Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Wanda Shirk’s Journal – Day 2

July 03, 2009 By: Admin Category: Survivor Cast

Day Two:
Well, yesterday morning, at the start of the fast, I weighed in at 134.6. This morning I weighed 132.2. So – a drop of 2.4 pounds, almost two-and-a-half. I could stand more of that! (Jolanda would always say, “Shirk, you’re always doin’ all that math sh*t in your head!”)

No school today, because in the summer the custodians work four-tens, Monday through Thursday, and the school is locked on Friday. So this morning I went out and ran about 3 miles. The run went fine, and in fact my time was a little better than the last run. Felt great to be carrying a little less fat! I weighed myself again after the run, and was 131.8. Boy, I would like to get to the low side of 130 again. So there will be good effects from skipping food for a couple days.

My dad used to tell a story about an old farmer who was so poor he couldn’t afford to feed his horse through the winter. He decided to train the horse not to eat. Had him almost trained, but then he died.

Guess that’s the way it works in Darfur. We have it so good here, we don’t know what it’s like to struggle to survive. Instead of trying to find a little bit of something, anything, to eat, we walk around in the midst of plenty, with dozens of menu options. Our struggle is to choose. Maybe we should more often struggle to refuse. “My country ’tis of thee, Land of OBESITY, of thee I sing.” — Whoops! Singing again, and I’m off the island!


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