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We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Richard Branson takes over fast for Darfur from Mia Farrow

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Mia Farrow has long been committed to the people of Darfur. Over the last 12 days she has been fasting on only water in order to raise awareness for the horrible crisis unfolding in Darfur with the removal of 13 international aid agencies. Mia’s health has taken a downturn over the last couple days and her doctor has asked her to stop immediately. Richard Branson had been asked by Mia to take over the fast starting next week, but he has also now asked Mia to stop and he is going to start his three day fast today to continue to ask world leaders to take immediate action and demand that international aid is restored.

Richard Branson stated; “I’m honoured to be taking over the fast for the next three days from Mia Farrow in her courageous stance to support the people of Darfur. Over a year and a half ago, I travelled to Darfur and was horrified by the stories that people of all ages shared with us. Young children had watched their entire family get killed and then had to survive on their own in unimaginable conditions. I was humbled and inspired by the courage of the Darfuri people and the commitment of the aid organisations that were working on the frontlines. Now, with 13 aid organisations expelled from the country, over 1m people are at grave risk. We cannot stand and watch as 1m people suffer. We all need to stand up and demand that international aid is restored and that the people of Darfur are protected and given the chance to live in peace.”

The following is a statement from the thousands of people who have joined Mia and others in this fast.

We fast in solidarity with the people of Darfur because they do not have a choice. We fast as a personal expression of outrage at a world that has allowed the suffering of millions of innocent people. We fast because as we simply watched, Darfur’s defenseless people were forced into wretched camps where today they are facing starvation and disease. We fast because those in positions of authority who know what is right and just, could and should do more to alleviate their suffering and bring peace, protection, and justice to the people of Sudan.

We fast for Darfur’s courageous people —because we yearn for a world where human rights are respected and a life of dignity is the legacy for every man, woman and child.

Please join us and get involved in supporting the people of Darfur by going to www.fastdarfur.org and taking action.



1 Comments to “Richard Branson takes over fast for Darfur from Mia Farrow”

  1. Stephen says:

    Sir Richard Branson,

    I find it an honor to be indulged by such a great humanitarian. Your step up to identify with the Darfur people and what they are enduring shows that there is more to life than prestige, power or politics. I respect that you have identified the same knowledge and compassion for the Darfur people, and more importantly, hold there need in such a high regard.
    We welcome you, and look forward to your positive impact on the best interest of this cause….