Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

“No food for 9 days” this boy told me

May 05, 2009 By: Admin Category: Mia Farrow


Refugee camps

The photo below is of a refugee camp for Darfuris. When their villages were attacked, many perished, many were raped and mutilated. Two and a half million fled into camps such as this where they are barely surviving. The camps have been attacked by the Sudanese army and by their proxy murderers, the Janjaweed.
These traumatized, vulnerable and courageous survivors have been sustained by humanitarian aid workers. When 16 aid agencies were expelled by the genocidal Sudanese president (who is wanted by the ICC), the capacity to provide essentials was halved, leaving more than a million people without food, water and medical assistance. Disease has always stalked the camps but now the situation could not be more desperate .

Look carefully at this photo and ask yourself how long you could live in such a place. They have been there for 5 years. They are there now, waiting for help.


Please, please contact the White House. Leave word that it is not acceptable for you to watch a million or more Darfuris die of starvation, thirst and disease. This the time to stand up, not stand by. President Obama and all world leaders should be working urgently to get the 16 humanitarian agencies readmitted or replaced by equally capable ones. They must be given unrestricted access. They should be doing everything possible to bring about circumstances under which 2.7 million people can safely return home and being to rebuild their villages and their lives.
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And never think your voice won’t count. The government considers that every single call represents 10,000 people (voters).
The late Sen. Paul Simon said, of the Rwandan genocide-if just 100 people from each district had called or written, our government would have taken action to prevent the slaughter in Rwanda.

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