Dodge Challenger Manual Transmission (Common Issues Solved)

what are the Dodge Challenger Manual Transmission issues

What issues are most prevalent with the manual transmission of  Dodge Challenger? Loud noises like banging, grinding, whipping, etc., are the first to be heard. Additionally, some individuals had transmission oil leaks and trouble shifting gears. You might find other widespread problems that could be like what you are facing. As fewer models are available, … Read more

What Are Ram Air Suspension Problems? (Get Common Issues Solved!)

what are the dodge Ram Air Suspension Problems

Facing unexpected Ram air suspension problems can become very irritating and frustrating while enjoying a beautiful trip. Everyone wants their vehicles to be completely safe with an absolute air suspension guarantee. Unfortunately, some old models of Ram pickup trucks have been reported for temperature droppage, MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) illumination, and ride height changes. Dealing … Read more