Darfur Fast for Life

We fast in solidarity with the hungry and starving in Darfur and for lasting peace in Sudan

End of fast

June 04, 2009 By: Admin Category: Blake Mycoskie

Its only hours until the end of the fast and I can’t stop thinking about food. The thing about a fast is you have to be really careful how you come out of it, and that means no burger and fries as your first meal (!) but a half glass of OJ and sliced bananas. Earlier this afternoon I went to the grocery store and ended up spending an hour looking closely at food, reading labels, asking questions about organic versus non-organic, really comparison shopping.

And then it hit me on my drive home from the store…I am sooooo unbelievably lucky that I have these food choices to consider. Not only do I have a choice about whether or not my OJ is organic when I first break my fast, but I get to choose to break it. The refugees of Darfur do not have a choice AT ALL. They have no say in when their next meal will be, much less what it will consist of. They have no choice but to live in fear of starvation and violence. I pray tonight, as I bless the food that will soon nourish my body, that someone somewhere reads this and the many other blogs, videos, and testimonials from the people of Darfur; I pray that someone will do something about it. And do something now before more needless lives are lost to this genocide.

3 Comments to “End of fast”

  1. Liz Palmer says:

    Blake, you ask whether your involvement in this Fast will help.

    Yes, it will and it has.

    Your commitment inspires me and it will continue to inspire others.

    We do this for the people in Darfur, not only because they do not have a choice, but also for them to know that the world has not abandoned them, that there are people out there who know what is happening and are desperate to help.

    The fast is ongoing, both in Darfur and around the world. We must continue to give support to this cause and to the basic human rights of the Darfuri people, until order is restored.

    Thank you for fasting. Thank you for your inspiring words and deeds.

    Liz Palmer
    Brighton, UK

  2. donna britt says:

    The fact that I heard about your fast and its meaning in Baton Rouge, Louisiana means that you have not suffered silently without impact. Thanks for your dedication to your fellow man. you are an inspiration.

  3. You are a true inspiration for all that you have done and for all that you continue to do! So many of us (ME …) sit around wondering what we can do to help, feeling truly saddened about events that continue to happen around the world. BUT we never figure out what it is we should do..You have found the way! Thanks for making such a difference in the world. Maybe this will motivate someone else into making a difference!