Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

Mike Skupin’s Journal – Day 1

July 02, 2009 By: Admin Category: Survivor Cast

Began fast at 12am midnight Wednesday night.

I was advised against fasting at this time as this is the “holiday weekend” but my “survivor brother” Coby Archa reminded me the people we’re doing this for don’t have the option of eating like that and after all, we are “Survivors” and we make no excuses so I forged ahead.

I was a contestant on the second season of Survivor “The Australian Outback” and we went almost 3 days without food. We were given a large bag of rice but it rained 22 of the 42 days out there and we often couldn’t get a fire going to cook the rice so we often ate off the land. Although I’m no stranger to being hungry, this will still be no easy task but I journey ahead in appreciation of the fight we’re battling here against hunger.

Day one 8am (8 hours into the fast)

A little history on 47-year old self is that I work out a lot to try and stay ahead of father-time and am an avid researcher of nutrition. As a result I eat 6-7 smaller meals a day vs. the traditional 3 (b’fast lunch and dinner). I’m usually up around 3am and within minutes am eating a healthy portion of steel cut oats with added protein and fresh fruit. Today I fasted. Mentally it was a challenge but physically it was not an issue.

Understand that although missing one meal may seem trite, when it’s a habit it throws you out of your routine and you never stop thinking about it. I’d be eating my second meal about now. It’s a recovery day for me from a hard workout yesterday so I don’t think a workout will be in my day. Mentally, I’d love to bite into something, physically still no issues.

— Mike

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  1. You go son! and you are fighting fathertime very well. It is the ‘habit’ of eating that I also seem to be struggling with. Makes me thankfull I get to make ‘eating’ a habit.