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So much food around us!

May 07, 2009 By: Gabriel Category: Gabriel Stauring

We set up Camp Darfur at a high school that is in the shadow of downtown Los Angeles. We had lots of help from the students, but Katie-Jay and I still had to do quite a bit of work. After the set up, we did four presentations in their auditorium, speaking and showing video from the camps. We showed Ahmat’s video.cdla1

In it, Ahmat speaks of the way things used to be, when he lived in his village in Darfur. “That is very good. But here, not good. In Darfur, we are eating meat. We have camels and goats. We drink milk. In here, our goats and our camels, janjaweed and al-Bashir, they take from us.”

Katie-Jay and I are on water-only today, and, even though it was still morning during those presentations, I wasn’t as focused as usual. The kids did not know me, so they wouldn’t know if that’s just my normal self. When I do these water-only days, I miss food more than being hungry. I miss getting together and eating. I can see that Ahmat really misses his regular food also.

After the presentations, we went outside to be with Camp Darfur and the kids running it. The camp tells a little of the story of past genocide, starting with Armenia, then the Holocaust, then Cambodia, then Rwanda, and now Darfur. The students studiedcdla about each genocide and then spoke with their fellow students visiting the tents. It was pretty impressive.

Lunch time was not fun. Hundreds of students walking around with food that left the aroma that cravings are made of behind. They were all around us! A girl came back from off-campus with a McDonald’s bag. The burger and fries looked pretty good, actually!

I think a lot about Ahmat. He went back to Darfur because he wanted to continue studying and thought he could find secondary school in one of the towns in Darfur, one of the few standing. I wonder how he is. I wonder what he is eating. Young Darfuri men his age are targets in their own land.


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  1. Gretchen Wallace says:

    Gabriel, you and Katie-Jay are doing such incredible work educating our youth. I hope that these young people grow up with a greater sense of understanding of the suffering in the world as well as a sense of their own power to change it. I think one of the largest obstacles to overcoming poverty, violence and human rights abuses throughout the world is the great disconnect we feel as Americans with other cultures and communities. You are directly addressing this issue and building powerful relationships and understanding. Thank you for the work you do.