Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Hungry for peace

September 20, 2009 By: Admin Category: Taylor Hanson

This morning when I woke up it was like any other day I spend at home.
I rose from a restful sleep, with my family close by. I got dressed, helped my kids get their breakfast and get suited up for another day of school. I was a bit groggy at 7:30 am following a late night at band rehearsal, but I was not suffering. Ultimately I was at peace.

For the next three days, I am choosing to add a different routine to my day which does not quite fit in. I am taking a small action of ultimate defiance by fasting from food which is so readily available to me. I am doing it in recognition of those in Darfur, who share all the same desires for internal peace of heart and mind, but have no hope of an outward peace for their flesh and blood. I am taking part in the fast today to join myself for a moment, to the thousands who find themselves with very little hope, in fear of starvation, disease, and violence against themselves and their families.

It is easy to think that real change is not possible, it is easy to tell yourself it’s not your problem to concern yourself with the suffering of the many who are thousands of miles from you, with different ideas, and scenarios we cannot possibly understand. We all have those thoughts, but the issues surrounding the tragedies in Darfur are among the greatest our generation has seen, and our ability to effect real change can begin humbly and with a resonance that will prevail. It can begin with the decision to stand in solidarity and in recognition with those who cannot stand for themselves.

Today I am hungry, hungry for peace, for the people of Darfur.

Taylor H

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  1. This is a great thing you’re doing, Taylor. It really helps people realize that things they don’t think matter that much, actually do. People take things for granted, and I admit, I have too. But today I am going to fast with you and thousands of others, and maybe bring hope into the lives of those who are suffering people in Darfur. We can all change the world, beginning with simple steps, so why not start now? Our generation has a chance to make a difference, and nothing except fear can really stop us.
    It’s much more than just fasting, it can be a revolution.
    “Ngi Ne Themba” 🙂
    – Jen

  2. Taylor, Best wishes for a meaningful fast. Like groups that perished in the Holocaust, the people of Darfur are the victims of a tyrannical regime. And for all the Jewish people that fast to observe the day of atonement (Yom Kippur) this Sunday night, I hope that it will be an opportunity to extend the goals of the fast for Darfur.

  3. Awesome. I am easily motivated myself if I remember the bigger cause, the bigger picture, and the greater need. I join you in fasting, we can do more for those that have died in honoring them by taking action!!!

  4. Go ahead Taylor! The world needs more people like you!


  5. What you are doing is so inspiring! It is great to see people take a stand for a cause and make a change! It only takes one person’s actions to make a small difference! Stay strong and don’t give up!

  6. What a wonderful story, Taylor-I hope you do well and come out of it with so much musical inspiration about what you did. Love, Maura

  7. I think this is great. I am joining you 🙂

  8. this world needs more people like you. I am so proud that you are doing it! good luck!


  9. Yeah this world needs tons more people like you! Let’s all quote that, because the world would be such a better place.

  10. This is a wonderful way to ‘stand in the gap’ for a group of people who need sooo much support. I stand with you.

  11. It’s very inspiring to see Taylor and so many other people here getting involved by fasting for three days in the name of those suffering in Darfur. It’s something alot of people are not willing or able to do. Good luck to all in your efforts of lasting the three days without food.

  12. Taylor, I think what you’re doing is AWESOME!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!!! Julia

  13. Taylor You are such an Inspiration

  14. As Aviva said, fasting can truly make changes not just in our physical world but in the higher relams to bring change and growth. On Yom Kippur we fast to bring mercy into the world. May those who are fasting for Dafur use this time for introspection and growth, to see how they can further make a difference.
    As we say to those we’d like to honor- Kol HaKavod, Taylor.

  15. Today I fast with you. I fast for those who have no other option. I fast for peace, and I fast to show the world I will not take my life for granted.

    Today I fast with you.

  16. God bless you. I’ve already started and I didn’t even realize it! I didn’t have breakfast this morning and I’m not going to eat anything else for the next three days. I know I need to do this. I’m going to. I wish I could have caught this yesterday, but I’m going to start today.

  17. One of the many reason why I am proud to be a Hanson fan!! You truly are an inspiration to those around you!!

  18. This is so Great Tay!! Congrats for u… and I am so proud for be your fan!!

  19. This is awesome to do. Your short, but heartfelt, declaration showered great strength in appealing to one’s pathos. Stumbled upon your statement by accident but glad I did. I am fasting as well and want to say this was inspiring to read midway through the fast.

    – B

  20. I´m really proud to love your music, because not only are you an incredible musician but an even better human being!

  21. When I first heard you were fasting, I thought “wow, that will be hard.” As I sat down to dinner at my nice table and looked at my kids and husband in their nice clothes, and at the nice dinner we were about to enjoy, I couldn’t help but cry! I almost felt guilty. I just started thinking about all the young children and families with absolutely nothing, it broke my heart. I have been blessed with so much, and I don’t even realize it. I don’t even have the right to complain about all the small stuff. You are such an inspiration, I am unable to fast with you due to Diabetes, but my thoughts and prayers are with you always! I will Take The Walk with you Oct. 3rd, see you there! Take care honey!