these minor changes without aid. Also, now with the article’s assistance, you will be able to finish the process with ease.