Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

James Michael joins Darfur Fast for Life

June 11, 2009 By: Admin Category: James Michael

9 Comments to “James Michael joins Darfur Fast for Life”

  1. Heather says:

    Good Job James making a stand against a injustice!!At least you know when your next meal is…not everyone can say that and in this day in age regardless where you live or youe beliefs you should have the basics food,shelter and health care

  2. Good luck James. You can do this.

  3. Good luck James. We are cheering for you!

  4. Geraldine Kelly says:

    Thinking of you…..

    Good luck James!

    All the best!

  5. All my love, respect and support for your courageousness. It takes small steps to make great change. We are here to help in your times of weakenss. Just remember the cause and that these people have no idea what an Oreo is and have never tasted one. Puts a whole new perspective on how you will look at food from now on. You truly are a good man!


  6. Julie Ferland says:

    You are awesome! Thank you! I’ll be joining you tomorrow!

    Julie xoxoxo

  7. Ashley (aka MNS) says:

    I have gained so much more respect for you than I already had…and that is saying a lot.

    You are inspirational beyond words.

    Love ya…..Mrs Nikki Sixx

  8. It’s nice to see that there are still people in this world who care about others, there is nothing greater than someone who is willing to give without expecting something in return. I’m proud to know that this time you are not using your voice only to entertain us, but to speak in the names of those who can not.

  9. Ashba Fantasy says:

    James, thank you for using your “means” to bring awareness for something that should NOT be going on EVER. I’m sitting here w/ my cup of coffee trying not to eat breakfast and I’m weak. I can’t imagine how deplorable conditions must be. I’m a nurse. I help people. I can’t fathom this. Darfur needs fixed and people like you are going to see that happen. God bless. xo