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We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

May 10th – Under the same sun

May 10, 2009 By: Admin Category: Jon Foreman

Sunday, May 10th
Mothers day

I arrived home in San Diego early this morning, back from a run of shows up the coast with Switchfoot. The sun is setting over the pacific and my hair is still wet from an evening surf. In the distance I can hear the whistle of the Amtrak from LA heading south. I’m grateful to be home, grateful to have a place to live, grateful to have been given another breath alive on this planet.

But today my thoughts are divided, split between two worlds. As the sun sets over California it begins to rise over Darfur. The same sun. The same planet. Can it be possible that right now, two and a half million people are waking up in camps and refugee camps having been driven from their homes by violent means? Under the same sun, could it be true that almost half a million people have died of starvation, violence, and disease over the past six years in Darfur? Is this true?!

And if this is true, why has the media remained almost completely silent on the issue? Why has our government maintained it’s current stance of inaction?

When presidential hopeful Obama was running for office he stated that “We can’t ignore the genocide in Darfur. The international community can’t turn a blind eye when children are being slaughtered and women are being raped. We have to do everything in our power to make it stop. We have to act. Now.”

Nothing has happened.

And yet the sun is still rising over Darfur. And the sun still rises over me. And the sun still rises over capital hill… the same sun.

Today we celebrate mother’s day with our moms and grandmothers. My thoughts drift overseas to the mother who is just now waking up, wondering whether she’ll be able to give her children anything to eat.

Tomorrow I begin a three day fast for Darfur. Why fast? Because quite frankly, I can’t think of a better idea. I reckon the best way to enter into the suffering of a group of people halfway around the world is to start with the basics. These folks are fasting without alternative, for three days I will fast with them.

6 Comments to “May 10th – Under the same sun”

  1. JohnDavidIrvine says:

    SO true. Ironically, I just finished a three day fast for the same reasons. We are not alone.
    But THEY are. Fast and pray. It’s all I know to do to help, and it’s the most powerful force in the the universe.

  2. I am with you on this, I am going to start writing letters and share this with other people on my networks. Something needs to be done and it is up to us. You really hit home with the Mothers Day thing, about the mother waking up not knowing whether or not she will be able to feed her children. This is so not okay….not in this day and age. Just recently after seeing Bob Smiey (comedian) he challenged us to give up something to make a difference in a childs life. I wish I could say I totally cut my cable off, but I did cut it down by more than half, and with that money we sponser a family in Haiti, can you imagine that for 12.00 a month you can feed a whole family?
    I have been praying for The Lord to remove anything displeasing him from my heart, to show me the way to guide my children, so that they too will choose to make a difference. Thank you for bringing this to the light.

  3. Shannon Sedgwick Davis says:

    Thanks for joinging the fast and lending your voice and your stomach. Thanks for being cadid and real…. Change is on the horizon, I can feel it.


  4. I’ve been keeping up with this since Mia Farrow started it a few weeks ago. I remember having a conversation with someone about all the media hype surrounding swine flu and how things like Darfur continue and there is no headline or newsalert on it. Our priorities are not in the right order. Hopefully, with Ms. Farrow and others like you helping to get the media’s attention, someone with the power to do so will get something done for the people of Darfur. If we can bail out irresponsible bankers, why can we not put pressure on the powers that be in Darfur, making it understood this will stop. Many of us can’t participate for a variety of reasons but will be with this cause in spirit. Thanks for being a person of intent and purpose.

  5. Starting fresh tomorrow, I will only drink water and eat if I absolutely must.
    Thank you Jon for being an inspiration to the living.

  6. Sarah Slurpee says:

    Whoa, Jon. Thank you for that. Maybe in the summer I’ll try that, too. I can’t do it right now ’cause it would affect my school grades. Especially since I have to play a band concert in Seattle tomorrow. I will definetly try to accomplish this too in the summer. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I never would have known about this if you hadn’t told me about it. God Bless.